[A] Grim Squad is recruiting

Argent Dawn
Hi all!

We have a pretty new social guild and we are looking for mature people to join our ranks.
Leveling and doing other content in a helpful, fun atmosphere is our main goal.

Our guild is a great choice for those who like the game, but have never wanted/dared to take on the higher level content. Let's learn things together while having a laugh :)

We take all levels and classes. Contact myself or Erkkinaapuri in game.

See ya and happy gaming!
Gotta bump it!

There is nothing wrong in being a "nooooob" or whatever. As long as you are willing to learn and take things with humor. That's why we are here.

Only thing I hate in random dungeon finder is the (very likely possibility) that someone is only trying to run through the instance in a hurry and get's angry when someone doesn't know the tactics or whatever. I can't stand that and that's why I don't do instances. But maybe if we get more members...

The Squad likes that members are willing to try at least. Rest comes when it comes.
Bumpeti bump.

We are really small guild at the moment and what we are looking to get sort of tight community that knows each other well.

And one of the main goals at the begining is to get some mature, fun loving people to join for guild instance runs etc. Like said it can be real pain in the *peep* to do those pugs cause chances are that you get some annoying elitist group that doesnt care about enjoying the run but wants to get those valor or justice points as fast as possible.

Soooo most of all this guild would be great place for you that arent one of those pros and still want to do those fancy instances and maybe if we get enough people try your wings at raiding. And all this in relaxed atmosphere.
Oh man I love those Northrend-leather... hats/helmets (?)

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