[H] Horde Cross Realm 250k HKs Ach Premade groups.

Looking for Players – PvP
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Hello to all my wow players,

Since the last patch as you all know we can create cross realm groups. I will be hosting 40 man premades such as AVs / IoC almost every day around (19.00 server time Al'akir) . The purpose of this groups is to eventualy hit the 250k HKs with successful groups it takes usualy around 3k-5k HKs every day if we go hard mode it could get even 8k-10k per day (what can get any better than that!)

I my self have lead many 40 man premade groups here are some sample pictures of your success :


and some random achs for fun:


The requirments are quite simple :
- You need to have Preform AV enabler addon
- You must not have any mental issues with following orders
- You need decent PvP gear but exeptions can be made often with high end PvE geared players
- You have to be active player or you eventualy get removed from real ID
- You need to have Frostwolf Insignia trinket

All you need to do is to reply to this thread or contact me in game on any of my chars Gambitlol, Pirpolaizex, Velk if I won't be online mail me in-game with your skype so you can get my real ID
waiting forward for your replies !


****** Updates ******


New AVs in just 40 minutes !
Add me up

Skype ID is fishnuts85 feel free to add me
Sign me up for this aswell, already think i have you on real ID but ill check when i get home today.
Will contact you in-game about this :)
Sounds cool if you can join the days you're not raiding etc.
Feel free to add Ztillman on Skype :-)
Bump gonna contact you all after 19.00 server time today
im up for it, add Frekzorz to skype :>
Sent you a msg in game :)
I've send you an in-game mail with a char called "blueballoon" (random names ftw)
Mailed you in-game.
Will contact you in-game about this nex week!!
Ok I think I added you all , if you didn't get any request please contact me on skype name "shagrath530"
Sweeet. I'm up for this =)
If you didn't get a response on your mails please add me on skype and toss me your real ID 'shagrath530'
Im definitely also up for this!
4 hks from your pre made yeah all join velks pre mades
Warlock of doom!@#$ very interested
Bump, farmed 627HK in a single AV, was fun :)
06/03/2012 17:06Posted by Dispella
4 hks from your pre made yeah all join velks pre mades

you mad ? don't get all emo because you got removed from my groups


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