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Resto shaman LF RBG

Faction - Horde
class - Shaman
Spec - Resto
Rating experience in RBG - I havnt played much RBG but last season in the few matches i played i gained around over 1,5k rating
Your current estimated MMR - probably around 1,5k rating
Times and days you can be availible - During most weekdays evenings and weekends
Ways to be contacted - Ingame on the Realm sunstrider or Skype fietsenmaker2

any other info - 2vs2 1,6k rating (didnt do much arena yet, was mostly focussed on pve first) pvp on my realm is pretty dead, there is like no RBG up. To find a arena partner is pretty hard aswel.
-Faction - Horde
-Class - Priest
-Spec - Discipline
-Rating experience in RBGs - only played a couple of games on my rogue and got to like 1100-1200ish
-Your current, estimated, MMR - Default
-Times and days you can be available - When im online
-Ways to be contacted - Ingame whisper or mail or skype Utehr91
-Any other info - about 1600 rating in 3v3
-Faction: Alliance

-Class: Rogue

-Spec: Sub

-Rating experience in RBGs: 2060

-Your current, estimated, MMR: 2-2.1

-Times and days you can be available: All days, all time. 100% attendace!

-Ways to be contacted: Skype: Fiveshot1337

I'm currently siting at, 2k rating. I've been playing at 2,4k mmr in 3v3 aswell!
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Warlock
-Spec: Affliction / Destruction
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2.4k
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 1950
-Times and days you can be available: 20.30-24.00
-Ways to be contacted: Skype, coldcreeps1 or in-game

-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of:

-- LFM RBGS --

Me and others on Outland horde need most classes and specs and intend to play alot of RBGs at a regular basis, we are all around 1950-2050 atm and aim for a fast t2 to sart with, have equal expirence or higher (as well as current rating), full gear and ventrilo.

Conact me on skype for further information.
Faction horde
-Class rogue
-Spec sub
-Rating experience in RBGs did a fue last seson on my dudu
-Your current, estimated, MMR 1800 or so
-Times and days you can be available any time any day
-Ways to be contacted-In-game mail/whisper, skype (st4m4te)
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.
communicating well, speaking english fluently.
played time 112 days
30 days at lvl 85
Faction : Alliance
Class : Paladin
Spec : Holy
Exp : On my main Hpala i had exp up to around 2200 but had higher mmr on this one 0 but i also have 2686 exp in arena as hpala
MMR : 1500

Im active

My skype is called zeturius if you need me :)
-Faction : Alliance
-Class-Spec : paladin retribution (can play as holy or prot ret too)
-Rating experience in RBGs : poor, i played like 40 games or so
-Your current, estimated, MMR: i think 1500ish
-Times and days you can be available: anytime, anyday :P
-Ways to be contacted: in game pref.
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of : 140.000+ honor kills, battlemaster achievement
Faction: Horde
Class: Mage
Spec: Frost/fire
Rating exp:1800
current, estimated, MMR: 1750
Times and days you can be available: Only cant Sunday-Wed from 19:30-23:00 cause raids all other days/time i am free to play unless i have some exam on collage.
Ways to be contacted: send me an In-game mail
Any other info: I didnt play many Rbg since there are only Rbg for weekly cap after ppl do their arena, i am able to call targets, i got full cata (not elite)+some offsets like staff legs and belt. Usually i play frost for CtPoint, and fire from CtFlag, but i can can only one if need :D
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Warrior
-Spec: Arms
-Rating experience in RBGs: low
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 800 ((:
-Times and days you can be available: Every day, expect wednesday and thursday.
-Ways to be contacted: /w me on Al'Akir otherwise send an e-mail to muristuran@gmail.com
-Any other info: I played a lot of bgs in my life, trust me. I got Battlemaster (or actly need a single achievement -___-). Looking away from my low experince, then I know that I can make a good impact for my team and with aggressiveness from an Arms warr, then I'll try to do my best every single rbg (;

Btw if I log out in PvE gear, then I can tell you that I got full Cata pvp gear, not elite.
Faction - Alliance
Class - Paladin
Spec - Retribution
Expereince in RBG - 1600 (low but i got skill, just wasnt good groups on my realm sadly:( )
Estimated MMR - 1500-1600
Current Rating - 1571
Times and days available - any day in the week, during the week 19:00-23:00 / weekend 20:00-time others need to stop.
Contact - skype = crussh1 real id = r.forrester@home.nl
other info - 2's = 1900 max - 3's - 1850 max - 5's 1740 max (as mentioned above, no good pvp on my realm sadly)
i got vent - skype - TS - mumble
playtime (o god i got no life i think) - total 168 days this level 95days
i also can speak, got a brain,
would like a good team, some team spirit and am in to get yelled at, if i do something wrong (would probably not happen ;) ) can get prot spec, for pvp if needed aswell (tho pallys r rubbish) ....
anyway please contact me really would like good rbg group :)
Faction -Aliance
Class-Hunter fully cata geared
Spec- Marks
Experience in RBGs- around 1900 rat
MMR-now 1600+-
Time when available- every thay except wed,sun,tue bcs raid time 19 00-22 00
Contact-skype: ondra.macho , icq 204028741, real id macho2@seznam.cz
vent ts no problem
playtime 151 days
i speak czech, english
I am finding good stabile team with some progress and pushing rating up.
- Faction: Alliance
- Class: Druid
- Spec: balance (Boomkin)
- Rating exp: 2.1k
- Current estimated MMR: 2k (2187 Current rating)
- Times and days: I can come all evening between 18:00 and 23:00 except of thursday and fridays, in the weekends I can stay longer online then 23:00 gametime.
- Ways to be contacted: My realID is [thijsgeurts@live.nl] or you could add me on skype: mcsupernee, I prefer adding my realID (:
Any other info: Im 17 years old, looking for mature runs with decent and social players. I got a working mic and a private TS3 server.
Hey guys, Arena Master Resto Shaman here looking for a RBG team - I'm on Sylvanas EU Horde. I'm available pretty much all the time. Contact me on skype: fisdagroove or via ingame mail.

I have 2.5k Exp in 2v2, 2.3k in 3v3 and 2.3k in 5v5

I haven't done many RBG's yet due to lack of teams on my realm, but I used to lead pre-mades for battlegrounds everey day and am well versed in the relevent tactics for each battleground.
-Faction: Alliance
-Class: Death Knight or Hunter
-Spec: Frost / MM (can play BM too if needed)
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2250 on the DK
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 1900 on DK, 1800 on Hunter
-Times and days you can be available: Monday, Thursday and Friday from 20-23, possible a little earlier
-Ways to be contacted: Skype 'majoridiot22', or in-game of either this char or Gade
-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of: 2250 rbg rating on my DK in S9, 1900 3v3 exp on DK and 2k 3v3 exp on my hunter.
-Faction: Horde

-Class: Paladin

-Spec: Holy

-Rating experience in RBGs: 2078

-Your current, estimated, MMR; 1900 ish

-Times and days you can be available: 19:00 - 23:30 CET

-Ways to be contacted: Narceus88 on Skype - just leave a comment so I know what the add is regarding

-Any other info, like rating experience in other brackets, times played on a character or w/e else you can think of.
Faction: Alliance
Class: Druid
Spec: balance (Boomkin)
Rating exp: 1.9k
Current estimated MMR: 2000
Times and days: Very flexible, mostly nights.
Ways to be contacted: contact me ingame- shugur (sarufang eu)
Any other info: Fully geared, of the mature type, communicative, knows my roll, team player, Hc rathrak.
-Faction: Horde
-Class: Priest
-Spec: Shadow
-Rating experience in RBGs: 2300+
-Your current, estimated, MMR: 2300-2370
-Times and days you can be available: Monday to Friday after 7pm.
-Ways to be contacted: In game (Frostwhisper)

Gladiator Shadow priest
2500+ 2s
2600+ 3s
2300+ 5s
-Class- Paladin
-Rating experience in RBGs n/a Haven't really done any
-Your current, estimated, MMR 1500 most likley
-Times and days you can be available wednesdays 20-00.00
-Ways to be contacted skype or ingame skype id is imamud
-Got mic and all that just looking for a solid rating bg team, while delete this post when found, so if you see this still looking

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