Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron

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I'm probably reading way too far into this now, but I was questing in STV on my druid and picked up a quest called 'The Source of the Madness" where you have to retrieve the Whispering Blue Stone. I think I have yoggy on my mind, but 'madness' + 'whispering'....
Aha, this is why they didn't release the Abyssal Maw, they are waiting for one of you to finish the riddles before they go like "Boom, new threat discovered" or something :)

Also you might enjoy reading this if you haven't already http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/11/06/know-your-lore-tinfoil-hat-edition-the-genesis-of-azeroth
Yes i have got it to open all i did was swim down into the void where the insts are and stopped before it sucks you in i used the box and nothing. Then i thought what the hell and used http://www.wowhead.com/item=28455 insted of the mage a naga appeared i was a bit surprised so i tred the box and click i got a naga scale that i click to get a quest OMG i am now starting the quest "the naga Queen Azshara and her loyal servant" i will if it lets me accept will have to open a tricket i surpose :(
Bumping this baby.

Read through this thread now and cant help but getting curious about this "mystery" :P

Anyone come up with something/having any new ideas?

(Pretty weird aswell that Zeróeye posted that weird (troll?) post last w no response...^^)
I'm betting that this really is just an elaborate unsolvable puzzle. Just think about it. An unsolvable riddle. Created by Yogg Saron. To drive you insane.

Think about it. It makes sense. It's a way for Blizzard to extend Yogg-Saron's corrupting whispers outside of the boundaries of the game.
You're right it does make sense. Plus there's so many hardcore gamers out there who has probably tried everything possible to solve the puzzlebox. If anything indeed would happen, it would have happened allready.
Blizz probably wouldn't make all that extra effort for something that "hidden" either.

Can't help thinking though that much of the things mentioned in this thread sort of can't be coincidence and are in fact very interesting. But at least I am gonna leave it for now.

Just a thought, but I think the puzzle box is like a Japanese puzzle box.

...so when it says "open me! open me! open me!", I think it needs to be opened 3 times like a japanese puzzle box in a specific order.

The clues seem to refer to 3 main themes.

1) water - vashj'ir
2) devourer of souls - maybe a FoS reference / yoggy reference as you can't look at him in one phase (which a clue hints at).
3) the dark forest

So if it was opened in the right places in the right order, maybe ...just maybe!
And here I was thinking this was just a cool H.P.Lovecraft quote generator.
Nawon: Is it possible to open "Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron"?

Demvandi (GM): No, it's not possible.

...or is it?

(seriously, no, it's not actually possible to open the box)
The puzzle box could have something to do with Queen Azshara, as the box whispers 'at the bottom of the sea'. Azshara is 100% alive, as a Naga which could be something to do with' The fish know all the secrets' or something. And the Old Gods as well, obviously. Maybe there will be a black goat with seven eyes in MoP?
The plot thickens...

What about that secret-ish garden near the Bulwark in Tirisfal Glades? Or am I confusing it with the forest behind Deathknell. The garden is to the right of Brill, you need a flying mount. I don't have the Puzzle Box, but after seeing this thread, I will hunt for it.
I wonder if you need to have a box in each area, to be opened at the exactly the same time (in all 3 places)?
In 3 AM server time try to open the box in Phase 1 of the Yogg Saron fight.
After looking in many places around the internet and by some personal ideas i think the box is not gonna open but there will be some use it might have rather than preventing me from sleep at nights. I support the idea of being a key to open the abyssal maw raid and i think it has to do with all the new cata places around the map. I like to think of it like a new scepter of ahn'qiraj (or something) and i think it will take a trip around azeroth. Also I have 2 clues that doesn't seem to make sense. The one being "He is right behind you. Do not move. Do not breath." and the other about the sleeping starry houses. Also The one about the souls that can be devoured and even death may die, reminds me of Lich King. Also I think Old Gods have something to do with Frostmourne since the warning that it absorbs the soul was written in Kalimag (or something) Also the clue that we will all be alone in the end makes me think that to reach that end, which will be the result we are looking for, we wll need to be left alone, that means that we will be many and not one. It really reminds me of the Alone in the darkness achievment when the keepers will leave us alone and then we might be able to see some results. Also the sleeping city of Ny'Alotha can easily be the emerald dream's emerald nightmare place, Where only mad things walk and an evil is dreaming inside. Malfurion himself noticed that while looking in the nightmare, saying Xavious(or whichever his name was) was not responsible for the nightmare but only a pawn. Also we know N'zoth was under the well of eternity, where nozdormu noticed an evil other than demons. To me, the maelstrom and the nightmare part of the dream fall to the same place across the map. As the dream is another realm built right where azeroth is and serving as another view of the world, where we can see how it would be if no man alerted the environment, some change on azeroth would cause the same change in the dream. I have the bones of transform, the wisp amulet and the box and i would really love to find a way to use them. Also i think it has nothing to do with the pearl in vashj'ir, just because it is 1) too obvious and 2) blizzard would never want to make us move out of the game world in fatigue etc.
Aha, this is why they didn't release the Abyssal Maw, they are waiting for one of you to finish the riddles before they go like "Boom, new threat discovered" or something :)

Also you might enjoy reading this if you haven't already http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/11/06/know-your-lore-tinfoil-hat-edition-the-genesis-of-azeroth

Wow that is probably the most entertaining theory on WoW lore I have read in a long while and it really makes a lot of sense, it also explains well what the puzzle box could be there for.
Seriously I think anyone into lore should read this :P

Edit: Changed Best to Most entertaining since all in all no matter how awesome it sounds I doubt it will actually happen.
Undercity may be the answer. Quite confusing, so it migth have some burried part in wich there "the dreamer" or wathever. I asked a guy who is kind of an expert in this kind of stuff (this type of misteries) and his clarification of the clues pretty much remindes me about undercity. And just an idea perhaps the place may just gives a better clue to open the box and so on... anyway i sure do hope the opening worhts the trouble.
Nice necro.

My guess is somebody will open the puzzlebox on the 21st.
lol. New movie:The puzzle box of yogg-saron
will surelly replace 2012
Another tougth just came into my mind...pandaria cannot be involved (because the box started to exist in cata)(removes a continent out of search, may help). For the same reason i belive we should search in cata zones or northerend zones only. I am perfectly conscious that goes against my first comment in this forums, but join these two together and we`ll have two continents(pandaria and kalamidor) , a world (outland) and several zones of the eastern kingdom removed from the search. I belive that migth be waths wrong with the search: we should try to find out were we should no search instead of were we should search. Think abou it and tell me if i wasn`t clear enougth.

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