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Looking for Players – PvE
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A bump with some additional info. We were on our way to a Madness kill (reliably entering p2), when we had 3 DPS quit due to various, legitimate RL reasons over the same week. Of our raid, when we killed Warmaster & Spine, as well as our Madness progression comp, we still have 9 raiders available. You can, of course, verify this information on wowprogress, wol, etc. We’re literally one or two evenings away from a kill, if we get the right person and we have a very strong base for a successful Mists experience.

If you’re looking for a RL friendly, low-hours with a relatively high progress, guild to join Hostile Foragers is a natural choice.
beaten by a rogue without legendary daggers ಠ_ಠ
Up we go.

Madness finally took a swim in the Maelstrom. HE'S DEAD! Realm first strict 10m.
Recruiting players for the far away coming expansion! And of course, to slap Deathwing around.

Ranged DPS, different then a mage
Death Knight with very, very strong OS
now giving a fortune cookie as a signing bonus after trial.
limited time offer above has expired! too bad you weren't fast enough.

Ranged DPS, different then a mage
Death Knight with very, very strong OS
Ow, come on! I just considered applying with my Death Knight alt, only for the purpose of getting that cookie. Now I'm disappointed.
ha! you're just still bitter over losing ultraxion to a shadow priest. Legendaries (of the dagger variety!) do not compensate for skills!
I DIED! I demand a rematch.. Any time, any place, ANY boss! Except for Warmaster :O
excuses. But ok. I pick madness.
I better get some proper legendary procs tonight, unlike yesterday, all during blood aoes..

On topic, bumping for recruitment:
Ranged DPS | Any but mage
Melee DPS | Death Knight (With a good OS)
Tank | Death Knight (With a good OS)
Warrior would work too, same deal as the DK.

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