Paladin Tank 7/8 HC xp LFG for a Raid Guild

Looking for Players – PvE

I'm looking for a raiding Guild , I have an Itemlvl of 402.

I'm looking for a guild that raids 3-5 days and preferably on 8/8 HC.

If you are interested post here in this thread, hope I hear from you soon. :)

8/8 Hc (5 days week on progress).

You can apply on website or privately apply @

Contact me or Ashr or Aryz in game for more info!
(H) Unqualified 6/8hc (Stormrage)
looking for pala tank with similar exp to our own.
3 day per week schedule. Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday 8-11:30 realm time.
If interested check out our guild website;
Alternatively contact deadnasty in game for a chat.
Hey hey, we're 7/8hc 25m, on last platform after 3 hours of Madness progression /lol.

We raid 20.00-23.30 4 nights a week - wed/thurs/sun/tues, and we're looking for more players to bolster our ranks as we push for better standings in MoP and beyond..

If it's at all interesting check out, or add me on skype @ squar3fac3d
take a look at

8/8 hc on farm, looking for a skilled competent tank able to fulfill our farm runs in DS and the upcoming expansion MoP
25M, 7/8HC, 4 raiding days from 19:30-23:00, 6.5 years of existence.
If you interested in progressing one more boss, you can have a 100% raid spot.
Check our webpage or whisper an officer for more info.



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