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Wretch is a Raiding & PvP guild dedicated to 10 man end game progress (hopefully soon to be 25 man). The guild, although very new, consists of extremely dedicated players. Having raiding experience over 7 years! The core of our leadership having completed all of the content Blizzard have had to throw at us. Now re rolling to a new server with the hopes of challenging those top 5 guilds here on Frostmane for Mists of Pandaria. Our leadership has taken a well deserved 6 month break over Firelands/Dragon Soul and is more than ready to head to the top of a new expansion!

As the guild is newly formed I'd like to list those achievements we did accomplish under previous leadership/characters;

[Glory of the Cataclysm Raider]: Completed
[Glory of the Raider]: Completed
[Glory of the Ulduar Raider]: Completed
[A Tribute to Insanity]: Completed
[Glory of the Icecrown Raider]: Completed


We require our raiders to fulfil several requirements if they want to function well in the guild. If you can not meet all of the following requirements don’t bother applying to Wretch as it will not be the guild for you.

Able to attend pretty much all raids.
Your gear has to be in range of the gear of our level of progress.
Your Knowledge of your class and of the game has to be equal or close to our level of progress.
You must have a decent sense of humour. There are jokes on vent which can sometimes be quite rude. The guild also has quite dark humour sometimes.
You need to respect other players in our guild and on the realm. Treating people outside the guild like scum will only give bad rep to the guild and we will not allow this.
You need to participate on the forums. Our forums have a wide selection of class and boss discussions. There will also be a WoL report of nearly all our raids. There will also be posts about important guild decisions where we ask for your opinion in the matter.
Apart from Raiders Wretch will also has a very big amount of social members. Friends of people in the guild will get invited without problem. People who don't know anyone in the guild will have to fill out the application in the recruitment part of the forum. The people that put a bit of effort in the apply will get accepted without problems.

What we offer social members:

A fun and social experience. Maybe you have been in guilds where guildchat and ventrilo is quite boring. You will not find this in Wretch.
Access to the cataclysm perks and rewards (mounts, pets, boa's) eventually.
Groups for raids, heroics, pvp. Some of our raiders will run some of the top pugs on the realm on their alts eventually. As we have done on our previous server.

For more information, or to drop an application, visit: http://wretch.enjin.com/home

(I would also like to mention, before someone does it for me, I am an officer of Wretch and I do have over 6 years experience of high end raiding through all expansions and can provide reliable references from my previous guild - I did however have my previous account hacked and that is where all my achievements exist - I have tried getting it back but my e-mail was hacked also and I don't have the patience to sit on the phone with Customer Support for hours) Just wanted to clear it up before the trolls have a field day with my character ;))

Thank you all very much for your time!
Enjoy your mighty adventures through Azeroth!
Bumping. (Le Moromi with her account back but no gear yey!)
Cheer me up and drop an application yes? ;))
We have cookies? *flutters eyelids*


DPS; Mage
Healer; Shaman
Tank; Paladin

Do not hesitate to apply regardless as exceptional applicants will still be considered.

Still accepting Social Applications.


DPS; 1 Arcane Mage
HPS; 1 Resto Shaman

Social Ranks are still available!

Still looking for those last few members!
Resto Shamans/Arcane Mages why so shy?

Come and visit http://wretch.enjin.com/

UPDATE - Guild Entering Combat need not bother applying.

We are however still in need of that Mage/Shaman. Other classes will be considered depending on application quality.

Speak to me in game for any more information on recruitment/what not.

Thanks :)
We're almost there, just waiting for a couple more competent people!


Little update,

Cleared DS normal 6/8 in about an hour this week with a couple pugged range, bit too easy. Heroic next week, still looking for;

Destro Warlock

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