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Hello a few weeks ago i bought the game and got recruited by a friend, but as it turned out he only wanted the rocket mount and don´t really care about helping me "gain levels" and i´ve done most of it by my self (apart 0-30) it possible to change the person i´m linked to?

(sorry for my english)
Its unfortunate that it isn't possible to change or delete it. I think you shouldn't really consider him as friend after this?

Although nothing illegal happened, I am deeply sorry for you, there is nothing others can do. :/
Sadly its not possible to change who you are linked to.

However, you can recruit someone else, someone more active that wants to play, and level with you.
I am afraid that as our regulars have pointed out Súperman, I am afraid you will not be able to change the person you are linked to.

You are however welcome to do as Xalah suggests and recruit someone else. :)
And a suggestion befor you pay for 30 days or more game time Dont add any game time if you are unsure when the oen you are rafed with isnt gona help you out to lvl and so on !
the power is in your hands when it comes to wil lthe RAFer get his mount or not !
i have the same issue but he helps me but i clicked on wrong RAF :(
03/10/2012 06:25Posted by Gimbbli
i have the same issue but he helps me but i clicked on wrong RAF :(

That's not the same issue, you should avoid resurrecting old threads.

Unless you're sure it's the same issue you should always make a new thread as occasionally your post can get lost or missed as threads are answered in order of creation date and this one looks way old and already answered.

If you were invited by RAF by multiple people and you picked the wrong one then it's possible accounts may be able to help you.

You can call them with the numbers here

If your country is not listed or you don't have a landline you can use skype to call the UK number for free.

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