What ruins RP the most for you?

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01/03/2012 15:07Posted by Velynia
My apologies for the mistakes with Admiral Ripsnarl, I had not looked into his backstory all too much, only noticed the name when levelling through Westfall.

Ah, I had wondered. It is also mentioned in Deadmines Hc on the gauntlet before the last boss (Vanessa) but I wasn't sure if you had a level 85 to have seen.
My RP killer:

1. Guilds that try to take power in an RP hub. This applies to basically most guard guilds. (Some guard guilds however are ((or were)) just really awesome at it)
I hate when people make up their own races either by combining two like belves and trolls, or out right inventing something out of thin air.
What ruins the process of RPing for me?

I guess that'd be people with defeatist attitudes who insist on being really loud about it. You know - the ones who yell "The server/roleplay is dying/dead!" at every opportunity, then refuse resolutely to try and take any actions to revive it, or even suggest possible solutions. They make the community a really difficult place to be patient in.

What ruins actual roleplaying for me?

Oh, uh... I guess... people who organise events and/or storylines which are supposedly open, and then don't give me (or others) a chance to take part in them - expecting us to lounge around as spectators and be happy with that while their characters run around doing all the exciting bits. It's kind of like doing a quest with a lore character - only instead of a central authority figure that needs to be impartial because of fairness and game mechanics, it's a regular roleplayer.
Druids in cities: You're meant to be preserving nature and maintaining its balance. Why are you hanging around in a busy, polluted city? (Darnassus and Thunderbluff are exceptions, I suppose).

Growth elixirs: It really ruins immersion, for me, when I suddenly see an abnormally large human or worgen. You don't look "cool"; you look ridiculous.

Hypersensitives: You know? Those people who try to kill you so much as if you breathe in their general direction. This is worse when it's coming from a Death Knight.

Psuedo-racism: Predjudiced against worgen? Racist! The worst I've experienced was when a couple of hypersensitive Death Knights claimed people where being racists towards undead...

Plate Abusers: People who act as if plate armour is nigh-invincible. Want to push that top-heavy son-of-a-gun over? Stupid! He's wearing plate!

"What the fel!?": You can just use 'hell', you know.

Most of them are more pet peeves, if anything, but meh...
I think one of the biggest obstacles is...Myself?

I mean, I have confidence in the negatives and I'm already pretty critical of others' things so I'm a bit "oh ffff are they judging me" right off the bat. Doesn't help that my characters have a habit of being the same bouncy outcast at the end of the day with an accumulation of weird !@#$ I should really trim back.

It's like looking in to a mirror.
so this is what it's like when doves cry

Okay, seriously, yes. I tend to find the major thing that ruins RP for me is me and my insecurities in regard to it. And above all else, it also doesn't help when people say "just get over that!". It's really not all easy.
I have been getting better about it, though! While I do notice I tend to go back in to a shell at times, especially when trying a new toon, it does become easier the more I muscle along; more so with the encouragement of a nice circle of friends and a great partner.

I guess some other things that, while not ruining RP for me, can make an evening of it uncomfortable or go as far as to put me off names if I see it regularly are:

-Rigidity: By this I mean when we move past respecting and working with and to lore and enter that sort of absurd territory where reasonable additions, bends or elaborations are squashed. But I realise there is that line, of course, as certain things, situations, ideas, slang terms and so on certainly don't make sense! It's a hard one to really balance, I suppose.

-Entitlement: RP's odd. It's this big collaborative effort and ideally everyone has input as much as they wish to have it. But what can be awkward is that mindset where every RP situation, event and storyline has to benefit them primarily regardless of whether that means they're calling for changes that remove input and role from other characters.
It's unfortunate when you can't attend absolutely everything, of course, but that's also just an unfortunate part of events being possibly planned for all manner of times and places.

And I don't mean when you go anywhere and end up just spectating. That sucks. It's not fun to go anywhere and be -left out- or to have no input whatsoever (or to feel as if some people are purposely leaving you out by consistently choosing difficult times and areas for you!).
I guess what I mean is someone who refuses to compromise on occasion can make things troubling.
What ruins things the most for me is when someone decides to take an OOC issue IC and actively takes apart the established way of things out of spite. It can be something as small as someone's character acting catty for a few days to something as major as disbanding the entire guild. The latter is obviously the most destructive, stranding characters.
People who play on RP realms with absolutely no intention to RP.

I just don't see the logic.

01/03/2012 18:19Posted by Cedrinn
"What the fel!?": You can just use 'hell', you know.

Well, I can see the reasoning there. There is no "Hell" in the Warcraft universe, it's a Christian term. However, "Fel" is in Warcraft, and obviously has the same meaning.
01/03/2012 19:03Posted by Tarcane
There is no "Hell" in the Warcraft universe, it's a Christian term.

So Thrall is a Christian? He shouts "Gul'dan! I shall find you in whatever hell you are hiding in!" or something like that during the questline where he dissappears.
Hell isn't solely a Christian concept.

Fel is a substance, not a place. In Warcraft, "Hell" seems to be interchangeable for the Twisting Nether, which is where fel and demons come from.
The Fel thing annoys me too but nothing can change it. It's too entrenched. Just go with it...
When people meta-game. That really winds me up. Oh, so you just -knew- that drink was spiked with a draught of sleeping potion?

So many times Ive seen a masked villain appear and escape. He appears two days later, no longer masked and wearing a totally different outfit. Next thing you know a bunch of people mob him, screaming "It was him!" All because his name was floating above his head -.-
People buying me drinks in Goldshire. I can deal with everything else.
"What the fel!?": You can just use 'hell', you know.

To be fair quite a while back it was retconned that hell is the twisting nether, so what the fel makes more sense in world.
"What the fel!?": You can just use 'hell', you know.

This annoys me to no end too. Really, using "fel" as any generic curseword makes me grit my teeth. "Fel damn it" in particular. I also hate the use of "feck." Just use the proper swearword if you want to be an edgy cool sweary kid!

And hell isn't just a religious concept. Hell can be used to describe any place that's terrible. Hell is a perfectly acceptable term to use, and indeed, many characters in lore, pre- and post-retcon have used the term.
Both words hell and fel are used in lore. In the book Thrall; Twilight of the Aspects, one of the shaman says to Thrall "What the fel were you doing?" Hell is associated with demons. In WoW, fel energy is demonic energy. They are one and the same. People just use different terms.
"I dearly hope that there's a special place in Hell waiting for you, Arthas."

Uther the Lightbringer, Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos.
It really makes absolutely no difference. It's two letters between synonymous words. If the use of the word "Fel" ruins your roleplay, your being overly dramatic. There are examples of both being used in Lore, so they are both evidently acceptable terms.

As for the worst thing, for me... Hmmm. Probably the people who don't read up on the tiniest bit of lore before creating a character. It doesn't really ruin my RP, it just annoys me. You know, Night Elves born in Teldrassil, 16 year old blood elves etc. Heck, I've even seen Draenei who are several thousands years old and born in Amen Vale. >.<
for me...people who have no understanding of what is feasibly possible in a fight. The usual is of course the plate wearer leaping around like they are wearing nothing at all, but also other things. For example, people with two handed weapons who act like they weigh the same as a feather. Two-handed weapons are big, slow and clunky, you can't swing them around like they are daggers. Second of all, using weapons like that tends to bring about the problem of momentum. Once you've got going with one of these weapons your swings are gonna be pretty strong for sure, but the momentum behind these swings will mean defending yourself with your weapon is gonna be pretty hard if your suddenly forced to stop.

01/03/2012 21:07Posted by Jaryn
people who don't read up on the tiniest bit of lore before creating a character.

that...a thousand times that.

01/03/2012 18:19Posted by Cedrinn
People who act as if plate armour is nigh-invincible.

i'm gonna stop with the quotes now, because there's just too many of them...

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