Oh Noes Tadpoles - Baby Murloc Plushie

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So Im sure Im not the only person here whos been to Northrend and revisited the content again since Cata, I recently did Borean Tundra and reminded myself of how much I love the Murloc themed quests there, especially the quest 'Oh noes tadpoles' Where you rescue baby murlocs.
I have never been lucky enough to own the mini pet or squirrel one of the little guys away from the quest, which has you rounding up baby murlocs to save them. No matter what I do they always seem to escape.

Well... not now. I made my own for real. Soon! I shall have my own small army of baby Murlocs. *Cackles*


but I thought I would share this with you guys here, thanks for having a nosey. <3
jay, murlocy!

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