Rogue/ret/dk gear setup

My dilemma:

2/5 t13 + the rest cataclysmic


full cataclysmic

Full pvp, while it certainly feels safer than 2/5 t13, is extremely stiff in that if I get cc-ed out of melee range (which happens often) I can say goodbye to being able to properly heal my DK if she gets nuked. Furthermore, sometimes just getting zealotry up can be hard if the gods of RNG do not favor me and I get parries/dodges on crusader strike. Finally, I don't think the 5% less dmg taken really makes such a huge difference in a triple dps setup, even though it might make me feel safer.

What do you guys think?
I'd go with 2 piece , cos games are so fast and bursty extra holy power at the right time can save a life (happens a lot). Resi isn't good as in other comps, cos a lot of times they will try to kill a DK.
2 piece.
definitely 2 pc - the extra holy power generation is a life saver!
Yeah Cow, stick with the 2t13 peaces, u need to have it, since dmg will be the last thing u will do, the setup is one where Paladins need to do some heavy support, and u cant always CS something for Holy Power (Example, Feral Drood or Rogue).

Overall, very ez combo where most things lie on the Rets shoulders.
Alright, that's what I thought. Thnx guys. :]
on top of what all previous posters said, ur dk and ur rogue can peel off u so thats also a plus.
Depends, if you have the raid finder versions it may be better to stick to full pvp due to the loss of stats otherwise. Not sure about this though as I don't have triple dps experience on my ret paladin alt.

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