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Hey i have played paladin for over 1 years now and it seems i can't play it anymore what do i do wrong i died by a warrior after like 30sec fight did almost kill the warrior.

I did specc some days ago becouse i was holy pve then but now i changed to pvp. Have i specced from and glyphs or is its just that i have gone bad at healing with my pala?

I got stamina and resilience for blue and yellow and those 40int for red. I gem becouse i did think it was good with sta resil gems then i get much hp and resil. Should i change my gems? etc

And then what gems, Specc, Glyphs should i use? :)

I also have macros like /taget self /cast holy shock and target neaset target cast judgement, wings and guardian for survival thats my 3 macros
Stamina ? Its tank stat, not healer.

You should put Purified Demonseye in blue sockets, Brilliant Inferno Ruby in red and Willful Ember Topaz for yellow ones.And your weapon enchant should be Power Torrent since its best for healers.

Always go for intellect on enchants and gems since its your best stat.If you have to reforge a stat, reforge it to haste.

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