In cata we are !@#$ed.

there taking away bear form and also alot of our defensive stuff wtf??? how are we going to survive? were a rogue without any of there cc and defensives once mop hits then...since our heals barely even tickle :S
Stay away from the voodoo.
At least wait till beta before crying about it, you don't know how the changes are going to work out in game yet.

P.S Just so you know you put cata in the title instead of MoP.
in cata? wut? oh... MoP? well i dont pvp much so i dont really care. just makesure you dont pull while on bugger all health and take displacer beast to "blink" + vanish. job done.
pvp is such an irrelevant and broken part of this game anyways.
Go see the MoP talents again. If you choose correctly, you can get a 30% heal every 2 mins, good utility things like Mass Entaglement or Typhoon, a 4 sec disorient in 30 sec colldown, the removal of roots by shapeshifting with an extra heal, etc.

We are losing things, but gaining others to compensate. Of course might not be as good as the current ones, but there's still plenty of time untill MoP releases.
Drugs are bad mkay!
I like the idea of being able to cast spells whilst staying in feral form

Also like the idea of having abilities like mage/rogue on getting out of the crap

Also like the idea that resto/boomkin can drop to feral

Also like the idea that we get a choice over which way we wish to custom our druid

Should be more fun for pvp and deffo more fun in our original support role as well as a focused form
spec Guardian? :P
we get disentanglement back thats all i care about
Boomkin all the way in Pandaria.
i just hope that MoP comes through for us and helps feral kitty abit since the loss of survivability is huge /:
07/03/2012 20:03Posted by Wheaters
i just hope that MoP

8 Months left...
huh? bear form is something druids need to work... i doubt blizzard would be stupid as to remove it...

on second thoughts...
Overall in cataclysm Druids have been gotten the nerf hammer, over and over again, and it honestly doesn't seem like it will stop, neither for our downgrade of spells in MOP.
Restos are already underpowered. Despite they are the only healer class that has to use several different healings (which is great!) Shammys, palas and priests, are usually spamming ONE SINGLE ability, supported by one other, and yet they still take resto druids on healing done, while half a sleep.

In pvp, I don't even have to mention how hard, difficult, and horrible it is to play resto druid, compared to any other healer.

Yet Blizzard still thinks our Hots, need nerfs! Our Moonkin need dps nerf, and of course, as the always hot-topic here on the forums. Nerf ferals.

In my oppinion. Nerf any other class too. They are damn easy to play. Press one button or two - that's all you need in world of warcraft.

In my oppinion, put every ability on 10 sec cooldown or more, so you actually have to do stuff differently, than just press that two same worn out buttons on your keyboard.

The reason, I actually like druids compared to most other classes is because, you actually have to use more than 3 abilities.
What? Where did you find this!!!

I̖͖̯͉̮̼̅ͧ͜ͅM̌҉ ͯͣ̋ͪ͛͐R̀A̳̋͐̈́͂̓ͨ͊ͅG̻̥̖̲͈̠ͯͅIͬ̄͋ͬN̰͓͎ͤ̾̽G̢͒ͦ̓̂̾ͬ
̧̤̳̣͎͌̈́̉͑̊͋S͒̓͆ͩͬ̔̚O̹͖͑͛̉͝ ̞͕͓̪̜̹̎͛͋͊ͩ̄͐H͕͖̜̯̭͇ͥ̔̏͂ͬ̇ͅA̱̞ͫ̊ͯR̤̹̯̘̭̄Ḑ̘̫̱̖͆̇ ̫̰̱̘̫̥̪̃̆͠R͈̫͇̝I͋̑͊̒ͪ̏̊Ǵ̲̰̤̙ͤ̿̂ͧ͐͋H̝̲̣̻̙̔ͯ̏̐̐̃ͮT̸̞̘̗̰̺͍̫͋ ̯͍ͩ̽̈́̅̓͂ͅN̗̈́ͪ͐̐̎̃͜Ô̖̰̖̜͙͇̄̎͊̏̈́̑W̴̲͉̖̯̻ͪͬ̓ͦ̃ ̥͈̤A̽̈́̄͋̒͡R̡̬̺̞̩̺͍̫R̰͈̺͇̖̋ͥͯ̅̌ͅG̥̯̗̖ͩH̱̪̩̀̽͌H̩̜͙H̳̼̉̑͢

My raging even had an effect on my keyboard.

EDIT: There is Bear Form. Except it's not feral spec. There is a new tanking spec (So we get 4 specs T_T)
^ wait... its removed from our basic spells and is guardian only?
From what i can see feral will finally have a sort of skill-cap to play, which is good.
Lose some abilities > gain new ones, im glad the days of apply bleeds > become immortal bear are soon behind us.
So you are saying that everyone can play feral and be Godlike in PvP/PvE? Don't make me laugh... That's reserved for Rogues.

I am seeing so many wanna-be ferals, that doesn't know how the class functions, only because there are so many QQ treads for ferals. Also bear is FAR from Immortal, since it is easily countered by 1 simple thing, IGNORING BEAR. Yes we can chargeroot/Bash but that's about it. Not 1 single feral wants to go bear if he is not in grave danger, and only THEN he can be hard to kill with his CDs (Regen and SI, both on 3 min CD) but after these, he is pretty much a cub that got lost/soon to be dead bear.
They are splitting it not removing it so you must choose to be bear or cat.

So its not as bad as you say but it's the most stupid thing blizz have come up with so far i mean whats the fun of playing feral (or guardian) in MoP ???

They are killing all fun of playing feral druid

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