Whats the armor this Gnome is wearing?


I dont really know were to put this question, but i tought it would fit well in this section.

So i saw this picture from a Gnome, but i dont know the name of the armor hes wearing and i really want to know what it is for transmog! So has anyone an idea, this is the picture:

bump i want it to
There are 6 pictures with 6 different armors there, I don't understand your question.

Are you talking about the one with the shield? Seeing as you posted this on the warrior forum?
Yep, forgot to tell i was talking about the warrior.

I know the weapon is the Gnomeregan Bonechopper
It looks a bit like a junior version of the imperial plate set and an engineering head. Have a feeling the shield was found on a gnome stuck in the Maraudon instance.
The shoulders are the Imperial Shoulders indeed, altough, it seems so. Dont know for sure if its a one part shoulder (like the herod heirloom) or a two part, if its an two part its defenitly the Imperial ones!
You can get the shield through an Engineering Recipe in Molten Core.
A colorful garbage can I'd say.
shoulders on the 4th are imperial plate/imbued plate, no idea on the chest/legs as they look cloth
The shoes are Gnomish Rocket boots and the shield can be found in Maurudon from Gizlocker. (36% droprate on the shield) glhf<3
Peacekeeper Blade
ugly as hell why u want tht?
The eyepiece is mail, the warrior equivalent is purple, I've got in on my warrior. It's called Eye of something and it drops from a rare floating red head guy in Shadowmoon Valley.
Sword: http://www.wowhead.com/item=47500
Shield: http://www.wowhead.com/item=17718
Shield that matches sword animation: http://www.wowhead.com/item=17066
27/08/2012 16:24Posted by Rhorthal
ugly as hell why u want tht?

Ppl have different opinions ;)
Most of the set looks like cloth/leather indeed, just like Allyscout said.

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