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Hello Blizzard / Readers,

Is it possible to merge TWO accounts into ONE account, so that I have all my characters on ONE account, right now it's extremely annoying to keep having to log out, and log in on the other account just to play on my other toon.

I have made this account to RaF with somebody, but now I don't use my older account anymore, or barely use it. I can pay any fee to make this happen, please merge them into one?


Hello Seasons,

It IS possible to merge them by yourself, unless the name is different which you'll need to call (not submit a ticket) to Account and Payments team to verify you are the owner of both.

Account and Payment Support
Hey Saneko,

I just called the Account and Payments, and the waiting time is 24 minutes. Is there any faster method of merging them? And what do you mean with, the name is different?


If you ment my real life name, they're the same on both accounts. Well,

On this account it's ''Matt B.''
And on the other account it's ''Matthijs B.''

I was too lazy to type Matthijs on this account, and if I ever needed to call Blizzard, I can't pronounce my name in English lol, so that's why Matt was a better option.

Would this make a difference?
What you are asking is clear, you don't want to log out and login to switch characters.

This it not done by merging 2 WoW-accounts in 1 account, but by "character transfer" of those characters to 1 WoW-account.

The same service that allows you to move servers can be used to transfer chars between WoW-accounts. So check the rules ( and the fee ) of "character transfer" in the services section of the WoW main-page.

Merging 2 accounts only has the "advantage" that you don't have to type the account name anymore. But you still need to type the password/authenticate.
When you merge 2 accounts, you'll get an extra box below the account name that allows you switching between WoW-account.
Oh so it's not possible to just merge all the characters into ONE single account, I don't care about that they're in different realms then, since I'll be buying the realm transfer later on.

If I transfer the characters one by one, it'll cost me more then 130 euros, which is insane money for a 16 year old, I can't afford that lol.

Thanks Imby for your information (:
Hi Seasons, accounts cannot be 'merged' per se; at best, depending on the circumstances, we can sometimes offer to move a WoW license (including it's characters) from one account to another. This would leave one account empty and redundant, whilst the other would have 2 (or more) WoW accounts on it and you'd be asked to choose when logging in.

If you want to solve the problem of switching between accounts to change characters you'd need to look at purchasing a character transfer for each applicable character. With this service you'd be able to move the character(s) between WoW accounts (and across accounts) and to a different realm (done at the same time for no extra cost).

Obviously this is not going to be a cheap option if you have multiple characters, but I'm afraid there isn't an alternative. This article may be useful if you decide to pursue it, however:

If you have any further questions or need assistance with your account please feel free to give us a call:

Account and Payment Support

[Guide] How to call Blizzard
If you are given details of a friends account who no longer plays is it possible to merge his account into mine, therefore bring all his chars, gold, mounts, Pets, achs etc? Or is this not possible?
What Cazzeh said on your thread is correct. Please don't post on threads this old.

(Also you're not even technically allowed to play on someone else's account)

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