Holy pve spec for pvp?

Hey c:
I would like to maybe try pvp a bit and i was wondering if it was possible to still be viable in pvp with a pve spec? I won't change my os ret spec since my guild needs me sometimes as dps because i can pull more dps than theirs os.

Anyways thanks c:
Yes you can.
Spec is rather irrelevant in random BGs. Sure, if you want to reach 2k + arena or start RBGs it might be mandatory to switch, but otherwise; no not really.
I can speak from experience tho', in saying that having gear with low/no resilience will be deeply, deeply demoralising. Rogues/hunters/DKs *will* eat you for lunch and laugh while they spit out the bones.

Never found it that bad in randoms with little to no pvp gear. Just stick in the back and hope you're not targeted. At least you'll have pve gear to help you to dish out some fat heals.

Hell, I'm doing arena atm and slowly climbing the ladder with a pve spec, without using skype (leading to mistakes such as overlapping cc). As noted above though a proper spec will be needed if you aim high (and communication).

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