Warlocks, i need tips in duels :/

Hello forum, yeah i duel many classes on my server and most of them pummle me down. is it my gear? my style of gameplay? well, i know its impossible for me to win on rogues but i just need some tips in dueling and how i can win on other classes :)
I wish I could say "just do this or that" but its very complex and decent 1v1 performance can only come from expirence so dont be detered, keep practising and ask other locks / players you duel for advice. Your gear is ok but your spec could use some love.

Someone could hopefully later on in this thread dedicate some time into making a long 1v1 guide but Ill attempt to just point out some general good advice.

- Maxrange teleports vs melees (and make sure your portal is placed in the running direction) can be very useful vs some melees as you move outside the range of their gapcloser and with CoEX / shadowflame and dots up you get some free dmg before they catch up. Also any time you buy yourself is vs most (not all clases) in your favor as you then work off the next teleports cd as well as fear diminishing returns (more if that later).

- Demon Armor as soon as you healthstone always (and preferebly with a Soul Burn in 1v1), and if you have full dots up it can sometimes be safe to jump Demon Armor and Drain Life, especially if you are speced into Death's Embrace (Soul Burn Drain Life sub 25% can be a lifesaver). Demon Armor Drain Life with full dots up as dps can be a good strategy vs Elemental Shamans or Marksmen Hunters, just to name a couple.

- Pet uptime, always have your pet on your target, as you fear it will return to you but make sure to send it back almost right away. Pet is by default a big part of our damage and even more so when attacked or on the move. Learn what to interrupt and not and when. If your pet gets stuck in a frostnova in a ring of frost (classic mage opener) I suggest you soulburn out a new one right away (before the freeze lands!) and if there is a ring without nova, a priest or warrior running towards you make sure to use pet "click to move" so that it does not get hit by the AoE CC.

- Soul Harvest, takes some practise to be able to use in 1v1 and then it sill only works vs some specs and in some situations but its awsome. If you survive till the new diminishing return on your fear (full 8s) and you forced cds or trinket earlier now you can just run away till combat drops and start to harvest but send your pet back at them as soon as you do or slightly before. Vs stealthers try to put up agony the global before or after the fear. You can also combine this with a teleport but I dont advice you to that all the time. Also, Demon Armor up when harvesting is a must.

- Mastering fakecasting is a necessity for duels as Warlock in 1v1 (there are some great addons that helps with this). Make sure that you always know what to trinket, why and when.

Warlocks are very unforgiving to mistakes in 1v1 and you need to practise alot and have good gear to be on par with just avrage players of some classes, however this makes it hard, fun and rewarding to learn! =)

The above general pointers apply to all specs wit hthe exception of Demon Armor Drain Life training or Soul Burning.

Regards, Liandri
Oh! Almost forgot.

- Shadowflame, use it, love it! It gives you some free dmg, scales with your Felhunter shadowbite and Soul shiphon. Use it before teleporting vs melees preferebly or whenever they are just outside range to slow you from melee attacks. If they catch up its still worthwhile damage for the global, same vs casters, whenever your close you use it (but beware of Priest / Warlock AoE fear and Firemages Dragonsbreath, all three which you can learn to counter with your own AoE fear or teleport with practise). Its not worthwhile to run to a caster and apply it so wait till they come close you like above example and apply it after your fear them or if they are just careless enough to be close. Most of the time, this should be used on cd.

- Fel Flame, use it as soon as you ever move when all your instant casts are up, its just free dmg and vs melees a big part of your "free dmg" that you else would pass up on. Make mouseover macro for it and shoot down some totems and those Shadowpriest clones like as if it was an FPS game while moving and he will sit there with a fml-face.
Use the portal always.

Keep a healthstone at the ready.

Use succubus and click seduce the minute they come out of stealth on a rogue. (she can do some mid range if she's frozen)

Try spamming some aoe's around vs stealthers.

Vs pallys run for it.

Vs shamans run for it or use curse of tongues

That's it I can't think of much else
I would recommend Cobrak Warlock Guide on youtube, just type it you can't miss it. He duels almost everything and gives you tips and tricks!
Ye the cobrak guides, its probably complete by now. Good idea gonna check it myself as I need some help vs rogues.
Good guides. And fighting very good opponents, wonder though what would have happened if the rogue didnt focus on being really cool stepping the succubus but instead went for raw dmg in an earlier CLOS or blind on succubus for that matter, pumping dmg, shadowstepping the portal and rack some more dmg there.

Its a slightly different timeframe this movie is shot in and stuff is changing fast. If im stuck in one full KS, im gonna lose at least 100K hp. While cool etc and awsome playstyle shown, imo in this day rogues wont even consider stepping the succubus for a simple kick and just plow dmg into you till youre dead.
Out of interest i can see you are playing affliction.

From my experience (note i am really a destro lock all the way) 1v1 duels are not where affliction shines. In fact it can be a struggle to put out enough damage to actually defeat someone in a duel simply because duels are usually played with full cd`s etc. In bg pvp etc this is not always the case.

Personally i would use destro in duels, i manage far better duelling with fire than with dots. That might just be me however.

Also, some of the advice above is not too bad at all. Most important though is careful use of the teleport. It can really save your !@#.

And, if you do use destro, remember that nether protection can give 30% reduction to some surprising things from non-caster classes.......

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