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Ok, so first of all there was an issue with a faction change, got messed up, blizz sorted that out with no problems, so enough about that.

I ordered a faction change today again Ally to Horde. It says my Transfer is still pending(for a few hours now), but that is not what i'm concerned about. I got an email saying ''A Character Faction Change for the character Thrower on the World of Warcraft account WoW4 is now ready to be finalized! To finalize the faction change process, please click this link:''/ The thing is when i press the link it brings me to the screen where i need to add my card's CVV code (only that because my payment method is saved) and when i press continue is gives me this error ''An error has occurred. There has been an error processing your request.
For assistance, contact Blizzard Customer Support.''. The faction change still hasn't appeared in-game either

Any ideas on how to fix this? And yes i have set up my billing profile. I have 2 methods: my personal card and paypal. I used the card to buy the faction change.
You could try calling Accounts and Payments to see if they can help with the problem.

Information about how to call them can be found here:
I guess i can do that, but still is the "Finalize Payment'' thing required to get my faction change or i can just wait with ''Faction Change Pending'' status and it will pop up itself?
Greetings Thrower,

Having taken a quick look at your account, I’m sorry to say that all the payment attempts made for your most recent Faction Change appear to have been unsuccessful at the level of your bank.

I can see that you seem to have cancelled your most recent attempt, perhaps to regain access to the character rather than leaving it effectively ‘locked’ for the time being, but I’d definitely recommend speaking with your bank tomorrow just to check that everything’s alright on that side of things.

I believe you may receive a very similar response to your currently open web ticket, but if you have any further issues after speaking with your bank then don’t hesitate to contact us again. :)

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