Rain of fire vs Hellfire

Why is it that Hellfire is better than Rain of fire? Rain of Fire clearly does more DPS?
Hellfire for demo, RoF for dest. What's hard about that?
Depends what you're looking at.
If you're looking at a Madness of Deathwing parse, Rain of Fire will score higher, as it procs Spellweave; Hellfire does not. Rain of Fire is recommended for all three specs on Madness.

Aside from that, Rain of Fire for destro, Hellfire for demo, and Seed of Corruption for aff.

Edit: Though... Now that I think about it, Spellweave shows up separately... So.. Not sure how you got to that result.
22/02/2012 22:30Posted by Levistus
What's hard about that?

Nothing hard about that, I've just never heard that before. Sorry for asking??
If you use RoF you can see all the juicy numbers and sparks from Spellweave proccing, that does not happen with Hellfire :(
It does work.

demo uses hellfire, Destro uses Rain of Fire, Affliction spam Unstable affliction. The Hellfire is just infinitly better than the 2 others that are crap but they should gain the same procs and stuff.

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