Weird problem with chat panel

Interface and Macros
So i was playing with addons, and suddenly my chat window misses the bar that i can write. I tried to uninstall game and start fresh after completely destroy old wow but it happens again. I had even other wow Folder for dual boxing but it happened there too?? I tried to delete interface, wtf and cache folder too but no help.

So i took a screen from it.

Im confused when reinstalled that my actionbars and other confs are still there. I even installed to different folder...

But main problem is that chat thing..
Does pressing the return key let the input box appear?

There is an option in the interface options for switching between a permanent input box and a box that only appears when needed.

I think the option is called something with instant messenger and classical chat window respectively.
Hahaa i found the option and it works now. Maaaany thanks to you m8!! :)

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