Bring back blood dps!

Death Knight

I just started playing on my dk again, as frost and unholy dps. But I don't like those speccs. I really really miss the Wotlk blood dps!

Blood was a unique dps specialisation with very cool mechanics wich I really liked. Heart strike was really awesome and bursting with Dancing Rune Weapon was so cool. Frost is so boring and braindead while Unholy is clunky and extremely rng-based. Why did they remove blood dps? Sure we needed a dedicated tanking tree but I honestly think that if there has to be one tanking tree, it would have to be Frost.

Yes, Frost. It makes the most sense: the Death Knight protects himself with ice, frigid deathplate etc. made sense. While Blood makes the Death Knight able to control the blood of his foes making him a real damage dealer, not a tank.

Who shares my opinion? Who likes to explain with decent arguments why Blizzard decided to make blood a tank tree and let frost be dps tree?
10/03/2012 13:23Posted by Eliodirupo
Unholy is clunky and extremely rng-based.

no its not rofl

unholy is one of the least rng specs ingame
I heard on Ultraxion good blood dpsrs beat many folk in their raid.
10/03/2012 19:40Posted by Azriyel
I heard on Ultraxion good blood dpsrs beat many folk in their raid.

I beat half of a pug today on ultraxion ^^

only 21.3k dps though
Glad to see im not the only one who thinks this.
10/03/2012 13:23Posted by Eliodirupo
Who likes to explain with decent arguments why Blizzard decided to make blood a tank tree and let frost be dps tree

Because blood always had Death Strike... for blood as DPS spec, they would have to change that skill completely, DPS which is able to heal himself without sacrificing any dmg is just wrong for balance.

And it gives BLOOD tanks unique mechanic, while frost would simply make us bears with different dmg skills.
Sakkii, they should just remove the heal again as well as the blood shield. Overhaul that mechanic to frost specc: frost strikes creates an ice shield that absorbs X physical dmg. Much more realistic and makes much more sense: a blood shield? A shield made from blood??? A shield made of frost and ice that blocks physical damage actually makes sense!

Icebound fortitude is already frost. Pillar of frost can be a defensive cooldown as we have Dancing Rune Weapon now. Frost and ice has always been something defensive, it brought protection and endurance. Frost strike can work like Rune Strike now and Howling Blast provides excellent AoE threat (next to Death And Decay).

Also your argument about Death Strike is invalid in my opinion: 'DEATH' Strike. That's right, a huge damaging strike that brings foes near to death. How obvious can it be that a weapon strike should be a dps ability if it's called DEATH Strike?

For our Mastery we can rework Blood Caked Strike into our mastery: 'each time you use a blood rune your weapon gets soaked in blood for X seconds causing melee hits and abilities to deal Blood Caked Strikes hitting for X% weapon damage and an additional X% for each of your diseases present on your target. Each point in mastery increases the damage.'

Isn't that a unique and fun mastery idea? And it's really cool as you can control it by depleting blood runes. It makes much more sense to me.

Frost Mastery can be reworked into frost shield and it can work the same way as blood but now when u cast howling blast and obliterate.
So basicly everything you want is to rename blood spec into frost spec and frost spec into blood? Because that is what you suggest... everything same, just with different names.
Read my last post again: basically we go back to how it was mostly, blood presence once more increases damage done by X% while frost presence reduces damage taken. Rework the mastery and some minor mechanics.

We keep our unique tanking system and mitigation, it only will make much more sense in my opinion. I think the way it is now is just not logical at all... Heart strike has a nice cleave while Death Strike is a huge hitter wich requires you to pool runic power, sounds much more as dps to me than tanking.

And I forgot to mention Rune Strike, it's frost tree... While only Blood Dks use it?

I just loved blood dps while I completely not like Frost and Unholy to dps with. Blood was so straightforward while Frost is a boring proc priority system and Unholy relies on the pet and Runic Corruption.

I know others love Frost or Unholy, but I don't. And i'm sure many others also prefer blood as dps. I can't see why they made Blood the tank specc and Frost (wich had most tank talents and spells) dps...
druid have a multi-role spec.... here lets seperate them into 4 specs for u

dk have multi-role specs... sorry your favourite dps spec has to go guise

anyway blood dps was pretty awesome change from frost and unholy, it centred itself around physical damage and not the magic or magic choice we have today... id love to see it come back just because of this choice in play style using purely physical damage while being a dps that can actually survive for more than 5 seconds.

(ofc they probs wont do it coz well rogues will whine, nuff said)
Eh... Druids had 1 tank spec and 1 mdps speck... Dk's had 3 tank specs and 3 mdps specs...

See the difference.
[It's still Eliodirupo the creator of the post but now I'm going to post on my dk here :).]

My point is that I don't see why they just changed it without really asking what the community preferred.

I do support the concept of one dedicated tank tree instead of the original mixed trees so you could be blood/frost/unholy tank/dps. But why did they pick blood? The obvious candidate for a pure tanking talent tree was frost in my opinion (as I already argumented in the posts above). It just doesn't make sense at all to me.

I agree with the revival of Blood DPS. I do not agree with removing Blood tanks in favor for Frost. Blood was always THE tank spec.

If we were given the same treatment as druids, that would be great. Unlikely, but great.

I'm gonna DPS in Blood for a bit and see if it's any good.
Well Blood Dk's are unique 2H weapon wielder tanks.They don't use shields because of their bonds with their weapons(same as runeforge).But after WotLK they nerfed some rotations and spells but they also buffed some.As you can see our role is TANK (as Blood) and UH,Frost is DPS.So keep this in mind.We are there to tank not to dps well you can reforge and change some gems enchants etc to boost dps though and still if you know how to play with your class you can do more damage than any other tanks or even more than some DPS. It is not about Wow, It all depends on your experience and skill.

Thank you
With Respect - Thor
I also miss that blood dps. Alot of fun back in wotlk.
And how would you balance dps vs tanking in the same tree? There's a reason why Blizzard is splitting feral cat and bear in MoP. Bleeds scaling insanely well with mastery, as do bear defence. I'm afraid the same would happend with DK. I like how DKs work now, with 3 melee specs which all feel very different to play.
I agree with the revival of Blood DPS. I do not agree with removing Blood tanks in favor for Frost. Blood was always THE tank spec.

If we were given the same treatment as druids, that would be great. Unlikely, but great.

I'm gonna DPS in Blood for a bit and see if it's any good.

It was not at start. Unholy was. Least i tanked in Nax as unholy, and later as frost :)
Oke I like this game.


What I am trying to say is that everyone has his different opinion.
Frost was THE special dps spec in Wotlk because of it's Dual Wield. Unholy was the Pet Dps Spec. While Blood.... generic.... and healed himself already.

If they made Frost Tanking and Blood Dps, they had to change blood alot. Maybe to the point you wouldnt like it anymore. While in the way they did it now. They only had to change some of the Talent Trees and change Blood to Tank. Easyer then having to change blood and Frost or Unholy completely.
Blood was the arp build similar to warriors, the dualwield was frosty take of rogues and unholy was like paladins, with pets. or was it "melee" warlocks.

All specs were about tanking and dps. That was Blizzards original plan and take, but apparently they fail at their own balancing game.

Never mind they still barely managed to make blood tanking viable... by adding some special fights for them to shine.
Though I do like tanking as blood since it is such a unique way of getting the job done. I loved pvp ing as blood back in WotLK.
Being able to assist healers with our healing aura and not needing a heal so now and then made us a force undeniable to raidleaders. (yes I know we were OP).
But dpsing as unholy really rocked my socks off. Remember unholy blight being a damagedealing aura? Unholy was pretty much frigging awesome.. Or desecreted ground giving an aoe rng fear. Sweet but it was al deemed unbalanced.

Got offtopic here but in short, I agree, give blood its dps back and make frost the tanking spec. Dualwield tanking is really awesome.

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