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I want to transfer this Pelottava to my littlebrother account because this Pelottava is his , he made it when lich king game out and he have leveled it up 85lvl when cataclysm came out , but now he have his own account and he have already 1 85lvl paladin and 1 85lvl priest , but he wants to play whit this Pelottava but when we try to transfer it , it ask about my Secret
Answer but i cant remember it .
You can't give characters to other people. It's against the rules and might get you banned.
Hello Pelottava,

I’m sorry to have to confirm in official terms what Dottie has so succinctly stated above, but I’m afraid that’s largely correct and it’s against our game Terms of Use to give, loan, sell or otherwise attempt to transfer characters to a person other than the registered account holder. :(

This actually also means that you shouldn’t be allowing your brother to play on your account either, but I hope that now he has one of his own he doesn’t need to anymore (and you should definitely make sure that you’ve changed the password to one he doesn’t know, if you hadn’t done this already).

Sorry to have to be the bearer of bad news in this situation, but if you’re interested in reading more about account sharing and why it’s against the Terms of Use then please do take a look at our Policy Spotlight on the subject;

Policy Spotlight - Account Sharing

Edit: Locking this thread, as another appears to exist;

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