Now, if like me, you tend to fish alot, and get bored to death!
what we are missing when fishing are Ducks!
while fishing, we could feed the ducks the bread we can make to make it a little more interesting and fun to watch :oD

Can i have my Donkey pet now?
I was .. not expecting this.
I want ducks.

Best idea ever.
Lol, that would be cool. Having ducks and you could pet em.
I wouldn't leave my PC all day if there was a chance of a rubber-duck from these...
Ducks are definately the way to go.
Forget everything else.
Gives us ducks plz brilliant idea :D
I have never maxed fishing in my 3 years WoW career.However If Blizzard implanted ducks and a big + would be if they were collecable guess who would max his fishing? XD
You know, you can go outside and catch a duck. Lock it up and start fishing while looking at that duck. Until it dies.
i dont want to kill the ducks! i want to feed them while i fish :o

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