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I know multiboxing is perfectly ok and doesn't violate wow's terms of use. But I'd like to know if there are any multiboxing softwares that are not allowed to use.

I've been checking out ISBoxer - it looks interesting, but searching around, I've seen quite a few claims that using this particular software may result in banned accounts. Is that true?

Do you have a whitelist / blacklist over allowed / not allowed software? If you do, it would be helpful to know which ones I can safely try.

For the community:

What software do you recommend for multiboxing? I've briefly tried keyclone, but I didn't like it at all.
Hmmm... Redirected from Customer Support without any comment. At least they could have answered if ISBoxer is bannable or not. Poorly handled, Blizz. :(
The problem is that whilst multiboxing is not against the ToU it is also not supported and as such they can't really comment.

Beyond that I can't relly comment either as I struggle enough to control 1 character at a time let alone 5 :D
All multiboxing software are legal to use, aslong as you control the characters, and not being automatically controlled by the program.

I'm using ISBoxer myself, and it's a very easy software to use.
Thanks, Gontier.

I'll try ISBoxer, then ;P


A few years ago, I heard that *some* multiboxing programs would violate the terms of use, since they had automated options, and were considered bots. That's why I wanted to be sure about this. I really, really don't wanna risk getting banned from this great game :)
hello i have been using isboxer for over 2 years no bans, been reported many times many many many times, played with dev/cms on the ptr using the software and i have had "gm's" come and fix raids av manged to bug out all off what they know what am doing

"Great power comes great responsibility".

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