Hunter Pvp

Hey guys,

I'm trying to gather viewers to my channel on youtube.

My channel is about Me 85 hunter mm/bm doing pvp with my mates (lock,priest,pala) etc having a laugh and some big crits and ownage .

Check it out and hope you Subscribe and comment to motivate me to make more pvp videos

Thanks guys

if ur gna wna be pvpin replace the gems in ur belt get an agil gem and a res/spellpen no need to ave all that sp :D
I'd also take entrapment over improved serpent sting.

check it out people :D
Cons: Boring fights, little skill, bad opponents. And you jump around too much.

Pros: Decent music


Strafe a lot more, even when just placing traps, never back pedal.

Create space between you and your opponents, don't keep running back to them.

Don't sit in Aspect of the Fox after your opener, switch back to Hawk for harder hitting instant shots.

The constant jumping really is distracting in a video.

Stand still instead and setup traps beneath yourself, let your enemies come to you, then move away, strafing so you can still hit them without constantly having to turn and twist back.

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