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I want to send a scroll to a friend and when I tried, I accidentally sent it from the wrong character in game, assuming it worked like recruit a friend and I could select who gets the mount on my battlenet account when I receive it. However, having read the FAQ, I'm rather confused.

Yesterday I sent another scroll from the right character on both my battlenet and in game, but it hasn't shown up on my friend's account, so I'm assuming since there is already one from my account, it's not been allowed.

Reading up on the scroll, it explains that whichever character I choose to send it on, will get the mount.

'4. Select the character that will send the Scroll of Resurrection. Not only will this identify which character receives the exclusive spectral mount, it will allow your friend to perform a faction and realm change to play with you -- for free!'

It also says;

'Claiming the Mount
If you sent a Scroll of Resurrection to a friend and they decide to add game time to their account, you will receive a spectral mount; Wind Rider for Horde, Gryphon for Alliance. To claim this mount, visit the Scroll of Resurrection page in Account and click History. There you will see all Scroll of Resurrection invitations you have sent and you will also be able to claim any outstanding mounts.'

The screenshot doesn't show the character receiving. Would I be correct in assuming it goes directly to the character I sent the scroll from? If so, how can I get it so my friend can accept the scroll from the right character?
You will be able to pick which character receives the mount Elphiie regardless who you sent it from. :)

I apologise for any confusion caused!

As for your friend not receiving their e-mail yet, may I suggest you take a look in our spotlight as it answers that question there. :)
Awesome, thank you :)

My friend received the one from the wrong character, but as I know I can get the mount on any, then it's all fine :)

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