Shadow priest transmogrification

Hello fellow priests,

I have my priest for a long time now, and i was just thinking of making a new cool shadow like transmog, but there are a couple problems.
All of the old tier sets are more holy and disci like, and yeah thats is just not really nice for a shadow priest, also the once who are shadowlike is used by almost every priest on every server. Atm i have one combined from some old gear from ulduar and an head from old pvp in wintergrasph. I am not really happy with this one either, the problem is i really would love to have something dark purple-ish, and the most things i find are grey/silver with blue and i just haven't found the perfect set. I've looked how other priests were transmorphed but most off them have the same set as everyone else.

Anyone who has a really cool set? Doesn't have to be like tier or pvp, i am open for suggestions!

cheers :3
What about this? In shadowform. T8 Is great too imo
It looks pretty cool that, i have made an red mage like set asswell, just to check it out. But it did made me feel like a fire mage. But it is a nice one you have there, but not really what i was looking for
you are searching in the wrong place for good shadow priests set, you need to look at warlocks.
There you go!
Crown of the sun looks awesome, granted it is white but in shadowform it looks good enough
My transmog is sick xD
I Got a Link to the perfect Mogg for EVIL!

Not including Weapons.
My transmog is deceptive.
I Got a Link to the perfect Mogg for EVIL!

Not including Weapons.

sick transmog
Was about to say that a combination of mid tier 10 and heroic tier 13 would look best but then I noticed you are already using it.
You could go for random items, like I did. I just searched the AH and found a few things.
too bad im logged out in pvp gear ; but ; the shadow transmog i've gone for is the warlock tier 5 lookalike robe/shoulders/belt :-)
I dunno, I kind of like the black I'm using now
Do something different, unique is almost better then looks to me.
I wish we had an armor that changes with shadow form , with burning green eye's or something.
Almost all gear is holy , disc biased. Horde tier 9 being an exception.
<-- And get the cloth head from Illidan. Shoulders and the cloth head will light up in shadowform

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