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Evening folks. My question was about some payment issues. I bought a faction change today, then i received an email saying i need to finalize my payment. When i clicked on it it gives me an error about needing to contact blizz support. My main question was: do i have to finalize my payment or i can just stay with the pending status until the faction change pops up?

P.S. Due to this error i cancelled my faction change and i looked up in my bank accound and 25 euros of my cash are ''reserved''. Meaning they are techencally still there but at the same time they're not due to the 25 euros being the ammount i paid for the faction change and then cancelled it. Any ideas if the 25 euros will be removed from the reserved box so i can use them to buy another faction change, which hopefully works out this time...
Forgot to mention:

Due to my previous faction change attempt my char got ''stuck''. Blizz fixed it by canceling my ''broken'' faction change and now im back as ally. Indeed the money wasn't taken off the card, but it's still not techenaclly refunded.

Greetings Thrower,

It seems I may have actually responded to your other thread a few minutes ago, so I hope you don’t mind that I’ll be locking this one now to avoid any potentially confusion caused by us trying to speak to each other in two different locations. :)

Hopefully my other reply has actually covered most of your query here, as I took a look at your account before writing it, but to respond to your additional query here…

Any ‘reserved’ funds for any previously cancelled Character Services should automatically be returned to your account within a few working days at most, but they obviously won’t currently be available for you to use in any other capacity, so if those are the funds you’re now hoping to use then you may unfortunately need to wait a while until they’re free for that purpose again.

If there’s anything else I haven’t covered, or you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to post them in your original thread instead; http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/3429855578

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