MoP Arms Warrior Discussion

I know that there is already a thread in place for Talent Calculator discussion, but this is solely for Arms. This is to keep discussion separate and easy to read as well as to reply to. Furthermore this is only for PvE, you can keep the PvP discussions to a separate thread.

Ground rules for this discussion are as follows. I expect everyone posting in this thread to follow them strictly, otherwise your posts will be similarly downvoted and ignored.

-> This thread is for Arms only. Discuss only Arms specific changes. Fury specific changes are not to be discussed, even using analogies. Balance factors can be discussed in a general thread which already exists. i.e Balance between Arms and Fury.
-> There is to be no PvP discussion in this thread, only PvE. Balance between PvP and PvE can be achieved by popular consensus to increase mobility and not damage, which has little to no effect in PvE as we are only concerned about damage.
-> Keep the thread civil and flaming/foul words to a minimum. I don't want this thread to get closed due to any kind of provocative language.
-> I expect everyone not to post walls of text with no punctuation or grammar. Keep your post detailed, informative and clear to read. If you can't, go back to school. Just kidding, but no walls of text please, most people will just ignore you.

To start off, I'm just going to list most of the general changes starting from class specific changes, and then on to the Talents, as they are not class specific and can be discussed later.

-> Heroic Strike now does 100% WD and has a constant 1.5s CD.

What this means for Arms : This seems to be a balanced change as there will not be difference between Arms and Fury now due to differing amounts of AP. The Inner Rage change seems to have been baked into HS and Cleave directly, which is a good thing in a way.

-> Battle Stance gives 10% damage buff.

What this means for Arms : Battle Stance will be the primary stance for single target DPS from now on. Stance dancing is basically removed, unless you need to AOE dps. Also stance changes now have a 1.5s CD, which means it will be a bit harder to change stances, but I don't see these being much of a problem since Berserker Stance provides a 20% buff to Whirlwind and Cleave.

-> Execute now costs a fixed 30 Rage.

What this means for Arms : No more <30 Rage executes means we will have to watch out for our rotation during sub 20% phase. This greatly improves the efficiency of Execute, but increases the skill cap by having to have better effective rage management during 20% phase.

-> Mortal Strike now has a 6s CD, costs no Rage, generates 10 Rage, and does 110% WD + 625 damage.

What this means for Arms : 6s CD means there will be more GCDs to fit in between Mortal Strikes, meaning we can use a general rotation of :

MS->OP->Slam->Slam/CS/Heroic Strike.

Since it now generates 10 rage, it effectively gives us a 30 Rage boost, means we use it on Slam or CS or HS(depending on overall amount of Rage).

The damage seems to be nerfed, but considering the fact that Weapon Damage is supposedly going to be buffed in MoP, this is going to be open to speculation.

-> Seasoned Soldier now gives us a 20% damage boost, up from 12%.

What this means for Arms : From a Stand Alone viewpoint, it looks like a straight damage buff, but might just be compensation for other nerfs.

-> Enrage : New Mechanic, causes Critical Strikes from Special abilities to increase rage generation from melee autoattacks by 25% for 6 seconds.

What this means for Arms : Anger Management is gone, which means we lose constant 25% Rage generation as well as 1 Rage every 3 Seconds. This change somewhat offsets the loss, but makes us even more dependent on Crit to maintain our rotation. This change becomes extremely significant considering the fact that Taste for Blood no longer gives Overpower an increased 60% Crit chance. More on this further down.

-> Slam is now instant cast, costs 30 Rage and does 135% WD + 1177.

What this means for Arms : We no longer lose delay in rage generation due to Slam's 0.5s Cast pausing/delaying autoattacks, however Slam's current effective rage cost is 20 Rage, which is actually increased to 30 Rage in MoP.

However, the removal of cast time makes it somewhat more comfortable to play Arms, as not many people liked the cast time. The damage is also decreased, but again due to the WD buff in MoP we'll just have to wait to measure the actual change.

-> Heroic Throw now does 50% WD.

What this means for Arms : Not a big change since we hardly use this if at all, but again removal of AP scaling is a nice balance change.

-> Pummel has a 15 sec CD.

What this means for Arms : Considering that most other interrupt CDs have also been increased, I do not see this having a major effect in PvE. Still, open to discussion.
-> Whirlwind now does 35% WD, and has a 6s CD, and CD resets if it hits 4 targets or more, effectively making it have a 0s CD.

What this means for Arms : We hardly use Whirlwind if at all, except in situations like Yor'sahj, Hagara and Madness, but considering the Berserker Stance buff and the massive CD reduction, I feel this is a nice change, but the damage may be lackluster since we use a single 2H weapon.

-> Overpower now costs no Rage, has no cooldown and does 125% WD.

What this means for Arms : A slight rage benefit as it costs zero rage, down from 5 Rage. Damage from glyph buff seems to have not been baked into the tooltip.

-> Deep Wounds : Replaces Rend, and is automatically applied by Mortal Strike.

What this means for Arms : We gain a GCD every time we switch target as we have to only use MS to apply DW on the target. Can't comment on damage yet as most tooltips seem to be very ambiguous. But I think this is a nice change.

-> Berserker Stance now grants increased 20% damage to WW and Cleave.

What this means for Arms : This effectively causes Berserker Stance to be the AOE-only stance, and it's a decent buff for WW and Cleave. No more stance dancing guys.

-> Battle Shout : Now increases AP by 10%.

What this means for Arms : We lose a major amount of Str and Crit(from Agility), but gain a lot more AP. However, this is an effective 12% AP nerf considering we lost the Str, and lost the 20% buff but gained 10% buff. I haven't seen all of the other buffs that other classes provide so I'm not sure if some other class is buffing us for Str and Agility.

-> Cleave : Now does 75% WD to your current target and another nearby target, and has a 1.5s CD.

What this means for Arms : Cleave damage will now be balanced between Arms and Fury, so this is just a balance change, but again effect of the damage modifier will be apparent only in MoP. Also since there are supposedly not going to be any glyphs, this should also mean we can't cause Cleave to hit 3 targets instead of two.

-> Blood and Thunder now causes Thunder Clap to apply Deep Wounds.

What this means for Arms : We have good AOE now as well as ability to take Incite, so we maintain Single Target as well as AOE DPS.

-> Sweeping Strikes now has a fixed 30 Rage cost due to the loss of glyphs.

-> Berserker Rage now causes you to be Enraged for 6 seconds, and no longer generates Rage. Also does not cause you to generate extra rage from taking damage.

What this means for Arms : We should be able to use this at the very start to get increased rage generation at the start when we may not have a guaranteed Crit to proc Enrage. 6s duration seems to be a balance change since Enrage has an actual duration for 6s.

The loss of extra rage generation from taking damage also seems to be a balance change, although a nerf for us.

-> Taste For Blood now causes DW to proc Overpower every 9 seconds, and the buff also lasts 9 seconds. No longer increases Overpower's Crit chance by 60%

What this means for Arms : We can only use OP every 9 seconds, so this is a nerf considering the fact that we use OP a lot lesser. Also TFB no longer grants 60% extra Crit to OP, and that is a major nerf, as well as a major nerf to our rage generation since OP is almost always a guaranteed Crit and hence now it will now not always have a guaranteed chance to proc Enrage.

-> Colossus Smash now costs 30 Rage, does 110% WD + 227, and also applies a 4% increased physical damage taken debuff on the target for 30 seconds.

What this means for Arms : The rage cost increase seems to be along the lines of the change to Mortal Strike and Overpower, however decreasing it from 80 to 30 seems to be good.

This is a bit of bad news for 10m players if you don't have a Ret or a Frost DK or a Combat Rogue to apply the debuff for you, i.e you will have to use CS at the start to apply the debuff for the initial pre-pot burst. In 25M, this should not be an issue.

-> Incite no longer grants 15% increased Crit chance to HS, but still causes HS crits to make the next HS a guaranteed Crit.

What this means for Arms : Considering the fact that we have lost some Crit buffs and our Enrage uptime will not be great, we won't have much space to use HS at all, this is a considerable DPS nerf.
-> War Banner :

You can choose between :

-> Mocking Banner : AoE Taunt for 6 seconds, banner lasts 30s, 3 min CD.
-> Demoralizing Banner : Reduces enemy damage by 10% for 30 seconds.
-> Skull Banner : Increases critical chance by 30% for 15 seconds.

What this means for Arms :

Only Skull Banner has an increase in DPS, and it's a decent DPS buff, but has a long CD and not very long duration. However, this is a nice Raid CD and allows us to get better spots, as well as the other Banners, especially Demoralizing Banner is a 10% defensive buff for 30 seconds, which is pretty decent.

What we have lost :

War Academy's buffs have not been baked into Mortal Strike and Slam, which is a nerf at first glance, but we cannot comment until we see how WD has been buffed in MoP.

The loss of Field Dressing is a loss of survivability, as well as causing Enraged Regeneration and Victory Rush to heal us for less.

The loss of Blitz is a minor loss as we did not really need the extra Rage cost or the Stun in PvE.

Stance Dancing is now a thing of the past, so the loss of Tactical Mastery is non-existent.

Drums of War is gone, which had little effect in PvE as there were better Talents to take.

We lost 60% Crit chance to Overpower, as well as reduced frequency of Overpower since TFB now only procs every 9 seconds.

Impale is gone, which means we lost 20% extra Crit damage from our 3 main moves.

Blood Frenzy's 4% physical damage buff got baked into CS, but we lost 30% bleed damage buff and it's 10% chance to proc 20 rage from autoattacks.

We lost Slaughter, a staggering nerf to our damage by 30% effectively, but whether this buff has been baked directly into the skills themselves along with across-the-board WD buff n MoP, we have to see about that. If the buff was baked in, then our burst is better and ramp up time is removed.

Wrecking Crew is gone, which means we lost an effective 4% damage buff considering Wrecking Crew uptime was roughly 40% (as far as most Ultraxion logs go).

Battle Trance is gone, which was effectively a free Heroic Strike most of the time.

Cruelty is gone, so we lose 10% crit rate increase to Mortal Strike.

Executioner is gone, which means we lost 25% Melee Haste in sub 20% phase.

Juggernaut's MS crit buff is gone, which implies initial starting burst is somewhat nerfed.

Rude Interruption is gone, so we don't get a damage buff from interrupting. This is especially important considering we are at an advantage in fights that require regular interrupting.

Overall, at this point, it feels like there have been several major nerfs. However we have yet to receive clear information regarding the WD change in MoP, so we can't perfectly comment on that. What we should be thinking about right now is our rotation as well as usage of cooldowns, and rage management.
Talent Overview :

First Tier : Juggernaut seems to be the obvious choice as it is a direct mobility buff.

Second Tier : We have a choice between either a rage free VR every 30 seconds, which does damage and 10% Heal, a 2min Enraged regeneration that gives us 15% health directly and 15% health over 10s after that, or Second Wind.

Second Wind is very dependent on RNG, so it's not as good as the others for PvE.

So the choice is between Enraged Regeneration and VR. Personally I would go with VR, as it's another ability we can use in our rotation when we have low Rage, or we can use it when we have low health, and it has a lesser CD than ER and does not require an Enrage effect to be active on yourself.

Third Tier : We have only 2 of limited use in PvE, which is Disrupting Shout and Piercing Howl. Choice should be made based on whether you need AOE interrupts or slowing of adds.

Fourth Tier : The choice is mostly between Bladestorm and Avatar. For fights were AOE DPS is absolutely required, Bladestorm is better. However Bladestorm has been changed to 75% WD modifier.

Avatar is a very nice damage buff for single target, as it provides 20% increased damage and extra Rage generation for 10s, and has a 1m CD, so it provides a good damage boost.

Furthermore, we are not sure whether Bladestorm will be affected by Berserker Stance or not, but considering Skada logs where Bladestorm's damage is counted under Whirlwind, this may just be the case.

Also, using Avatar in Berserker stance may just provide the same amount of AOE damage as Bladestorm, provided we have enough Rage generation to use WW and Cleave in its duration.

Personally, this is a matter of choice, although I feel most people would be inclined to use Avatar as it synergizes with Bloodbath and Deadly Calm.

Fifth Tier : This is very strange for us considering we don't really need any of the talents here, however they do have very situational uses.

Mass Spell Reflection may have limited use in fights were people get targeted by single target spells.

Safeguard may have limited use on most fights to reduce damage taken by a party member.

Vigilance is basically a Hand of Sacrifice with a lesser cooldown, and furthermore attacks made on the target raid member will Enrage you, basically leading to a Rage generation boost for 12s i.e duration of Vigilance. This seems to be a decent DPS increase at the loss of survivability. Provided you can ask your healers to heal you more for the duration of the Vigilance, you should use this.

Personally, I'm not sure. I think it all depends on your raid make up, and whether you really need an offensive cooldown or not.

Sixth Tier :

The choice here is quite simple really.

Deadly Calm makes your 3 next HS/Cleave to be rage-free. With Incite this is a reasonable DPS boost, and also synergizes with Avatar pretty well.

Bloodbath makes your special attacks cause the opponent to bleed for 30% extra damage over 6 seconds, last 12 seconds. If the DoT that is applied by Bloodbath stacks like how Deep Wounds currently stacks, this is a major DPS increase when used along with Avatar. If the DoT doesn't stack however, then it may be comparable to Deadly Calm.

Storm Bolt replaces your Heroic Throw, stuns your target for 3 seconds and does 50% WD, or 350% WD if your target is immune to stuns. Considering that all bosses are immune to stuns, this is your hardest hitting move, and does considerable amount of damage every 30 seconds. It's also better than Deadly Calm if you take the following Maths into account.

Deadly Calm gives us 3 free HS in 1 minute, which is effectively 300% WD. If HS crits, we get another HS Crit, so we can assume it's 500% WD in total.

On the other hand Storm Bolt, gives us 350% WD every 30 seconds, which is 700% WD in total. Even if Storm Bolt doesn't Crit, it's much better than Deadly Calm.

Hence the choice is in between Storm Bolt and Bloodbath. Pairing trinkets together and using Avatar and Bloodbath can lead to some really good burst, especially if Bloodbath's DoT stacks for every Special attack used in its duration.

I personally want to test Bloodbath out, and then check the maths out to see if Bloodbath does ordinarily provide more damage than Stormbolt.
Rotation :

I am going to consider a sample size of 60 seconds, since Mortal Strike is 6 second CD and there will be 10 iterations of 6 Mortal Strikes. I will be taking 2 cases into consideration, where Enrage is active, and Enrage is not.

Conditions taken into consideration :

-> 3.6 Weapon Speed. This seems to be the norm as of this moment.
-> 10% Haste buff. This is almost always provided as several classes can provide this.
-> Charge is taken into consideration once at the start of the fight.

Without Enrage :

That will be 23 Rage every melee autoattack, and an autoattack occurs every 3.3 seconds.

0.0 Battle Shout 20 Rage
0.0 Charge+Melee+MS - 73 Rage
0.0 TFB procs
1.5 Colossus Smash - 43 Rage
3.0 Overpower - 43 Rage
3.3 Melee - 66 Rage
4.5 Slam - 36 Rage
6.0 Mortal Strike - 46 Rage
6.6 Melee - 69 Rage
7.5 Slam - 39 Rage
9.0 TFB procs
9.0 Overpower - 39 Rage
9.9 Melee - 62 Rage
10.5 Slam - 32 Rage
12.0 Mortal Strike - 42 Rage
13.2 Melee - 65 Rage
13.5 Slam - 35 Rage
15.0 Slam - 5
16.5 Melee - 28 Rage
18.0 TFB procs
18.0 Mortal Strike - 38 Rage
19.5 Overpower - 38 Rage
19.8 Melee - 61 Rage
21.0 Slam - 31 Rage
22.5 Slam - 1 Rage
23.1 Melee - 24 Rage
24.0 Mortal Strike - 34 Rage
25.5 Colossus Smash - 4 Rage
26.4 Melee - 27 Rage
27.0 TFB procs
27.0 Overpower - 27 Rage
28.5 Pause
29.7 Melee - 50 Rage
30.0 MS - 60 Rage
31.5 Slam - 30 Rage
33.0 Melee - 53 Rage
33.0 Slam - 23 Rage
34.5 Pause
36.0 TFB procs
36.0 MS - 33 Rage
36.3 Melee - 56 Rage
37.5 Slam - 26 Rage
39.0 Overpower - 26 Rage
39.6 Melee - 49 Rage
40.5 Slam - 19 Rage
42.0 MS - 29 Rage
42.9 Melee - 52 Rage
43.5 Colossus Smash - 22 Rage
45.0 TFB procs
45.0 Overpower - 22 Rage
46.2 Melee - 45 Rage
46.5 Slam - 15 Rage
48.0 MS - 25 Rage
49.5 Melee+Slam - 18 Rage
51.0 Pause
52.5 Pause
52.8 Melee - 41 Rage
54.0 TFB procs
54.0 MS - 51 Rage
55.5 Slam - 21 Rage
56.1 Melee - 44 Rage
57.0 Slam - 14 Rage
58.5 Overpower - 14 Rage
59.4 Melee - 43 Rage
60.0 MS - 53 Rage

Totally, there are 11 Mortal Strikes, 7 Overpowers, 14 Slams, and 3 Colossus Smashes used.

With Enrage :

That will be 29 Rage every melee autoattack, and an autoattack occurs every 3.3 seconds.

0.0 Battle Shout 20 Rage
0.0 Charge+Melee+MS - 79 Rage
0.0 TFB procs
1.5 Colossus Smash - 49 Rage
3.0 Overpower - 49 Rage
3.3 Melee - 78 Rage
4.5 Slam - 48 Rage
6.0 Mortal Strike - 58 Rage
6.6 Melee - 87 Rage
7.5 Slam - 57 Rage
9.0 TFB procs
9.0 Slam - 27 Rage
9.9 Melee - 56 Rage
10.5 Slam - 26 Rage
12.0 Mortal Strike - 36 Rage
13.2 Melee - 65 Rage
13.5 Slam - 35 Rage
15.0 Slam - 5 Rage
16.5 Melee+Overpower - 34 Rage
18.0 TFB procs
18.0 Mortal Strike - 44 Rage
19.5 Slam - 14 Rage
19.8 Melee - 43 Rage
21.0 Slam - 13 Rage
22.5 Overpower - 13 Rage
23.1 Melee - 42 Rage
24.0 Mortal Strike - 52 Rage
25.5 Colossus Smash - 22 Rage
26.4 Melee - 51 Rage
27.0 TFB Procs
27.0 Overpower - 51 Rage
28.5 Slam - 21 Rage
29.7 Melee - 50 Rage
30.0 MS - 60 Rage
31.5 Slam - 30 Rage
33.0 Slam - 0 Rage
33.0 Melee - 29 Rage
34.5 Pause
36.0 TFB Procs
36.0 MS - 39 Rage
36.3 Melee - 68 Rage
37.5 Slam - 38 Rage
39.0 Slam - 8 Rage
39.6 Melee - 37 Rage
40.5 Slam - 7 Rage
42.0 MS - 17 Rage
42.9 Melee - 46 Rage
43.5 Slam - 16 Rage
45.0 TFB Procs
45.0 Overpower - 16 Rage
46.2 Melee - 45 Rage
46.5 Colossus Smash - 15 Rage
48.0 MS - 25 Rage
49.5 Melee - 54 Rage
49.5 Slam - 24 Rage
51.0 Pause
52.5 Pause
52.8 Melee - 53 Rage
54.0 TFB Procs
54.0 MS - 63 Rage
55.5 Slam - 33 Rage
56.1 Melee - 62 Rage
57.0 Slam - 32 Rage
58.5 Slam - 2
59.4 Melee - 31 Rage
60.0 MS - 41 Rage

Totally, there are 11 Mortal Strikes, 5 Overpowers, 18 Slams, and 3 Colossus Smashes used.

Conclusion :

Overall, it looks like there are many nerfs, most notable is the loss of 60% crit to Overpower, significant loss in Rage generation, and the loss of various damage buffs which may or may not have been baked into the skills themselves.

On the other hand we have been provided several offensive cooldowns which may compensate these many nerfs, however the onus has been changed to providing better burst at the loss of consistent DPS.

My next few posts will deal with rotation changes as well as cooldown usage. Please feel free to comment otherwise on the other changes to post observations that I may have missed out.
The only thing I don't like is how I will have to scroll down on recount so I can see my DPS in raids.

Yes, even in 10man's.
I hate change.
It's.... Kinda pointless to try and theorycraft about this considering we have no clue yet how the rage mechanics will be.
i think this f's warr up in both pve and pvp i rly like doing OP every 2 sec but now its 9 sec ;(
its never too early to discuss something that you put a lot of time into

especially when its laid out as well as this. Its a long read but if we stay playing warriors we all gotta learn teh new stuff, may aswell start looking now
Truth. I'll prolly whip a Prot one up at a later point, when we know a little more about the new tanking system. Although, going over the talents and such could prove interesting.
Dammit need more trolls.
Bloodbath looks like a brilliant ability combined with Avatar, will be nice to see in Beta if it is in fact as good as it looks. Always felt Arms should have a significant bleed, even if it is a cooldown.
Updated with Rotation Samples. I'm sorry if it's a little hard to read, but you will be able to see the results at the end of each sample rotation.

Generally, it looks like as if there are quite a number of places where you'll have to pause because you have to Double Slam, or you don't have enough Rage. The amount of Slams you will be doing however is quite staggering.

I have not included extra Colossus Smash usage since it's RNG, but you should generally replace a Slam with a CS if you have enough Rage as you'll be able to use an MS and an Overpower in it, but you'll have to be extra careful to note that Overpower will proc inside the CS duration, otherwise using a Slam will do more DPS than a CS.

I hope you can now understand why analyzing how the rotation will change is important now.

To get the exact DPS you can actually achieve, we need Simcraft, and I hope somebody will be able to do it once Simcraft gets updated with MoP mechanics.

Still, we need information as to how Weapon Damage is going to be changed in MoP so that we get an accurate idea of how the damage of each skill will look like, considering the fact that we don't have Slaughter, Impale, War Academy and Glyphs anymore, as well as the tooltip changes.
18/02/2012 00:34Posted by Kaljurei
Slaughter, Impale, War Academy and Glyphs anymore, as well as the tooltip changes

yup, same with intercept, heroic fury, skirmisher, die by sword, etc. I will miss them.
Mage isnt our anticlass, Greg Ghostcrawler is.
Considering Blizzards policy that all dps specs should be on equal footing, theorycrafting on whatever warriors will have *competitive* dps with those *nerfs* is meaningless.
They have not really stated yet how their going to change the damage modifiers of all abilities, but my wild guess would be that considering auto-attacks have become such a small percentage of your damage they want to return the oomph auto-attacks have back to vanilla levels, to bad they removed retaliation however.

As right now you have attacks like Death Strike that deals almost 400% more damage then a auto-attack, or a much better example.

Mortal Strike now with Slaughter stacked does 233% weapon damage + bonus.
Mortal Strike in vanilla did 100% weapon damage + bonus and had a longer cooldown, yet in vanilla Mortal Strike was considered one of the most powerful abilities and could easily take 30% hp of someone in a single blow, meanwhile in cataclysmland Mortal Strike now hits like a wet towel.

You can clearly see how the game evolved from auto-attacks actually hitting hard with Retaliation you could almost instantly kill a sloppy Rogue, while now in Cataclysm even against a fast hitting class like Rogue retaliation is almost unnoticable.

If those changes go live, Warriors are going to counter Rogues pretty hard, its been a long time since Evasion was a bad choice to use against Warriors since overpower has been quite worthless for some time now.

Stormbolt sounds like it will be insanely fun with this new system as 300% weapon damage will make it the most damaging attack in the game by miles, given the mob is permanently immune to stuns which most are Warriors will be in high demand for those fights where you have to unload crazy burst in a short amount of time.
18/02/2012 00:34Posted by Kaljurei
considering the fact that we don't have Slaughter, Impale, War Academy and Glyphs anymore, as well as the tooltip changes.

We have Glyphs, but not in the sense we have now, where they directly give 10% more damage or such. They are a lot more like the Wild Growth glyph, with an up and down-sides, and more aimed for utility and customization over straight up buffs.

Slaughter and War Academy are baked into the skills they buffed to some degree (note those 2 words), and thus are not needed. Impale I would also count, if it wasn't for the fact that I can't remember any of those 3 skills having extra Crit on them in the tooltips.
17/02/2012 18:57Posted by Kaljurei
-> Whirlwind now does 35% WD, and has a 6s CD, and CD resets if it hits 4 targets or more, effectively making it have a 0s CD.

It should still be more effective than single target abilities if you use it on 4 targets and you are in berserker stance. Also, the way I read it, it will only hit with 1 weapon in fury.
17/02/2012 18:55Posted by Kaljurei
Also stance changes now have a 1.5s CD, which means it will be a bit harder to change stances

They already have 1.5sec shared CD, nothing new here.
Second Tier : We have a choice between either a rage free VR every 30 seconds, which does damage and 10% Heal, a 2min Enraged regeneration that gives us 15% health directly and 15% health over 10s after that, or Second Wind.

If VR does the equivalent of at least 50%WD, it can be used instead of slam for a DPS increase (coupled with a heroic strike).

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