Help! - My DPS is Shocking!

Hello, saw alot of people getting decent answers about there problems so I thought I'd give it a go.

I've recently decided to gear my Warlock up and try it out as I can't gear anymore alts from LFR etc. I've noticed that i've got some "okay" gear and its not bad to be honest but I can only pull out around 11k dps.

My spec is Destruction - the only spec that I actually like playing as a Warlock although I wouldn't mind trying out Affliction.

I watched a load of videos on youtube about how to gem/reforge my gear and from what I have realised the stat priority is

Intellect > 17% S Hit > Haste > Crit > Mastery

On a dummy using:
Improved Soul Fire
Bane of Doom (if longer then 15 seconds)
Curse Of The Elements
Chaos Bolt
Incinerate - Filler.

Am I doing something wrong? Because honestly I can only pull out maxi 13/14k dps, whereas on my Shaman I can pull out 21k from simply spamming Lightning Bolt..

Any hints/tips would be really greatful, I know I could do with changing my trinkets as there both mastery.. Tomorrow (22/2/12) I will have enough VP to get the Haste/Spell Power Use Trinket, but would you really want a DPS that only does 14k in a raid, raiding with you in DS?
Hm, rotation should be like this.

ISF>CoE>immolate>bane of doom>conflag>corruption>incin and chaosbolt.

And your gems are wrong too, instead of 40+ mastery on items then use 20+ haste and 20+int ( check my gems )

And don't trust training dummies, they are just a bad DPS test object.'

You should also get power torrent on your weapon, 50+ int on cloak, 40+ int on off hand, 20+ stats on chest, 50+ int on bracers, 50+ int 20+ haste on shoulders ( Therazane exalted enchant ) 60+ int and 35+ crit on head ( hyjal revered )

And about your trinkets, DMC:V is still a pretty damn good trinket to use. ( but you should replace it with any DS trinket there is )
Bottled wishes is not very highly rated, because of it's low cooldown, therefore is doesn't work very well with Demon soul and such.. it has a 1 min and 30 sec CD and demon soul has a 2 min CD, so you have to wait 30 sec for them to sync with eachother.

And about foul gift? just replace it with bottled wishes, it will also give you that extra immolate cap that you need! ( 2681 haste is the extra immolate cap )

For more detailed info, check out Jessicka's Destruction Warlock guide. It has proven to be helpful to many.
Hey now i admit im not expert but ill try to help where i can

as you can see you can gain 695 haste if you follow that picture

4 unenchanted items
easly fixed

rotation is good but you could always save alot of hassle and make a macro
#showtooltip: demon soul
/cast soulburn
/cast demon soul
/cast soul fire

my personal rotation is
spam incen untill dots need to be kept up
start hardcasting soulfire when 2 seconds left /use macro agian for the soulfire buff not to drop
using con##@%@ and chaos bolt on CD (and shadowburn if target below x% of hp)

The macro allows for proc's of instant soul fire to be used up when you press it when it does proc

also if you got a bane of havvoc anywhere make sure to coe them also!

i also have a few power aura's displaying a few things but thats nether here or there

Now im no expert and im sure im most prob doing somthing wrong but im doing fine in raids and such atm. the macro is a great help if you want the aura's (what are very useful as it is already) i can provide them in a pastebin file

Hope ive managed to help ^^ keep them pesky mages at bay with demonic powaa
please excuse my bad grammar and such ive just woke up ill fix later
damm :p jessicka beat me too it i swear she lives on theese forums
Thanks for all the advice.

Just logged back onto my warlock and made some adjustments, gems have been changed to Intellect/Haste, Reforging has been changed and now I have exactly 17.00% spell hit.

Enchants have been made (with the exception of Enchant Chest:Peerless Stats - I get my 397 chest this week via guild raid aslong as it drops) <-- My UI (Note Recount - now doing 16.1k)

Which is the easiest spec to get single target (as most Dragon Soul boss' are single target) dps out of for a warlock?
Hey Demonalisa,
Personally I find destro the most difficult to play really - if I were you I'd at least try affliction: great single target/double target dps, easier rotation and plus the DoTs don't drop off (and annoyingly have to be re-applied) like destro. When you take into account the total amount of GCDs that are spent in this manner, personally I find it frustrating to say the least. Furthermore, if you are yet to acquire a second profession, I'd highly recommend tailoring as the cape enchant is by far the greatest dps increase available not only for the item, but also arguably for the class.

Anyway have fun and take care :)
Hey Demonalisa!
It looks like your problem is in rotation. Master it and your dps should increase by few k :)
Other than that get tier head and shoulder and hands from spine (oveall stats will improve your haste ). Priority is gettin 4t set bonus and change of trinket and ring (VP one gives haste and much more int). Other then that, 2nd prof - as Zephyrus mentioned above grab tailoring since it give most beneficial dps increase.
Other thing that may be handy - macro your burn phase spell, trinkets and volcanic pot so you can easly pop em on bl/tw. Other thing is just knowledge of fight mechanics - time, movement etc so you can plan your cooldown - you should be able to know it after 1-2 runs on your lock with your raid group ( there is a lot of ppl who just burn down their cd's with random timing and it can be easly seen in overall performance - f.e. had a 2nd lock in group once with a lot better gear, ended up outdpsing him something around 4-5k simply because his spell where still on cd in burnout phase of fight and half of its duration where lost in transition phase ).
Dont give up on your warlock - its the most rewarding class if you master it, and im sure you'll be satisify with it. As for spec - i always say - find what suits you the most, what brings you most joy from playing it and go for it :) Atm all warlocks spec are very close to each other in performance, all depends on fight rly but there is no huge difference between them :)
22/02/2012 02:37Posted by Zephyrus
Personally I find destro the most difficult to play really - if I were you I'd at least try affliction

Love it when people do this.
Care to elaborate, Hotsocks? :)
affliction is the easiest specc to play among warlocks xD
Destro is just plain annoying with that reapplication of dots.
Affliction is not hard to play on single target fights but will become alot harder if there are multiple targets and you want to get the most out of your CD's.

02/03/2012 07:03Posted by Zephyrus
Care to elaborate, Hotsocks? :)

Haha just in general, when people talk about that they roll Destro, a lot of people tell 'em to go Affli instead "cuz it easier" or whatever reason it might be ;) Happens quite often. :D
Destruction is a bad spec, that is all.
03/03/2012 14:01Posted by Atelektasis
Destruction is a bad spec, that is all.

Go away.
03/03/2012 14:03Posted by Levistus
Destruction is a bad spec, that is all.

Go away.
03/03/2012 14:03Posted by Levistus
Go away

You dare deny Destruction is a bad spec? Warlocks are DoT specialists, not Fire Mages.
06/03/2012 06:21Posted by Atelektasis
Go away

You dare deny Destruction is a bad spec? Warlocks are DoT specialists, not Fire Mages.

Destruction is fine. Have you ever played a Fire Mage or Destruction Warlock? Nothing alike.
I'm bored of demonology's dependency on Metamorphosis, is destro easier?

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