Inscription and glyph discovery...

The following is quoted from the US forums:

Will you provide a way to speed up the acquiring of glyphs usually acquired through research and glyph books? Glyph books (Book of Glyph Mastery) are hard to come by now that people spend so little time in WotLK content. - Furlqt (NA/ANZ), 에르네스트린덴만 (KR), Kånê (EU-ES)

Yes. We will be changing the discovery spells so they can teach all possible glyphs, and the books will simply provide a no-cooldown method to do the same thing.

We've already been given the BoE Chaos Orbs, so when can we expect this annoying glyph research thing to finally change? Don't give me bs like "it's a coding issue", just reduce the mats required to do the research and signifcantly lower that cooldown. No, MoP will be too late, Cata should've had a good WotLK alternative in the first place.

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