Slashcry selling HC Ragnaros Mount & Title

Kazzak - Alliance guild <SlashCry > (currently ranked World #20) is starting to sell heroic Ragnaros mount & title. These runs will take place mostly on Sunday / Monday at starting at 19:00 - 20:00 server time. If you are interested , contact with Noldorimbor via whisper or in game mail.

You will need to put down a 10% of sale price deposit and we will give you a date for the raid. At the start of the raid you will be required to pay the full amount and we will get you, your mount, title and achievement.

* You will get Heroic Ragnaros Mount ( "Pureblood Fire Hawk" and title <Firelord>) []

* It will be a 10man raid and you will need to be in dps spec, you won't be required to do proper dps or avoid fire. (Though we might skip using a combat ress on you in certain situations :) )

* All 7 bosses will be killed on heroic and you can get the loot that drops for FREE as a bonus, if you can use it.

*Price is 250k gold for both the title and the mount. (Again you pay 25k deposit pre raid - we are a respectable guild that have been around for years and you just will have to take our words on this that we won't rip you off)

* The raids will be fast, taking between 1-2 hours.

* If Alysrazor mount drops it will be a random roll including the buyer.

* Some of our players are getting legendary staff pieces, we are happy to give you the ones we are not collecting, ask before which parts of legendary quest you may get.

The mount - beautiful orange phoenix - will most likely be a random chance drop in Mists of Pandaria, so get yours before its too late!
we are ranked 20 noldo it registered as 21 cause immersion is in there twice after they migrated ;p
Bump / updated
Updated info about Alysrazor mount / legendary pieces.
k? :)
Hi guys.its really good that slashcry is ally side and helps ppl, but 250k is abit high imo, if u can change it to lower price many ppl will join for ur FL raids.
really ^^? 250k after the nerf, prenerf it would have been okay, still not close to cheap but, really after the nerf, over and out.
We are kidnapping people, bring them to Deffan's gnome basement, force them to join our runs and pay money. True story.
People still play this game?
27/02/2012 18:05Posted by Abnell
People still play this game?

Yeah. having a blast
Bump! :)
Bump, this week is done.
faction change to horde and lets go.
Werent SlashCry made out of the core of an older guild some time ago?
SlashCry was formed during TK / SSC times back in TBC , same name, same realm since.. BUMP!

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