arcane mage pvp help needed

hi all

ok to the point........ i love arcane in random bgs which is all i'm good at no matter what spec i take , and i've started getting some good gear but i'm a bit stuck on what stats to pick for arcane pvp .
I know about the 5% hit and 286((think thats right)) spell pen, But what else do i need to stack ...should i be after haste over mastery or the other way around am i right in thinking crit should be left out and what enchants should i be after for a pvp mage .

i have looked on sites but really getting confused as most are for frost or fire ....could anyone please help me with this
Thanks Ruiin
You need 4% (410 rating) hit and 195 spell penentration (a cloak/neck will do).

Arcane is really a glass cannon for PvP, you do oneshot low-resi people but if they turn on you, that's pretty much it, you're dead. There are no arcane mages in PvP but if you ask me I would go for mastery (haste and crit are pretty much useless)

Again, I'd go frost if I was you.
as for spell pene, the ruthless neck will do just fine (254 rating = no resists). I think for arcane pvp, mastery and crit is the way to go. Gives you a fairly good crits at high-mana levels. The main thing I've noticed when doing bg's, is that if you give an arcane mage room to cast, you're dead. So bring a rogue with you, and enjoy the killingspree.

But yeah, as stated above me, frost is the beginner mage pvp spec (and almost everyone else uses it too, regardless of experience). If you want a challenge, go fire PvP. Different playstyle.
I wouldn't knock haste so much, though I do prefer mastery. When your arcane blast debuff lasts a sorry 6 seconds, every little ounce of haste can make the difference between losing the debuff or not when you need to fake cast, run or CC amidst your nuking.
Fire ftw!! seriously so much fun respecced to fire at lvl 40 or something and I dont think Im goin back to any other spec:)
05/03/2012 07:40Posted by Thandibachi
Fire ftw!! seriously so much fun respecced to fire at lvl 40 or something and I dont think Im goin back to any other spec:)

toasting irrelephant info in relephant bread.
Big fan of arcane pvp in 2vs2 specially ( with a healer ofc).
Your secondary stat is really up to you since it depends moslty on the playstyle.
I like crit since what you are aiming for are thos 50k crits and having barrage crit for 20k is very nice. Mastery can give you around 2-5k more dmg per blast but I still think crit is better.
Haste is very potent ofc and each 5% haste you get lowers the cast time down 0,1 seconds since its very hard to get more then 15% haste ( 0,3 seconds lesser castime) I still preafer crit of those 3 stats.

I've gotta agree with my troll friend a few extra points in the crit tree goes a long way in the arcane tree and i do feel that it does get overlooked as once i've popped arcane power my arcane blast will easily crit 70k+ 90k+ with trinkets.
As for haste and mastery well i played about with both and found a much greater benefit coming from mastery as haste required too much to notice any significant changes, mastery seems more forgiving with your points. happy sheeping! =)
arcane mage nerf in pvp needed

Fixed that for ya.
Can't see why you'd nerf a mage, any spec too be honest, I mean if you're dumb enough to sit out in a field and let a mage, namely an arcane mage sit there and spam ab then you deserve to die, run for cover yo! You'll never catch a mage as a warrior, especially arcane with passive slow debuff. And even if you do get to sit ontop of a mage if you have a pocket healer/dispeller you'll snap them in half inside of a second since they're the squishiest class in game. Glass Cannon yo.
haste is a pve point of view when hitting caps for arcane blast with hero and raid buffs so u dont go below 1sec GCD cap.

now for pvp haste and mastery is very good faster casts harder hits. most of the pvp gear has haste and mastery anyway so not an issue.

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