Make spirit beasts available for all specs!

There are so many nice pets not being used due to the fact that most ppl do not play BM. Please fix =D
Dear Op.

yes please give us an option transmog our pets to spirit beasts :P
i agree :)
Give more really cool looking normal pets, like Terrorpene for turtles.
More unique coloring (real easy to do), more really unique animations or forms (more work to do).
Less overlapping pet buffs in the same family, and a bit more usefull options by lowering cooldowns for example (moth is such a one).

There are plenty of simple ways to offer even more distinct and personal pets without ruining the iconic BM pet (its the exotic of exotics...).
Spirit beast heal is too strong to give to MM in pvp for example, and SV should get it's survivability from something other than a pet...
Just no... Spirit beasts are a part of exotic pet species..

You don't roll retribution paladin with a 1handed sword and shield to..

Pay the price, if you want a spirit beast.
I think it's a good Idea but their special Abilities should be muted on non-BM Specs
No, but give triple talent system because every hunter should have at least 1 BM spec :P
Why not simply spec BM if one wants exotic pets? They are the perk of the spec, and making them available to all specs would essentially make BM very unrewarding; ours is seen as the least viable spec, so we get the fun perk. It's not too much at all to simply ask to keep it and the exotic pet families that come with it.

If spirit beasts became normal, they would lose their exotic ability Spirit Mend, making them simply pretty pets. There are only nine of them, and many of us who tamed one or more spent countless hours doing so. To make them normal pets would devalue the time and effort BM hunters put in to get them to an extent; having a rare pet is great, but one that also has a useful ability is much better. There are also enough hunters out there after them without a two-fold increase in competition, and from what I have experienced, there are enough hunters willing to spec BM to get them already.

I do however think that having more rare normals would be nice; already we have Skarr and the five 'challenge tame' spiders, Sambas, Humar, Terropene, Aotona among others. I am very curious as to what creatures MoP will bring with it.
Alternatley, just learn to use one spec (MM or SV) for everything (which i appreciate is extremely hard due to talent preferences for PvE / PvP), and have your BM spec for exotic pets. While i understand why people want pet transmogrification, this essentially would be the same as giving the pet to the other specs.

You don't tame a spirit beast for its abilities, you tame it for the unique look, so allowing this look to be used elsewhere would essentially remove the point of having a spec which is the only one capable of taming a spirit beast. I mean, what else do people play BM for? Certainly not versatility or uber dps :P
Because BM is a crappy useless spec.
05/03/2012 01:16Posted by Prozen
Because BM is a crappy useless spec.

Works perfectly fine for me most of the time.
Dear Op.

I think there was a post about this some time ago...

And i posted this suggestion back then.

All beast / spirit beast are tameable for all hunter, but, you have to spec BM (Beast Mastery) to unlock secendary skills.

Spirit Beast / exotic pets for a none BM hunter = 1 skill (Cat = agi / str buff, T-rex = 5% crit only).

Spirit Beast / exotic pets for a BM hunter = all the skill they have nowdays.

Edit: Just to make sure all understand, that means a none BM hunter dont have prowl for spirit beast, nor their Spirit mend healing, its just the skin we get to use.

Ofc this can also unlock new idea for all the other beast, so BM hunter are not just limited to use spirit beast, a wolf / cat a secondary skill like a druids "aoe speed roar" or so, raptor can have some "leap" attack, stunning a target for 2 sec, give bird of pray the ablility to to "stun" a target, by taking the target up to the sky with it (like the eagle boss in ZA).
I don't like the idea, what I'd like to see is giving 'monkey stun' to some cooler pet's, I don't like my monkey, and I still have to use it if I wanna play pvp to the best of my ability.
04/03/2012 19:49Posted by Meskohunter
No, but give triple talent system because every hunter should have at least 1 BM spec :P

Yep.I agree.BM is what makes us really special.You can be tank, healer and dps all in one.
I find BM the most effective spec for soloing anything out of all specs out of all classes..
It's almost as if OP hasn't read anything about the up coming hunter changes in MoP.
I'd love to have Skoll at my side in all specs. But as mentioned before, spirit mend is to strong to give to all specs. (maybe make the spirit mend require Beast Mastery?)
05/03/2012 13:27Posted by Insáníty
spirit mend is to strong


Good joke.

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