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Before +50 Intellect Epic gems, I trained my mage as a Jewelcrafter and she still is. My second profession is Enchantment and I do not want to change it. But, since +50 Intellect gems are in place, as for DPS it does not help much comparing to Tailoring or BlackSmith.

Do you think it'll worth to change my Jewelcrafting profession into Tailoring or BS (which one specifecally if I should)? Or, should I wait and there will be an upgrade to Jewelcrafting special Gems like +84 Intellect ? (Because the currently give +67 and this is like +51 bonus which is below than others)

So, the real question is do you think or know if there will be an Jewelcrafting upgrade and when do you think it can be ?

Thanks in advance,
The last news from blues is that they won't update JC this expansion, so people with full epic gems are down 29-49 intellect. What you need to ask yourself is if you think it's worth dropping a profession you have so many recipes in, to gain 29-49 intellect for a small period. If your guild is still getting kills, and you haven't had the ultimatum "if you don't get 49 more intellect we'll never progress and we'll have to drop you from the raids", then I'd say don't drop it, because it'd be a silly thing to do.

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