Guide to Soloing BT - Teron and Reliquary

Hi everyone,

I've been playing with soloing old content for a couple of days and finally, after more than 30 tries (and almost 3k gold spent on scrolls, food and flasks) I've managed to solo Reliquary of Souls (and earlier Teron Gorefiend, which is actually pretty easy) at the Black Temple.
I thought that I should share my experiences with the hunter community here and I hope that someone will find the piece of information below useful.

1. Spec & pet, gear and consumables:

a) Teron Gorefiend: BM spec (I've used my standard PvP spec, just changed glyph of Master's Call to Glyph of Mending).

I've used DPS specced spirit beast (normal raiding DPS spec). If you find that your pet is taking a bit too much damage you can move some points to more "tanking oriented" talents.

b) Reliquary of Souls: MM soloing spec (7/31/3), Glyphs: Misdirection, Mending, Raptor Strike

For the 1st phase I used DPS specced cat (since the boss chases you anyway and is not tankable), for the 2nd and 3rd phase used tanked specced turtle.

Gear and consumables:

Used a few pieces of PvP gear to bump my stamina up and 4 pieces of tier gear. For consumables: Drums of the Forgotten Kings, Runescroll of Fortitude, Skewered Eel and Flask of the Winds. And a lot of bandages...

2. Video references:

I've used these videos as guides for the tactics I've used:

a) Teron:

b) Reliquary:

3. Tactics:

a) Teron Gorefiend

I've followed the tactics in the description of the video. However, I did not let my pet take aggro at the start and managed to kite Teron Around, DPS him down to around 65-70%, healing myself using Spirit Mend. When I was really low on health, I feigned death and let my pet take over. From that point it was just alternating between pet's Cower and healing it with Spirit Mend. In the span of 6 min during Feign Death my pet managed to DPS Teron down to 15% or something. When FD was almost over, I've started nuking the boss and brought it down before the debuff on me expired and changed me into ghost.

I've tried dismissing my pet when he casts his spell and yells "Death is not that bad" or something (like the guy in one of the videos) but sometimes, due to my high latency, I'd be too late and he'd place the debuff on me while having still too much health to DPS down. Instead, before feigning death, I've nuked him as much as I could (without letting my pet take over aggro), then let the pet do the rest.

b) Reliquary of Souls

This fight was a nightmare to solo. It took more around 40 tries, and cost me more than 3k gold in repairs, flasks, scrolls and food. It is, though, very rewarding when you finally bring her down.

I've followed Garibald's tactics and his commentary about LoS'ing her stun, using bandages and Chimera Shot being the only damage dealing ability in Phase 2. Below, I'll write tacts for each phase:

Phase 1:

Annoying but not very hard. The problem in this phase is a) you're not healing almost at all from Spirit Bond or Chimera Shot, b) the boss fixes on you and thus it's not tankable by your pet.

I've watched Garibald's video and he managed to keep her at distance most of the time disengaging from the stairs and using engineering tinkers / Goblin racial. I had problems doing it though, so I took a bit different approach.

- I've used DPS specced cat for this phase
- Before aggroing dismiss cat, call wolf, buff yourself with +crit buff, dismiss, call back your cat
- Ran in, moved cat behind the boss, MDed to the pet and placed explosive trap in front of the boss,
- Just a moment before the boss came out from the cage popped Rapid Fire,
- Started with Serpent Sting, then Aimed Shot and Chimera Shot, after that started running away to get 2 steady shots (macroed with Aspect of the Fox) and some Arcane, that gave me good initial burst on the boss. For most of the fight I stayed in Aspect of the Fox to get some extra focus from her hits.

The rest was just:
a) using glyphed Raptor Strike when it's off CD to get 20% dmg reduction,
b) trying to keep serpent sting up with Chimera Shot,
c) placing explosive traps on the ground (always some extra dmg on boss),
d) using Kill Command when I had focus for that,
e) trying to kite the boss with disengage etc., it's important to get some distance, cast a few steady shots when the boss casts "Frenzy", you can get some good nuke on her then.
f) You can Deterrence when she casts Soul Drain on you but I've saved it for the next phase

Feign Death resets her, so be careful with that. I've found out that at certain HP level (when I was pretty low) if I feigned, she'd go for my pet. That allowed me to move the pet away, DPS her a bit (using cower to reduce dmg) and then nuke from distance using full focus.

Ghost phase:

Nothing hard, just kill 2-3 ghosts to get yourself to full HP, you can multishot or ignore the rest. They despawn when Phase 2 starts anyway.

Phase 2:

This was the real nightmare. Basically the fight is about working with global cooldowns (you have 1-2 GCDs before at a time before she disorients you for 5 sec), keeping yourself and your pet alive, DPSing her and dispelling her shield. Some pointers:

- Do not overaggro, if you take aggro from your pet (which's gonna be disoriented most of the time), you're most likely dead
- Bring a lot of bandages
- Bring a healing potion
- Use deterrence to cast mend pet or feign death + bandage
- Be patient, it's very annoying fight so most likely you will wipe numerous times before you get it right.

This is how the fight goes:

a) As soon as phase 1 was over, dismissed cat, called turtle
b) Moved turtle to the right, next to the pillars (pillars can help you LOS her stun if you're out of cooldowns like deterrence or feign death)
c) MDed to pet, when boss was out, I nuked her with Chimera Shot. For the first 10-15 seconds while she doesn't cast her stun yet, you can help your pet get some threat (of course pet on passive started attacking as well), but be careful not to overnuke because you'll die.
d) Interrupted first stun (Spirit Shock) spell cast with silencing shot

Then you basically need to do a few things:

1. Your only dmg dealing ability should be Chimera Shot for the heal, don't nuke her with arcane shot or anything else (I was autoshotting her though) because you die from your own damage,
2. Dispell her rune shield with tranquilizing shot,
3. Mend your pet,
4. Heal yourself with Chimera Shot or potion / bandages,
5. Use deterrence to mend pet, bandage yourself or reposition yourself away from her and close to the pillar so that you can LoS her stun if needed.

Garibald was using LOS behind the pillar, then feign death + bandage. I've done it as well but sometimes the boss would get very close to me and started stunning me and my pet was out of LOS and thus I couldn't mend it or I would just get trapped in the corner with no chance of escaping between stuns. I've found out that even while staying in the open (but away from boss and pet) if you feign death the boss starts to ignore you, just nukes your pet and gives you time to bandage yourself. I'll have to check it again next week but I'm 95% sure it'll work without LoS'ing her most of the time.

Remember that you will have 1-2 global cooldowns to do anything before next 5 sec stun so you have to prioritize what to do next. Basically the most important thing was dispelling her shield, then mending the pet and keeping yourself alive and then DPSing her with chimera shot. If your pet's on full health then you dispell the shield + shot her with chimera shot. If pet's getting in trouble: mend pet + dispell the shield etc.

Phase 3:

Piece of cake, tank and spank. Just keep MDing to your pet and nuke.

4. Screenshots (or it didn't happen):


Maybe I'll do videos of these two when I figure out how to use fraps etc.

5. Resetting fights (to save some gold and consumables):

Teron - let him kill your pet while in feign death
Reliquary - Phase 1: Dismiss pet, feign death, Phase 2: feign death let her kill your pet.

6. Thanks:

Garibald for his awesome videos and soloing tacts
Liselle for her support in my persistence =)
All my guildies who are patient enough to constantly help me with making raid groups.

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