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Hey. I have a problem. I sent the invitation to a friend to the email he provided. But it was not the email and then he gave me the correct email and I tried to send the scroll of resurrection to him but it says "error, too many attempts" I only sent it once to his other email which is not the right email..
You can only send one from the site, and one from in game, per day.

If you sent on the site, try in game. If you sent it in game, try on the site :)
I sent in game but he didn't get it. does it take a while to arrive?
Hi Larrey.

Invitations can take a few hours to be delivered, though your friend might find that it's already waiting for him in account management. If he goes to, chooses his WoW account, clicks Referrals & Rewards at the bottom, and then Scroll of Resurrection, he should see a 'received' tab.

Any SoR invitations that have been delivered will be listed there and he'll be able to accept one of them even if he hasn't received an email about it.

More information can be found under the SoR walkthrough:
my prepaid has expired and a friend has sent me a Scroll of Resurrection and i received a link in my email and when i press it it says "This account is not eligible to use a Scroll of Resurrection."
Have you checked our FAQ to make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria Hólyhealz?

If you have and you are unable to claim the scroll, then please contact our Account and Payment team who will be more than happy to take a look for you. :)

Details on how to contact them if you need it, can be found here.

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