I need help getting a Medic outfit for my Gnome Priest.

I don't play on a RP server but when looking through the lore behind Gnome Priest on Wowpedia, it mentioned how Gnome Priest are actually seen as medics, doctors or surgeons. And this got me thinking about the transmog system - and thinking that it would be cool to transmog my gear so that I look like a surgeon in game or atleast as close as I can be.

My problem is shifting through all the different item models in the game for each slot to find a suitable outfit. Has anybody in the RP community already done this or would be willing to help me find an outfit to use? I have no issue with going out and getting the items if they're difficult to get, I'll figure out a way. :)

Anyone able to help?
I haven't roleplayed a Gnome Priest before, but there are a couple of items I'd look out for:

Gnomeregan Bonechopper Would be a suggestion of mine, but Priests can't wield swords, and there isn't a weapon with this skin labelled as a "Dagger" I'm afraid, so you're a bit out of luck there. :( There's plenty of Maces you could grab, on the other hand, that would be perfect if you need to administer a quick a "anesthetic" to a patient. Watch out for spikes though!

Next up are a pair of gloves. These are Bloody Surgeon's Mitts and they look great for anyone going for a "Doctor" like role. They drop from Broggok in the Blood Furnace with a fairly good droprate and they look awesome. Very simplistic, but a great touch.

As for headgear, we all know medicine can be messy business, and we can't have you coughing near an open wound - it might get a nasty infection in it! You're going to need something to cover that gob of yours. So, when it comes to a face-mask (if you want to wear one over a pair of goggles - at the end of the day I'd say it's your call - or you can keep both for different occasions), you can pick up White Bandit Mask from any good tailor, or if you're more partial to the green of surgery gear there's always Venomshroud Mask which is a random drop from a lot of mobs, especially in Tanaris. There's also a lot of those new veil's floating around from quest chains. For example, Demonkiller Mask in Desolace.

As for clothing, I don't know if you'll want to go with a robe or a combination of trousers/shirt, but hopefully those suggestions are somewhat useful.

Stolen shamelessly from the US Forums.

Also you could use this armour bar the shoulderpads and the gun.
In Dalaran they sell a shirt wich looks like bloody bandages, wich doesn't bind, not even when you wear it...You could give it to your patients. In the same store they sell a medic outfit. It's the first aid store, in Dalaran.
Dalaran Nurse's Gown Nurses outfit sold in dalaran.
Wow thanks everyone for the ideas!

The one I like the best is the S.A.F.E Operative so I'll probably go for that one :D
And I'll find myself a good Clockwork Mace or a sweet Dagger.

Thanks once again!
The Aurora Regalia collection...


...using the shirt and leggings option could work quite well perhaps replacing the hood with a White Bandit Mask.
Yaaay! Gnomes.

A clockwork Mace, you say? Argent Resolve -super- sought after by the gnomes on our server (or at least one very loud one :>) has a beautiful model.
The "set" built around the crimson tunic [red and white], suggested above, is the same as that worn by the Holdout Medics in Gnomeregan, and so would well represent the Gnomereganian Medical Corps as a uniform. It parallels the Shimmering "set" of uncommon cloth [which are green and white] and the Sage's "set" [blue and white] - the latter used of course by the front line marksmen Gnomeregan troops [and duplicated by the Gnomeregan Pride on-use item].

All three "sets" can be found here:

Edit: The Holdout medics wield simple staves.

Edit further: it appears the look of the red belt has changed with Cataclysm.
The problem with the red set is that not all the items in it are "cloth" so I can't wear them. I'm also having an issue with the shoulders on the S.A.F.E Operative.. sigh. I'm beginning to wonder if I should just go for a generic Medic or try and find a way to make the Gnomeregan ones work..

And haha, yeah, I clocked the Argent Resolve as an item whilst checking raids for maces :D it does look sweet.

Not quite perfect, but, I like it. The hat is pretty <3

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