Greeting from Frostmane.

Great players of stormscale i bid you greetings.
I come from the long lost and almost forgotten realm of Frostmane seeking your players to migrate over here. We are in need of great players or great prospects in pvp. From my observation it wont be too long until stormscale ends up like outland with long ques to get into it. So i wish my appeal will touch your hearts and hopefully give gladiators/ skilled players there a challenge to come over here and play with our players, season isnt close to ending so its worth the shot. You will still be in a competitve Bg group (Misery) and face godlike players from our alliance side and outland. See if you could kick Garxz out of rank 1 atm, or challenge the likes of Duskfáll,jimmyeh, and other rank 1 players.

PS: No 1500-2000 players needed, we got enough.
Calling godlikes Outland players is a joke i hope.

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