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The Project has existed since May, 2009. As all communities it has had its ups and downs but since it was founded there has always been RP to be found in Ashenvale and the rest of Kalimdor. Creating another place for RP, rather then just Stormwind and the Eastern Kingdoms.

Many people coming to Ashenvale the first time wonder how everyone can walk around with the bombardment and fires everywhere. There is a small quest chain started by: “Sentinel Thenysil“ that will phase these npc’s out. At the start of Cataclysm there was a major event where the Kaldorei first fled Ashenvale, replaying the events of what happened over “some time during the Cataclysm”. After staying in Lor’danel for a while the Kaldorei marched back to retake Ashenvale. There are regular patrols that keep the surrounding area relatively safe.

The forum is used as an OOC communication platform where we tell of upcoming events, recap old ones, introduce new characters and discuss lore and events. The different guilds have their own subforum for their own use, so they can discuss the matters that concern their guild in private. You need an AA account before you can register here.

Beside the different guilds there are also groups that span different guilds, to unite the different people that reside there. These groups make events tailored for their classes, directed at Druids, Priests and Magi. These groups can also ask to have a subforum created for their use.

This map displays the location of different guilds in Kalimdor. Mind, not all the guilds on this map are a part of the Kalimdor Project. It is kept up to date as much as possible, so if you are looking for anyone, take a look at it.
Current guilds associated with the Kalimdor Project:

Alliance guilds

Ashenleaf Sentinels
The military unit stationed in Ashenvale, these Kaldorei are tasked with protection and law enforcement.

Exodar Kurei
A group of Draenei that make their home in Ashenvale, helping the Kaldorei where they can with the Light and the Elements.

Grim Dawn
An Alliance cult hiding in the shadows of Kalimdor. They take orders from no one, not even the Twilight hammer and pursue their own agenda.

Hornmantled (On hiatus)
A zealous group of Kaldorei, the fold fights to retake the lands conquered by the Horde. The have their own views on how things need be handled.

Moonrise Hermitage
The Hermitage consists out of mostly Kaldorei civilians that do their part in this war torn world, aiding where they can and fighting for the Forests of Ashenvale.

Horde Guilds

Darkspear Tribe
Vicious trolls that make their home in Sen’jin and the Echo Isles. Worshipping the loa and hunting in the name of the Chieftain.

Hellscream’s Vanguard
Moving from place to place these fierce warriors of the Horde fight where they are needed, ordered by Warlord Crackfist.

The Spirit Wolves
A band of nomadic Tauren, this tribe keeps to its old ways. Honouring their ancestors with tales and legends.

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On the contrary, an abundance of heavily socialist ideology is one of the more compelling reasons to join in.

Check around Astranaar to see what's going on!

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Good luck breaking into this barbed-wire-surrounded bubble.

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Anyway, it's not hard to become part of the KalimdorProject. As I see it anyway, it's mostly the leaders (of the Horde side at least) who are the active members of the project, to keep a contact among each other and host events that are cross guild.

And if that's bubble RP to you, well then sir, then all RP is a bubble to you. Watch out that you don't pop it.
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Bump for this its a great idea!

Good one! I changed it right away. At first I just sorted everyone on alphabet.
The Kaldorei and their allies still work to solve the cryptic message delivered by the Dreamer, while deeper in the forest evil stirs in one of the Dens.
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Somewhere in the forest, an evil stirs. Why is it here? What do they intend to do?
Will anyone die?
Will the evil be defeated?
Will there be cake?
Is the cake a lie?

Find out the answers, in Aaaaaaashenvale forest(every week day, 18:30 to 00:00 on Argent Dawn)

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