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Hi All,

Ever since the launch of the last patch I have been experiencing extremely long and slow loading screens. It doesnt only occur for bgs/arenas as I've seen in several threads but every time I change zone i.e. either running into an instance/out of an instance , teleporting , summoning , bgs ,arenas , initial logging in anything that actually involves the loading screen. I've tried the suggestions I found of deleteing the WTF folder / addons / Cache folder but they dont seem to help.

Can I get some help on this please since having a loading screen take over 5 mins to load every time is pretty much killing the game?

You should try and defragment the harddrive where your World of Warcraft folder is located. The problem can also be a physical harddrive failure and there are numerous software that can benchmark your drives.

Please note if you are running with an SSD you should not defragment it.
yea so what if he has a SSD, what should he be doing now.
Hi there,

Can you try to remove the Cache folder found in the Data directory as well?

Also, make sure no other programs are interfering with the game:
@Hallelujadin yes I have tried defragmenting / reinstalling and even formatting to no avail.

@Lurdlespor, tried both still not seeing any difference
I'm having the exact same problem described in the OP. Done everything possible that I could find (delete the cache folder, cache.mp5, lowering graphics settings, etc), and nothing appears to have worked. No background applications appear to be interfering, closing literally everything possible makes no difference to the loading times.

It's kind of getting hard to actually raid or even do dungeon groups properly, I tend to get vote kicked due to the time it takes to load any instance, and it's really cutting in to times between pulls in my actual raid group.

Edit: In my case it may be my hard drive failing, I'm going to test stuff out a bit.
BUY A SSD III and let us know. It will fly away!!
Same issue here.

Never had this 'problem' before.

Loading time has gone from ~10-15 seconds to 45-90 seconds. It's not a serious problem, but it's annoying when changing characters.

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