random lag

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so basically before the patch i could hit 30 - 40 fps, medium to high settings
now since this patch i am between 2 and 20 fps...
no addons, all lowest settings, no background programs or anything?
really dont get why this is happening

im on 2 gb ram,
processor: intel (R) pentium (R) CPU 3.06GHZ 3.07GHZ
04/03/2012 19:11Posted by Pallymorph
im on 2 gb ram

That's downright optimistic - at best.

If you've a 32 bit system, you should have at least twice that.
I'm hoping nobody sold you a 64 bit computer with that little RAM, as that would be ridiculous.

To put this in context, I've 8 GB of RAM and I'm thinking of doubling it.
Hello Pollymorph,

Please paste your DxDiag report in this thread:

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