Night Elf shaman:::VOTE::: YES or NO !

We vote how many people want to have Night elf shaman! yes or no

::: If you do not have a shaman class DONT VOTE ::: This is just for us who play shaman.

(WE do not need any explanation for your answer) Just a YES or NO
F*** Yeah! Would be awesome!
no for gods sake
Rather gnome learning from dwarves really ....
Please, no.

27/02/2012 20:23Posted by Flärre
Rather gnome learning from dwarves really ....
i choose:
I don't mind if it happens or not, could think of worse combos.
If it was made possible i would switch right away, but the only reason would be the awesome animation of NE females when they cast healing spells.
No. It's a silly race.
I just wonder what their totems would look like
Any class that can be dwarf, SHOULD be dwarf.

E: NE shaman = FCK NO
I don't see any logic in this so NO!!!
If they make NE shammy then they should also make Be shammy, same 'logic'
No!!! If there would be more shammys for alliance I think It would be gnome...
NO! and no to all the people saying gnomes should be shamans aswell!

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