Why Cant we Just tame Hydras and Worgens

I Dont see the Reason why anyone Reported the Last Thread Kids i Guess.
Ok i have seen some ppl wants Hydras, and Why was it Not added ?.
Any Answer why it was not added. We could also Bring two of them
Atleast we Could make A Rare Worgen NPC/mob at lvl 85.
With 9 Location Spawn Points.
But what Map? hmm. i dont think Hyal is the best idea.

i'm not allowed to roll a gnome hunter they should at least let me tame one
04/03/2012 12:39Posted by Illasar
Hydras are too intelligent to be pets, and Worgen are Humanoids; therefore we cannot (and should not) be able to tame them.

Yes, but in MoP Hunter get the Transmorph Trap, which transformes the trapped target into a beast!

So I would propose if you trap a worgen player (or ANY other player) and tame it while he is transmorphed by that trap, it should become your pet. Of course that player then loses his character for good, it cannot be selected any more in his character select screen.

It's time that hunters get an ability that puts REAL fear into other players.
Worgens are humanoid. we can't tame humanoid, only beasts. This will never change.

A hydra was tamable via a bug in Wrath, which is why the pet family exists in game - wouldn't be surprised if the ability to re-tame them gets added in MoP since the pet family was added in cataclysm - long after the bug was fixed, indicating a change may happen.
That said, it should not be a game-breaker for you if you can't.
Lol and you selfs long ago ASKED for worgen and Hydra Dont be a ........
So here our chance.
You guys are the new players and i ofc i saw the old players MORE respectfully than YOU all.
Wow...so you're ignoring what they say and just think "LOL NOPE ME RIGHT DEM WRONG", then keep on posting in a topic, without editing your posts and you expect ANYONE to agree with you?

Yes, I'd love Hydras for pets, but Worgen? Seriously? I'd rather take some bug fixes and balancing over this stupid idea.

Oh, and the "new" players have much better gear for you. The oldies should know how to gear, enchant and gem. I bet you joined in Wrath. (P.S if you're saying I should also enchant my two pieces of gear, then let me tell you I always forget to enchant my PvP gear, my PvE one is much better.)

Please stop, this will only be locked. Your writing is awful to read, and "Kids i Guess"...
Antasia you are just making yourself look foolish. I would stop now.

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