Next Expansions: The Unsundering, MisTA , WoToG

Hoping here is the right section to open this,

Ideas for future expansions:

1)The Unsundering (Wow get RTS back into)

2)Mission to Argus

3)Wrath of the Old Gods


Using the power of the Well of Eternity vial Illidan returns from death and ends the job started 10 thousands years ago, using the remaining vials from Well taken from bronze drakes (and vials from the Sunwell) and pouring them in Mount Hyjal lake. Thus he completely recreates the original Well of the Eternity, eventually cleaned of the foul energies that tainted it.

This reactivates the Malfurion’s spell that caused the Great Sundering in the opposite direction: release all it sucked, included the landmass territories and recreating the old Pangaea, mending the worst wound dealt by the Burning Legion to the Titan’s original vision of Azeroth.

This new raw territories occupying what is now the Great Sea will become the aim of an epic colonizing rush from both Horde and Alliance coming from Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor and converging to the center of the continent where anciently the Well stood.

RTS back:

This is the base for the main innovative idea for the game: after 7 years of single Hero game Wow has reached its peak and with Cata has starting to go down with subs.
Instead of ever producing “a Warcraft IV” separately, it’s now time to bring RTS back to Wow using colonies on the new raw continents as a base: your levelled 85 heroes can start to build outposts that farming resources and gold will transform in Guild Cities, in which trainers found in harsh conditions will teach new spells to dedicated players giving them competitive advantages.

Your heroes can have your own trained army like now you have your herald as a pet(obviously with a limit of support troops given by hardware limits and server status).
Obviously you can keep using a single hero like now and do what you do now.

This will be in a controlled competitive environment (battles for control of territories and destruction of opposite faction colonies will be allowed only at scheduled times, similar to Wintergrasp or Tol Barad battles but less frequently) and also innovate single player fighting: if a tank can have a support computer healer or dps (Swtor started smthg in this direction) built in his structures, one can imagine single player 3 pg instances and pvp battles on a epic scale.

Why this is coherent: the Wow plot has so many things incomplete in the war between the Titans and The Old Gods, and the fight seen until now against Sargeras, Illidan, Arthas and Deathwing were only a fight against minor enemies to prepare for the big encounter.
Why this is feasible: it seems to me the natural evolution and filler of the original Wow Plot, hoping that Mop won’t drive too much away from it.

Sargeras itself will be eventually redeemed after he founds that the fleshing Burning legion was created by the Old Gods only to drive him mad and use him against the Titans. For Illidan as well it is not wrong to think to a future of regaining sanity and acceptance, and even the new Bolvar-Curse-of-Flesh-freed Lich King and Nerzhul soul will add UD forces to the fight and find space for vengeance.

In the center of the new continent, very close to the lost Well, there will be a portal to the Sargeras base planet(probably Argus), that will prepare for a new expansion in which the heroes will bring their armies built on the colonies on that demons’ world and will fight-redeem the corrupted Titan. He will understand that Unfocused Chaos Power, that due to its intimate dispersive nature spreads in all directions and so weakens itself, will never match Focused Order Power on a single objective, the Power of Construction mastered by the Titans, finally grasping titanic philosophy’s most important lesson.

In the final expansion, Wrath of the Old Gods, the Titans eventually find a way to kill the Old Gods avoiding that this brings death to all creatures who suffered the Curse of Flesh. The final battle is brought back to Azeroth and Titans and mortals will unite forces in the most epic Battle ever.

We will find that both Titans and Old Gods are different evolutions of an ancient elemental race who followed opposite paths(Focus of magic-strength of metal body Versus regenerating flesh-absorption of single minded soul entities in immense twisted monsters), and the past and future fights will be seen as a metaphor of the fight between this two extreme philosophies that find a synthesis in the mortal world beings.


The main villains of these new expansions will be:

Kil’jaeden on the Unsundering, trying to stop heroes from access the portal to Argus.

Sargeras in Mission to Argus, that will become the most powerful addition against the Old Gods in the next war.

The Old Gods in the last expansion.

This won’t end Warcraft story because many other planets of the universe are still full of demonic and Old Gods corruption forces, making further room for an expanded Wow Universe to take place and last until the fantasy and work of the game designers will be able to entertain the gamers ^^ .


PSIONIC, a mental attack class, essential in the battle against the Old Gods(yes DnD).

DRAGONS, a neutral heroic race that can spec in different classes depending on its flight(5 colors).
Limit: 5 pg per account(one per flight), accessible only when level 85 is reached on another character.
Autoflight mount and 5 different temporary dragon transformation racials. (A bit Op but not too much)
The idea is that with new territories emerged, Dragons can have new hunting spaces and preys and so growing a little again in number and presence(uncorrupted blacks return and blue numbers grow again).

TITAN, an OP class available only to the most dedicated Pvp-Pve players who can unlock it, based on world score ranks or Pve achievements(seasonal maybe).
Titans can be player controlled Pvp bosses in Bgs and istances (if chosen on the run by players for upgraded loots, yes Master side like in DnD), or have Titans only Pvp bgs and arenas and Pve instances.
Can be multiclass(all classes! lol!)

New Races could be:

Redeemed DEMON: a faction of Demons, former Eredar but with still demonic features, who drops the Legion and starts fighting its corruption.

ALIENS...some form of alien octopuses(perfect as psionic), brought from alien words who teach other races how bring mind control to its limits.

Technically all the models and races but Psionic-aliens are already in the game.
Azeroth new territories can coexist with the current continents and Islands engineered in Cataclysm, only a slim stripe of water will separate Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Kezan and Lost Isles from the new mass of earth that will be brought up from the sea.

We have already seen islands come back from the seas with Guldan and Broken Islands. This will only be on a much larger scale.

If we look at the current continents’ size, we can’t say that they are so huge for a whole world, so new landmass will be a breath to post cata war for reduced resources and an occasion to build a map that can give more the idea of a Huuuge World.
The new territories will still have many demons on from the war of the Ancients that were trapped in the limbo caused by the Well implosion.

The rebuilding of the old continent will be a regeneration made possible also by the powers of the Emerald Dream that acted as a “reset model” of the original titanic Azeroth for the whole ages of the World, but this will avoid a regeneration on the model of Loken-Agalon that implies the killing of all living creatures.

In the end Azeroth will be seen as a round planet with Pangaea on one side, an almost as big Pandaria continent on the other side of the Sea, and two northern and southern Poles territories where the final expansion war against the Old Gods will be staged.
The Mission to Argus expansion(=Draenei recap planet) can be set in a different world on the model of Outland did, just packed with Demons...
World of Warcraft: Maw of the Abyss

Level Cap: 95

Playable Races:

Horde: Ogres. The Stonemaul Ogres have been in the Horde for a long time. After defending themselves and their Horde encampment from the remants of Theramore's forces under the leadership of Tharg and Draz'Zilb, the Horde finally recognises the strength the ogres have to offer and make them full members of the Horde. Classes: Warrior, Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Wilderness Stalker, Priest (They exist), Rogue (They exist. Look at Dagg'um Ty'gor.)

Alliance: Naga. A few years ago, a clutch of newborn naga hatchlings were swept out to sea after a major storm near their breeding site. Being hatchlings, they do not know of the Night Elves or other races and so feel no contempt for them. They find refuge years later on an island in the middle of the ocean and form a thriving community, living off the land and what it provides. In the present day, they find a Night Elf washed on shore and the discovery of a Night Elf ship, these neutral Naga help defend them from a Horde ship that had been chasing them and commence repair of the Night Elf vessel. After proving their worth and learning of their unalighnment to Azshara, the Night Elves reluctantly bring the Tidestrider Naga into the Alliance. Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Wilderness Stalker.

New Class: Wilderness Stalker. These are a very secretive group of people, slipping unseen in shadow but being friends, almost one, with the environment around them, be it jungle or wasteland. They can tame beasts exclusive to them alone.

New Zones:
Scintal Reef (90-91): Here lies the city of Mak'aru, the capital of the Makrura people, sworn enemies of the Naga. Hostile at first, the Makrura of this city see potential in the Horde and Alliance, including their new Stonemaul Ogre and, after some convincing, Tidestrider Naga allies. Quests mainly involve driving back the Naga of Nazjatar.

Gishan Caverns (91-92): Rumors tell of gargantuan sea creatures roaming this place. Now, these creatures are beginning to be riled up by something, and are threatening the people of Mak'aru. Adventurers must see what is causing such a disturbance within these underwater hideaways. Quests involve a Kvaldir presence. Majority of friendly elementals are here.

Pillar Deep (92-93): The pillars this place is named after are not pillars at all, but rather gargantuan tube worms. Here, the Naga of Nazjatar are channeling the steam from the local thermal vents. Knowing the Naga, this isn't good. Quests involve sabotaging and aiding an escaped slave. Xavius makes an appearance in his half satyr/half tree form.

Drowned Reaches and Boiling Terrace (93-94): The Drowned Reaches are every sailor's nightmare, a ship graveyard. The Naga of Nazjatar and the Makrura of Mak'aru are wise to avoid this place, as the souls of those sunken sailers remain as vile undead, haunting the deeps. Nowadays, they are becoming more aggressive and rising up from the shadows, almost as if something is commanding them. They have since begun moving to the Boiling Terrace in the past to rage at their fates, but now they begin to swarm. Quests involve the aquatic Faceless Ones and undead legions.

The Rift (94-95): This is where the Well of Eternity plummeted after the first Sundering, shooting downwards into the planet's core. The famous adventurer Brann Bronzebeard believes that the Well still exists in some form, as arcane currents flow from within. The Naga of Nazjatar have begun building vessels to go downwards, due to the pressure, in search of the long lost Well. It is up to adventurers to stop them from ever reaching the Well. The naga capital of Nazjatar is built into the Rift's walls. Quests involve Brann Bronzebeard and vessel battles.

Dungeon example: Bar'shin Tunnels: In the Gishan Caverns, dark creatures lurk. Now, the Kvaldir work to control them. The people of Mak'aru send adventurers to drive out these Kvaldir and to put an end to the creatures they seek to control. Bosses: C'unall (Giant Shark), Fjalla Deepterror (Female Kvaldir Beastmaster), Scalethrash (Giant Sea Snake), Ghavnir the Cavern-Lord (Male Kvaldir Warrior)

Raid example: Fal'thrish Ledge: Along this ledge exists most of the Naga machinery that they use to channel the steam to power their weapons of destruction, which they intend to use on the surface world, as well as creating living monsters of steam and scalding water. Overseen by Xavius, the Nightmare Lord and first of the Satyrs, he aims to extract revenge on the surface world, more specificly the Night Elves, for his previous defeats, in the name of Queen Azshara. Bosses: Sea Witch Frostbow (Female Naga Sea Witch), Vrothanar (Steam monstrosity), Ozumat (Kraken from Throne of the Tides), Fathom-Lord Riptide (Naga Lord), Xavius (Satyr/Treant mix).
Here, I will name factions involved with my idea, who leads them, and why they are involved:

Tidestrider Tribe: After being brought into the Alliance by the night elves, these naga wish to return the favor and vent their newfound hatred of their kind's queen, Queen Azshara. Their leaders are Fathom-Lord Tidrathar and Sea-Witch Amalia Serpentheart.

Stonemaul Clan: Having proved their worth to be considered true members of the Horde, the Stonemaul Clan will aid their Horde bretheren in conquering new lands and defending themselves in the Horde's name. Their leaders are Tharg and Draz'Zilb.

Mak'aru: With the Horde and Alliance now fighting Queen Azshara's forces, they have gained the favor of the Makrura and their capital, Mak'aru. The capital also needs repairing after Deathwing's emergance, seeing as it is near the Maelstrom, so they ask the Alliance and Horde to help with reconstruction. They will now aid the Alliance and Horde against Azshara and her followers. Their leader is Rak'lirikk the Clawborn.

Hydraxian Waterlords: The Hydraxian Waterlords have already learned of the strength of mortals, having bested Ragnaros the Firelord in both the Molten Core and vanquished him in his own realm, the Firelands. They seek to rescue the water elemental leader, Neptulon, after he was kidnapped from the Throne of the Tides by Ozumat the Kraken by order of the naga. In their desperation, they have accepted the help of the Hand of the Stonemother, the Cyclothis Council, and, grudingly, the Sons of Living Flame. Their leader is Duke Hydraxis, a water elemental.

The Hand of the Stonemother: Therazane is aware of Neptulon's kidnapping, and she is afraid that the naga will send agents to capture her and do whatever they are doing to Neptulon to her. After hearing of the Alliance and Horde assaulting the naga along with the Hydraxian Waterlords, she sent a group of earth elementals to aid them. Unlike the air and fire elementals, they did not merge with the water elementals to survive underwater, having not needing to. They are lead by Feldspar the Eternal, a gemstone colossus.

Cyclothis Council: After Al'Akir's demise, the air elementals were left in disarray, but were relieved to be free of Deathwing and the corrupting influence at the promise of power. Now, they struggle to find a leader. Until they find one, they have brought about a council of three, the Cyclothis Council. They learned of the efforts against Azshara and, like Therazane, do not wish to be at the risk of enslavement or death. All three hope that their efforts in aiding the mortals in their efforts against Azshara will help gain favor umong their brothers and that one will be elected the leader of the air elementals. To better survive the depths, some have merged with fire and water elementals to form steam and geyser elementals. They are lead by Sjanirr the Galeborn, a djinni, Hurricar, a lightning revenant, and Brezatin, an unbound air elemental.

Sons of Living Flame: Not all fire elementals were on Deathwing's side during the events of the Cataclysm. Some aided the Earthen Ring in Vashj'ir, and some aided them in the Twilight Highlands. They knew of Ragnaros' and Deathwing's defeats, but were more impressed by the feats, seeing strength in mortals, rather than angered. They see their defeats as a purifying experience, ridding them of corruption left by Deathwing and his followers. They reluctantly side with the Hydraxian Waterlords in their efforts against the naga and Queen Azshara because, as a fire elemental burning corrupted trees in Ashenvale quotes in Thrall: Twilight of the Aspects "They do not belong. They must be purified.". They see the naga and their leader as a disease that must be cured, in other words, burned to cinders. To better survive underwater, some of their members merged with water and air elementals to form steam and geyser elementals. They prove useful allies in the depths. Their leader is Emberstrike <The Eternal Blaze>, an armoured unbound lava elemental.

Kul Tiras: The human nation of Kul Tiras is unmatched in sea warfare, but the naga threaten them greatly, and have so serve the Alliance as their naval fleet from their home of Kul Tiras. They also desire revenge for Theramore. Its leader is Tandred Proudmoore.

Revantusk Tribe: These forest trolls have lived beside the coast for years, and the Horde has employed them full time to become their naval force alongside the Bilgewater goblins to oppose the navy of the Alliance by building a harbour in Dustwallow Marsh over the ruins of Theramore. The tribe's leaders are Primal Torntusk and Elder Torntusk.
Here are some thoughts for the playable races in my idea:

Here is the Alliance race: Tidestrider Naga.

Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Priest, Mage, Warlock, Rogue


Fins - Increase underwater speed by 20%

Hard Scales - Increases armour by 2%

Gills - Allows underwater breathing.

Reflective Scales - The naga reflects a beam of light into a foe's eyes, disorientating them for 2 seconds.

Cold Blooded - Increases Frost resistance by value equal to character level.

Life at Sea - The naga have lived at sea for years, and their skills of catching food from the ocean have granted them an extra 15 skill points in Fishing.

Customisation: Face, Skin Colour, Fin Shape, Facial Tentacles (Male), Snake/Fin Hair (Female), Fin Colour.

Here is the Horde race: Stonemaul Ogres.

Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Warlock, Priest (they do exist), Rogue (Again, yes, they exist).


Brutal Mind - Reduces the effects of Fears, Mind Controls and similar effects by 15%.

Might of Nath - The ogre calls upon the power of the ogre god of war, increasing damage by 8% for 6 seconds.

Thick Hide - Reduces Fire and Nature damage taken by 5%.

Stonemaul - The ogre mauls a target, causing X Physical damage.

Me Smash You! - Increases critical hit chance with one handed maces and two handed maces by 1%.

Customisation: Face (horn changes with face options), Skin Colour, Tatoos, Tatoo Colour. Males have a 2 headed option.
In response to a friend, I am listing mounts for my idea. There will be two more Riding skills for underwater mounts: Aquatic Apprentice (225%. Given after a quest line) and Aquatic Expert (450%. Trained like normal mount speeds). The Vashj'ir sea hourse mount will not be affected by these trainable speeds. The mounts will be:

Giant Hyena: This will be the Stonemaul Ogre racial mount. They will come in six forms: Grey, Brown, Purple, Armoured Grey, Armoured Brown, Armoured Purple.

Snap Dragon: This will be the Tidestrider Naga racial mount. They will come in six forms: Blue, Green, Red, Armoured Blue, Armoured Green, Armoured Red.

Manta Ray: This will be the exalted faction reward for the Mak'aru faction. They have two forms: Grey, Armoured. It allows underwater breathing. Requires Aquatic Apprentice riding skill.

Hydro-Pack: A "mount" created by engineers. It is a jet pack but it moved by rotating fans on the back. It allows underwater breathing. Requires Aquatic Expert Riding skill.

Personal Mini-Sub: A miniature submarine created by engineers. It has two extra seats for passengers. It allows underwater breathing for all on the mount. Requires Aquatic Expert Riding skill.

Feather of the Couatl: A quest reward mount. It allows the user to turn into a couatl, a magical creature that thrives in water and in air. It is large enough to support one other passenger on its back. Its speed depends on riding skill. While in this form, it grants underwater breathing for the user and the passenger.

Shark: Rare drops from bosses. It comes in six forms: Great White, Hammerhead, Thresher, Armoured Great White, Armoured Hammerhead, and Armoured Thresher. Grants underwater breathing when used.
This expansion is based after my first idea (Maw of the Abyss)

World of Warcraft: Justice of the Naaru

Level Cap: 100

Playable Races:

Horde: Forest Trolls. The Forest Trolls of the Revantusk tribe have survived for many years in the Hinterlands against many threats, mainly the Wildhammer dwarves and the Witherbark trolls that live nearby. Now, they are eager to prove their worth to the Horde now the Burning Legion threatens Azeroth. They are lead by Elder Torntusk and Primal Torntusk. Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Priest, Warlock, Rogue, Wilderness Stalker, Demon Hunter. (Playable ones use the Alpha model of trolls in WoW).

Alliance: Broken. Broken are Draenei that have unwillingly been infused with fel magics, twisting their bodies into those we know now and making them unable to wield the Light. Some fell to madness and became the Lost Ones, but some have stood out in their time, such as Nobundo and Akama. Velen doesn't see the Broken as monsters like most unaffected Draenei do, but he welcomes them with an open heart. Now, with the Alliance intending to purge the Burning Legion from Argus and numerous other worlds, the Broken have stepped up and joined the fight in full swing against those that caused their transformation. Classes: Warrior, Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Monk, Wilderness Stalker, Demon Hunter.

New Class: Demon Hunter: Demon Hunters aren't the most popular of people, calling upon demonic powers to slay the very demons that empower them, and that one of their kind nearly caused countless lives to be lost. Now, with the Legion in Azeroth's sights, the people of Azeroth call upon the demon hunters to share their knowledge and power over demons to help defeat the Legion.

New Zones:

K'aresh (95-96): This is the original homeland of the Ethereal race, long before they were transformed into the energy beings in wrappings as we see today. Their world was consumed by Dimensius the All-Devouring, a powerful Void Lord, and his voidwalker armies. The planet's remains now float around, like Outland does. But now, with the Legion on the full offensive, these voidwalker armies are now amassing on the fragments of this long-lost world to prepare on an assault that will result in Azeroth suffering K'aresh's fate by the Legion's command. The Ethereals make a strong presence here.

Xoroth (96-97): Xoroth is a planet well known to warlocks. It is the homeland of the felsteeds they use as mounts. Now the Burning Legion uses this world as a striking point against the world of Azeroth. The Naaru have managed to create a small stronghold on this world, but it will not last long against the repetative attacks made by an endless army of demons. The Naaru call upon the adventurers to hold the line against the demons long enough for them to make a permenant hold on this world in preparation for the major assault on Argus. Mal'Ganis makes a major appearance.

Taldiraan Plains (97-98): These plains on the world of Argus were a sight to see before the coming of Sargeras. Now the plains serve as ground for vast strongholds and factories for the Legion's constructs of war, including fel reavers, infernals and abyssals along with the main training ground for Legion forces. Their creators are the Mo'arg, the Gan'arg and the Tothrezim, a cousin race of the Dreadlords. The Naaru and the Army of the Light has taken over the great portal that links this world to Xoroth, and the demons know it. It is up to adventurers to demolish these wretched workshops and prevent the demons from creating more horrific constructs of war. The Man'ari Eredar Talgath, a former friend of Velen, oversees the construction and training here.

Kaaninos Range (98-99): These mountains were very similar to the north-eastern mountains of Lake Wintergrasp before the Legion's coming. Now, their tunnels and chasms serve as a hideaway for the Legion's more secrative commanders. It is rumoured that Mephistroth, leader of the Nathrezim after the deaths of Tichondrius and Anetheron, is lurking in these mountains, plotting in how to best recover after the loss of Xoroth to the Army of the Light. Adventurers are sent to deal with this elusive Dreadlord and to prevent any horrors he may unleash upon the unsuspecting worlds the Legion has its eyes on. Under Mephistroth's command is also rumoured to be the three Dreadlord brothers that have eluded death on Azeroth: Varimathras, Detheroc and Balnazzar.

Mac'aree (99-100): This was the pride of Argus, the capital city of the eredar. Now, it serves as the Legion's finest stronghold against the universe so the Legion may envelop it in flame and shadow. Here resides Kil'jaeden, who had recovered after his defeat at the Sunwell Plateau, and so commands the Legion to go forth and extinguish all life in the universe. The Naaru predict that in Kil'jaeden's most private sanctum lies the gateway to the Dark Titan himself, and those that are bold enough to face him shall march through, unflinching, and bring down Sargeras once and for all.

Dungeon Example: Forgehouse of Torment: This is one of the most major structures in the Taldiraan Plains to the Legion, having the greatest output of constructs and weaponry of all the forgeries in the Legion's command. Talgath, a traitorous friend of Velen's, watches from here over the production of the weaponry. Bosses: Sapper Fav'arik (Gan'arg), Thezz'tandor (Mo'arg), Prototype V-98-22 (Altered Fel Reaver), Indomitus (Giant Abyssal), Ghirnall (Tothrezim Mage/Warrior), Talgath (Man'ari Eredar Warlock).

Raid Example: Searing Underways: It is here that Mephistroth plots against the invaders that have assaulted the world above. These passages go far below the mountain range and under a vast amount of the planet. The Naaru will assist all of those that seek to down the Dreadlord and those that serve him under the earth. Bosses: Dvirakk (Beholder), Dreadlord Insurgents (Varimathras (Warlock), Detheroc (Warrior), Balnazzar (Rogue)), Vandethrash and Skinchewer (Vandethrash (Wrathguard Warrior), Skinchewer (Mutated felhound)), Mephistroth (Nathrezim Barbarian/Primal/Sorcerer).
Here are the factions for Justice of the Naaru:
Kure'Draen Tribe: Meaning "Redeemed Exile" in the Draenei tongue, this is the name of the Alliance Broken. Having already been brought in be Velen, these Broken now have a chance to prove themselves to their untrusting bretheren by fighting against the Legion. They are lead by Nobundo.

Revantusk Tribe: These forest trolls have lived beside the coast for years, and the Horde has employed them as full time members to fight for their cause. Their fighting prowess is very great, and this has caught the attention of the Horde.. The tribe's leaders are Primal Torntusk and Elder Torntusk.

K'aresh Avengers: The Consortium have dealt with Dimensius the All-Devouring in Netherstorm. Now, Nexus-Prince Haramad and those that follow him join the Alliance and Horde in an attempt to drive away the void armies that encroach on what is left of K'aresh.

Army of the Light: This is what the Naaru have been working on for a majority of their entire existance; an army of enlightened races from countless worlds that will be the force against the Burning Legion in the final battle. Now A'dal and his Naaru bretheren lead the assault on Argus to end the Legion once and for all.
These are the suggested racials for the new playable races:


Fel-Infused: The Broken are infused with fel energy, and so grants them increased resistance against Fire and Shadow magic equal to character level.

Fel Blast: The Broken unleashes a small part of the fel energy coursing inside them at an enemy, causing Shadowflame damage that is half the damage of the previous critical strike. 3 minute cooldown.

Primal Ways: The Broken mainly lived in a primitive way before being brought into the Alliance, and this time has granted them a 1% critical hit chance against foes with polearms and staves.

Hideworking: The Broken used many leathers to create their homes, and this skill hasn't left them when they joined the Alliance, granting them an extra 10 points in Leatherworking.

Forest Trolls:
Moss Skin: Forest Trolls are covered in moss from a mutation that occured millenia ago. This causes melee attacks against them to have a 1% chance to slow the attack speed of the target.

Forest Bond: Forest Trolls have lived in the areas that grant them their name for ages, and have learnt to use the forest to their advantage, increasing all Nature damage dealt by 10% for 20 seconds.

Primal Mastery: Forest Trolls use their primitive weapons to maximum efficiency, granting them 1% Expertise while weilding 1-Handed Axes, 2-Handed Axes, and Staves.

Geurilla Experience: The Revantusk Tribe has fought a geurilla war for years against many foes, granting them a 10% passive speed increase while on foot.
Here are some mounts I have come up with for Justice of the Naaru.

Fel-Infused Elekk: This is the racial mount for the Kure'Drean Tribe. They will look different, being fel-infused. There are 6 types: Grey, Green, Brown, Mighty Green, Mighty Red, Mighty Purple.

Bear: This is the racial mount for the Revantusk Tribe. There are 6 types: Grizzly, Black, Dire, Armoured Grizzly, Armoured Black, Armoured Dire.

Warp Stalker: This will be the faction reward for hitting Exalted with the K'aresh Avengers. There are 8 types: Black, Red, Dark Green, White, Blue, Lime, Armoured Black, Armoured Blue.

Chimaera: These are rare drops from bosses. There are 6 types: Purple, Silver, Green, Armoured Purple, Armoured Silver, Armoured Green.
Belves should team up with the Alliance again.

Let the Wretched/Urchins fill in the role of the 'depraved' Elves.

Lake Kel/Theril is a great starting point for a three branch faction, i.e. going back to own's roots.

I would assume that quite a number of belves grew fond of the 'rebel status' within the elves faction, but it is wearing thin and I can't see much appeal with being an outcast anymore. Belves can do better. Furthermore, I would rather see just one icon for elves in the future, i.e. when you click it you have the choice of three possibilities: belves, nelves and high elves. Each bearing different character traits/looks/abilities etc. and all three having equal status/rep. Btw, if Dalaran consists of 80% of the Alliance force one more reason for us to change fraction as Dalaran would make for a cool capital.

Worgens should change over to the Horde instead. Apart from their grin they are not 'friendly' at all. Werewolves - victims or not - are dire company. Instead, let the Alliance team up with the Furbolgs.

Nagas, however, I would rather see on the Horde side than on the side of the Alliance. They could team up with the Wretched.

I would also like to see some 'friendly' dragons being part of my team. A cool asset at any rate.
I love dragons, too. It would be great to have them as an ally.

I like the idea of Dalaran as capital as it is just the right magical place for elves in general. High over the Crystal Forest - just brilliant.

I would, however like to see Elves get far more involved with the Lich King's heritage, i.e. dealing with the undead.

Ogres might be a great new asset to the horde side or what about the Vrykul - they are a formidable lot.
Worgen would never join the Horde: They are not a race, just a condition. All playable Worgen are Humans from Gilneas. That, and the Forsaken rampaged their land.
As much as I'd like ally belfs, it will never happen :(...
Nightweaver, you don't need to alt post to support your dreams of a united elven empire, because that will never happen.
Acorah, surely you will agree that 'never' is a big word.

It may be unlikely but not impossible. I mean, this is RP WoW, grand storyline type of arena where the 'fantastic' is being coaxed, fed and supported.

Utopia or not - I am still voting for Dalaran as Elven captital. It's just the right magical setting.
Arthaban, even if we agree on Worgens being a 'condition' what makes you so different from the Wretched? Unlike the Undead the former do not corrupt people and the environment - they just live with their curse. So yes, there is a difference. But it still feels a bit uncomfortable. I mean you are werewolves, right? Big things that bite....
True, but because of our problems with the Forsaken, we will never join the Horde. And since there is nothing else, and Blizz cannot just delete a playable character, we will stay Alliance.
Beside, the Feral Worgen are indeed evil big biting creatures of horror, but the redeemed ones from Gilneas (A.K.A. the playable ones) are human in mind and soul, they simply sometimes look like something else.
My own character (But I cannot speak for everyone else) always walks around in human form when not in combat...
Sorry ppl, I changed the title of the 3d because it was supposed to be about the 3 expansions I imagined... ))
08/03/2012 07:45Posted by Skrauhg
World of Warcraft: Maw of the Abyss

This whole suggestion is just... awesome. Plain awesome.
All of these expansions are epic!!!!!!

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