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Hello Guys I have a problem with installing wow I really hope you can help me.
I installed the basic version of wow from interent (set-up Avaiable-Playable)
I also added the code for the base version and the Wrath of the Lich King then continued by inserting the CD Cataclysm and its code, has raised questions here:
Once it has finished installing the CD appeared to me a blue bar (I did the installation on the same day that they released the patch) that says Now Loading ...
In the middle of this blue bar appeared to me a message: Your Installation is damaged.
Please Run to repair.
What should I do? where I went wrong?
Please help me my first free month is already almost over.
Sorry for my English but I'm Italian.

Hi there,

You can usually work around this by making sure you're running the game as an Administrator. If you're on Windows Vista or 7, please right click the shortcut to the game and choose Run as Admin, and then test the game.
Thanks for the advice.
Anyway I did not run as administrator but nothing has happened to me.
In any case I wanted to ask you a question once you issue the command'' Run as administrator'' then when I click on the icon of wow right I can still look through the options or not?
Help me solve this problem Thanks.
First of all, good evening to all!
Unfortunately I also have encountered this problem and after several attempts I decided to delete the trash warcraft moving and reinstalling the game client from but after a quick download sorpendentemente (Approximately 30 minutes) I used to screen reappears wow with blue bar and the usual tiresome phrase "Your download is to repair damaged please run" Please help us keep it in my game!
I was wondering that maybe it happened because I just moved to the trash and instead I have to delete it permanently? Thanks in advance to anyone who responds!

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