Name has been flagged for rename after faction change!

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ok, i changed my priest and rogue from horde to ally, both on outland. when i changed them, both of them got flagged for rename and i cant chose any other name, help please :P!
i have the same problem, i changed this character to alliance and i got flagged for rename
can any blue help :)?
There's a known bug with this. You need to put in a ticket and wait. The GM should be able to help you.
yeah i know, but its 2 days wait time. wheres the costumer service?
10/03/2012 16:01Posted by Saranghaeyo
yeah i know, but its 2 days wait time. wheres the costumer service?

Its called a queue! Unfortunately due to the bug a LOT of players need help, and there are only so many GMs!
oooh my god, now i could change name. and my name is now : Wtfcmonlol. oooh my god blizzard!!!
Greetings Saranghaeyo and Deadwut,

Unfortunately these forums aren’t a way to bypass the in-game ticket queue, and we’re currently experiencing rather longer response times than normal as a result of the recent Scroll of Resurrection re-launch.

You will both need to create in-game help petitions in order to request assistance with the situation, but if you’re wanting to play the affected characters in the meantime then you’re welcome to select a temporary name (and make sure to edit or add this to your tickets, to explain) and we’ll still be able to sort things out once your respective tickets reach the top of the queue. :)

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