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Argent Dawn
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Updated May 28th 2017, 04:02 (GMT)
In WoW, we all follow the same overall lore. A red thread, that connects everything. However, every server evolves differently by the actions of visible characters and guilds. Each server, while following the red thread, becomes very different. They have famous individuals and guilds, that are not in the official lore, but very much recognized on the server. Events that unfold that have helped shape the community. They have their own "lore history", so to speak. - Tardon

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February 12th
[Guild] Knights of the Realm was founded by Lord Priamos Moondragon, at 9:15.

February 24th
[Guild] Silver Moon was founded by their legendary Redwing.

April 21st
[Event] The Knights head out and fought Horde in Ashenvale and Stonetalon peak, crushing the Horde forces.

May 9th
[Event] The Knights paraded in colonne from Menethil to Stormwind and beyond.
[Guild] The Knights scatter throughout Azeroth and Outland as the guild goes into a dormant state, serving as a bank until 2013.

May 22nd
[Guild] The Old Town Blades were founded.

July 29th
[Guild] The Shield of Light was founded.

September 29th
[Guild] The Stormguard was founded.

Early October
[Character] Nath Shadoweyes arrives in Stormwind to form the City Watch.

October 19th
[Event] Horde and Alliance battle for Stonetalon Mountains.
Agents of the Horde belonging to the Onyx Ascendancy defeat a contingent of Night Elves in the Battle for Stonetalon Mountain, recovering an artifact from the depths of Mirkfallon Lake.

Late October
[Guild] The Stormwind City Watch is founded.

[Event] In the absence of a monarch, the noble council of Stormwind is organized with Baron Eragorn Tempest and High Protector Thomas Kerengar overseeing. The goal is to provide motive for the gathering of nobles in order to deal with more minor issues of the realm below Highlord Fordragons' immediate concern such as food shortages.

December 3rd
[Guild] Gnomish Rescue Squad is founded.

December 11th
[Guild] House of Tempest is founded, one of the first attempts at representing a noble house.

December 21st
[Guild] The Legitimate Business Club was founded.
[Event] 'Strongest of the Horde'
An underground fighting event, organized by Tardon, where the best of the Horde would battle against each other in one versus one combat at the Gurubashi Arena. Won by Hidrasactum.
[Character/Event] Lord Eragorn Tempest rallies a crowd in Stormwind in protest against the corruption of it's City Watch and Nath Shadoweyes prior to the impending trial. Results in a riot in Old Town.

[Character] Nath Shadoweyes arrested for crimes against the state. Custody passed to Arthurion Greymantle of the Stormguard. Shadoweyes eventually escapes with the suspected aid of the Legitimate Business Club.

March 11th
[Event] The first Eastvale Tournament is held.

March 22nd
[Guild] Kalius Drakemoore assumes command of the Stormguard.

[Character] Field Marshall Amarae is approached near Northshire by then-friendly acquaintance Lord Eragorn Tempest. Refusing his at first friendly inquiries and then implicitly romantic advances she attempts to assassinate him, leaving him for dead in the stream outside Northshire.

April 4th
[Guild] Mog Nogu was created.

April 8th
[Character] Hamfist Stonecan exiled from Stormwind.
Found guilty for deliberately burning down the Stormwind Orphanage, Hamfist Stonecan was exiled from Stormwind City by decision of judge Kerengar in a hastily arranged trial.

April 17th
[Event] 'Miss Stormwind Contest'
Thelina and Janesca share first place and a purse of 75 gold. The special price of “best dressed contestant” went to Venia, together with another 5 gold pieces and a lovely bouquet of roses.

April 30th
[Event] 'Battle for Thandol Span'
On saturday afternoon, a massive assault by forces of the Horde swept away Alliance resistance and made its way deep into the Wetlands. Led by Warlock Nathgoren, the Horde first fought past defenders at the Thandol Span, and then later crushed further resistance at the Dragonmaw gates.

May 5th
[Event] The magazine 'Shapes' launches.

May 11th
[Event] 'Rome’jin an’ Julizette'
Tale of two star-crossed lovers, caught in a bloody war between tribes, drew crowds of more than 50 people. Not bad, considering that “never dere be a tale o’ more sorrow an’ cryin’ den dis o’ Julizette an’ her Rome’jin!”

May 2nd
[Character] The Drakemoore mystery continues.

[Character] Kalius Drakemoore is revealed to be a Black Dragon, and his machinations have far-reaching consequences.

[Event] 'Way to Life'
Precursor to Sen'jin Village Hours.

[Character] Fingelsbrew Steepsprocket of the Fingel's Quest tavern is murdered. Shrine erected in his honour outside his tavern in the former Park District.

December 15th
[Event] 'Clash of Titans'
Massive battle between Alliance and Horde in Thousand Needles, Shimmering Flats. The Horde, lead by Tardon, was eventually pushed back, and the Alliance managed to fight the Horde back all the way into the Barrens.

[Event] First Sen'jin Village Hours begins.
The Dark Portal opens again, allowing Azeroth's heroes to venture the scattered remnants of Draenor to combat the Burning Legion.

April 15th
[Guild] Cult of the Raptor's first Durotar Feeshin' Expoganza.

[Guild] The first Royal Court was founded.

May 5th
[Event] 'Strongest of the Horde II'
Winner: Nelithar.

June 9th
[Event] 'Westbrook Charity Gala'

July 25th
[Event] Defeat of Kael'thas Sunstrider.

September 10th
[Guild] The Scarlet Highguard was founded.

September 19th
[Event] Defeat of Archimonde.

[Guild] The first Royal Court disbanded.

October 26th
[Guild] The Vanguard Order was founded.
After Nath Shadoweyes' disappearance and his Shadow Sentinels parting ways, Aluuna Treeshadow and Trynian Goldhand create the Vanguard Order, a similar organisation as the one they used to serve, under Nath.

October 28th
[Event] The Argent Archives is launched.

October 31st
[Event] Defeat of Illidan the Betrayer.

November 17th
[Event] 'The Golden Age'
An old sage has the vision of retaking Stranglethorn from the corrupt remnants of the Empire, and tells as many as will hear. Forming a party, they train and eventually raid Zul'Gurub, later withdrawing into the jungle.
February 16th
[Guild] The Stormguard reformed.

March 17th
[Event] Stormwind Separatists claim Dwarven District.
For a week or so, the Stormwind Separatists claim the Dwarven district. Their number grow surprisingly fast, and no military force seems to be able to drive them out. Eventually, all of Stormwind, spearheaded by an initial attack on the district by the Vanguard Order, drive them out.

April 1st
[Guild] House of Shar'Tal was re-established.

May 25th
[Guild] The Spirit Wolves were founded.

June 21st
[Event] 'The Golden Age II'
The assembled receive the loa, Shadra's, blessing. After debate in Stranglethorn, they assault Ahn'Qiraj and recapture an ancient trollish artifact from their enemies.

July 19th
[Event] 'Council of the Horde'
Council of all Horde's races to discuss their stance towards Alliance. Result of an attack on Astranaar, which became one the first hostile actions that brought about the chain of events that almost started the Fourth War, despite the Council's decision against it.

July 22nd
[Event] Prophet Velen wounded.
An attack force of many Horde, lead by Tardon, attacked the Exodar and wounded Prophet Velen. They were stopped, and pushed back, when they tried to continue to attack Tyrande in Darnassus.

July 26th
[Character] Redma Drakeslayer discusses a campaign against the Horde, but advises peace talks.

July 27th
[Event] Alliance attack the Barrens.
The Steel Guard and the Loch Modan Marksmen attempt to attack and take control of the Barrens, but are repelled by a number-wise inferior Horde counter-attack force.

July 28th
[Event] Horde raid Astranaar.
Astranaar is attacked and raided by a smaller Horde assault force

[Character] Nath Shadoweyes' successor, Captain Jazeel Spade, orchestrates his second downfall alongside Banyl Dolosen of the City Watch, Lady Amarae of the Stormguard, and Lord Kerengar of the Shield of Light. The Night Elf is deposited in Toshley's station, sentenced to serving out his remaining days as a test subject. This doesn't last. Captain Spade becomes Arch Inquisitor Spade soon after.

August 3rd
[Event] Worry of possible Fourth War.
Due to the escalating attacks by the Horde and counter attacks by the Alliance, there is worry that a Fourth War might soon break out.

August 5th
[Event] Ravenheart Sentinels prepare for war.
The Raventheart Sentinels openly state that they are preparing for, and willing to fight in, a Fourth War, if need be.

August 23rd
[Event] 'The Golden Age II - The Golden City'
The trolls gather once more to assault Zul'Gurub. A gigantic serpent appears during the ritual to give warning to those gathered on there future. They are driven back as Hakkar takes over the minds of some of their strongest, as the rest flee.
[Event] 'Operation: Missfire'
The Loch Modan Marksmen, along with The Steel Guard, raid several major Horde targets.

August 27th
[Guild] Westbrook is founded, an attempt to create a bastion of roleplay in Elwynn which is largely successful. Served originally and primarily as a guild for roleplayers to improve but ended up getting involved in just about everything.

September 2nd
[Guild] The Kirin Dal formed.

September 10th
[Event] The Scarlet Highguard creates northern danger
The Scarlet Highguard, created by Arthenium Raven, causes trouble in the northern lands. They're eventually vanquished by the Stormguard, led by Amarae.

September 13th
[Event] 'Miss Stormwind 2008'
Winner: Liquessen Emberheart.

October 11th
[Event] 'Eastvale Tournament II'

October 12th
[Guild] The Jang Thraze Atal, meaning 'the Devoted Guardian Blade', is formed by Zebruja and his wife.

October 25th
[Event] The Scarlet Highguard is routed between battles with the Stormguard and the Scourge.

[Character/Event] Second Plague of Stormwind
Bain, Death Knight of the Scourge, arrives in Stormwind City for the first time under the cover of night, polluting the canals with a variation of the plague.

November 1st
[Event] Hallow's End Masque and Gala
Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion annually.

November 9th
[Event] 'Strongest of the Horde III'
Strongest of the Horde had now become a mainstream gladiatorial event, used to find the best soldiers for the coming battles in Northrend. Winner: Draw between Maskinen and Wolfcharmer.

Early December
[Event] Horde attacks increase.
Lead primarily by Bonemane, the Horde launch a a series of assaults on Alliance major cities, spurring much fear in the every day citizens and tradefolk, lasting many months.

[Event] Citizens, adventurers and the City Watch together find a solution, and a military expedition including Westbrook and the Shield of Wrynn is led to Lordaeron under Lord Eragorn Tempest to retrieve a cure, which succeeds.

December 14th
[Guild] The Sons of Lothar, Azeroth division, was formed.
The War against the Lich King begins, and Alliance and Horde adventurers alike travel to Northrend with a mutual goal. The Argent Crusade is also formed to combat the Scourge.
February 13th
[Event] 'Blood and Honour'
Arranged by Bonemane, the Horde launch a simultaneous attack on all Alliance capitals and several smaller cities. Several Aliance leaders were wounded, and many cities were occupied for several hours before the Horde was finally pushed back.

February 25th
[Event] Fighting breaks out in Stormwind as a dissident group, the Order of the Fallen, attempts a rebellion.

[Guild] The Shield of Wrynn founded by Ibun.
[Character/Event] Hostility between Lord Eragorn and Field Marshall Amarae.
Their conflict reaches new heights resulting in open fighting in the streets of Stormwind. This soon escalates as much of Stormwind takes sides in the conflict over the following weeks. Eventually Lord Eragorn Tempest withdraws the forces of Westbrook back to Westbrook Keep, gathering allies for a counterstrike.

March 1st
[Guild] The High Court of Chancery was founded.
Dalrick Fizzleswitch creates the High Court of Chancery, with the aid of Cobbs Fringledar. Cobbs eventually gets assassinated, and Dalrick, unable to cope with the loss of his best and only friend, slowly turns crazy. The High Court continues to exist under several other chancellors after that.

March 8th
[Event] Stormwind City versus Riado Flamehammer.

March 17th
[Event] Stormwind City versus Westwood.

[Event] The siege of Westbrook begins, with the larger forces of the Gigaflux Guard, Stormguard and Sons of Thoradin keeping the forces of Westbrook within the keep. There are numerous indecisive skirmishes.

April 10th
[Guild] Stormwind Infantry were founded.

April 23rd
[Guild] The Sunwarders were founded by Andorien & Arathyrion.

[Event] The Siege of Westbrook ends.
The siege is lifted with the arrival of multiple allies of Westbrook including the Shield of Wrynn, bringing to bear an overwhelming force against the three other groups in a pre-planned trap the forces of the Stormguard are led over the bridge to Westfall. They are narrowly saved only by a timely intervention from Captain Arthurion Averheim and a small line of his infantry men separating the two forces, allowing the Stormguard and their allies to flee.
[Character] Zebruja'jin was assassinated by an unknown assiliant; leaving his right hand man Juzache to contact the former Jin's brother Chu'kaza to reform.

[Event] Plague outbreak terrorises Stormwind.

[Event] During the plague set upon Stormwind...
Lord Eragorn Tempest arrives in the city with the majority of the Westbook force to assist in quarantine under a banner of truce with Duke Eward de Lordamere who had commandeered most of the cities forces. However, the Duke takes advantage of the situation and orders the Sixth Swordsman Company under Captain Averheim to encircle and overwhelm the Westbrook force. After a brief one-sided skirmish Lord Eragorn orders his men to surrender and disperse, leaving him the sole prisoner of Captain Averheim. Duke Eward, under the guidance of Field Marshall Amarae and Arthurion Greymantle, gives the order to have Lord Eragorn hung. However Averheim refuses the order and secretly releases Eragorn who disappears into the chaos.

[Character] Duke Eward de Lordamere rallies a massive force, starting a long and bloody campaign against the undead in Lordaeron.

June 19th
[Guild] The Blackheart Company was founded.

[Event] Operation: Green Purge is set into motion by Lord Eragorn Tempest...
An attempt to cleanse Stormwind of perceived corruption with force. A force of over a dozen seperate militia's comes together for the attack, but find the city vacant of the Stormguard, Gigaflux Guard and Sons of Thoradin. Victory is assumed in their absence and the force disbands.

[Guild] The Royal Court was reformed by Didonus.

September 11th
[Character] Duke Eward de Lordamere, founder of the Sons of Thoradin, is slain in a bid to retrieve the crown of King Terenas from the Undercity.

September 25th
[Event] 'The Fel Spectrum'
Ephon and Gunthamund, two Burning Legion cultists, surface somewhere in Azeroth, and soon enough seek to cause trouble throughout its regions. They are eventually destroyed when their final goal is twarted by Stormwind's defenders.

October 30th
[Event] Hallow's End Masque and Gala
Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion annually.

November 14th
[Event] 'The Golden Age III'
Once again, the trolls hold a war of flowers in the Gurubashi Arena to redeem themselves and purify themselves after their loss. They embark on a pilgramage visting Troll ruins and shrines.

The final assault against the Scourge at Icecrown begins. Heroes and adventurers ascend to the Frozen Throne itself, and alongside Tiron Fordring, end the Lich King's reign...
January 22nd
[Event] Stormwind City versus Stormguard/Miller.

February 13th
[Guild] Lordaeron's Order was founded by Serion Freed.

February 18th
[Guild] The Ebon Hunter, Sir Kaisis de Lancrét, forms the Order of the Bloodied Crown in New Avalon. The first Oathsworn are accepted into the Order by the blessed touch of the Elven blade Ala'melorne. Both the living and the dead flock to the banner of Old Lordaeron.

[Event] Alliance and Horde conflict.
Battles over the Thandol Span between the Rotgarde, Spirit Wolves, Bloodied Crown, Stormguard and Anvilmar Iron Brigade take place. Menethil Harbour is besieged, but the Alliance eventually triumph.

Late June
[Guild] The Bayerleyn Retinue was founded.
After the Bloodied Thrursday, Shonn Bayerleyn is recalled on duty from hermitage. The Bayerleyn Retinue is therefore founded.

March 27th
[Event] 'Strongest of the Horde IV'
The biggest yet, with over 70 fighters fighting for the title. The prize money was 45.000 gold.
Winner: Gabbart.

June 4th
[Event] The Fel Spectrum cult hatches a mana-bomb plot in Stormwind, demanding the deaths of several officials. They are thwarted by the quick-thinking of the city's defenders.

[Guild] The Bladewind Clan founded by Taknar.

[Guild] Royal Undercity Guard was founded.
[Guild] Bane was founded.

August 15th
[Guild] The Steamshell Unit was formed!

August 21st
[Event] 'The Folly at Fenris'
The Bloodied Crown with Stormguard allies attempt to claim Fenris Keep from the local Gnolls. Archibald the Vile works with the vengeful Rotgarde, ambushing upon it's arrival. The Bloodied Crown is decimated, leading to an embarrassing retreat southwards.

[Guild] Bayerleyn Retinue deployed in Hillsbrad.
Dispatched to garrison the Hillsbrad sector, the Bayerleyn Retinue got a change of order sending them to assist in the battle for Andorhal, having to march through the alteracian mountain passes with snow. Suffering a harsh defeat, their return to Stormwind was met by the prelude of elemental invasions.

[Guild] Steads of Westfall is formed, later known as Steads of Duskwood.

October 1st
[Guild] Ironforge Mountaineers, Rapid Deployment Division, was founded.

October 9th
[Guild] The Rusty Nails Adventurers formed.

October 24th
[Event] Hallow's End Masque and Gala
Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion annually.

[Guild] The Jang Thraze Atal begin a steady decline due to a loss of members during the Shattering.

November 18th
[Event] Stormwind repels elemental invasion.

[Character] Zaan'jul emerges victor of a duel to the death to decide leadership of the Jang Thraze Atal against Chukaza.

December 10th
[Guild] The Dranosh'ar Oathbound was formed from the High Command, Warsong Vanguard, Kargosh Offensive and Axe of Hellscream by Warlord Haeltheros, blood of Bonemane of the High Command, General Duskar Skullsplitter of the Kargosh Offensive, General Golkosh of the Axe of Hellscream and General Nararon and Seer Ashama Skytotem of the Warsong Vanguard.

December 13th
[Guild] The Warband of the Wolf was founded by Warleader Hal'thrakk Skullrender.

December 21st
[Guild] The Bloodied Crown marches northwards again having regained its strength in the south, in spite of numerous set backs and internal strife. Clashes with the Rotgarde in Menethil Harbour, Stromgarde and Hillsbrad take place on the march.
Then after the Fall of the Lich King and the events that followed, the Cataclysm hit in December of that year, with the return of Deathwing.
[Guild] The Bloodied Crown arrives at Fenris Keep, and discovers refugees from the slaughters in Hillsbrad. Their battles against the Forsaken (and the Banshee's Rotgarde especially) continue, with Fenris coming under attack several times.
[Event] Battles around Shadowfang Keep.
Sent to aid Gilneas forces, the Bayerleyn Retinue along with the Gilnean Fourth Cohort, an expedition of the Royal Court and the Gilnean League march north of Greymane Wall, to meet Deathstalkers and Undercity Royal Guards. Struggle around Shadowfang Keep; ending with the recall of troops for the Twilight Highland Campaign.

January 16th
[Guild] The Naz'kahet became an offical part of the Alliance after operation within the Ebon Blade during the War against the Lich King.

[Guild] The Sunwarders disbanded.
[Guild] Khanrati, son of Zebruja, becomes Jin of Jang Thraze Atal under shadowy reasons.

February 13th
[Guild] Lordaeron's Order is founded.

February 21st
[Guild] The Undermarket formed by Dyrack.

March 26th
[Event] 'The Highlands Campaign'
The Alliance musters military forces at the Highlands to retaliate the late Dragonmaw assaults against Thundermar. The Horde spies have captured information of the attack, and the Warchief sends reinforcements to the Dragonmaw Port.

March 29th
[Event] The first Ironforge Market.
[Guild] Gearfist IBS founded.

Early April
[Guild] Hellscreams Vanguard founded.
14th legion recalled from active service in Vashj'ir.

April 3rd
[Event] 'Second Stormguard Trial'
Stormwind City's charges against Lady Amarae, as leader and representative of the Stormguard. Found guilty of most charges.

April 4th
[Guild] Stormwind Home Guard is founded, with the intention of bringing more serious law enforcement and military roleplay to Stormwind and outlying areas.

April 10th
[Event] 'The Grand Inquisition'

April 16th
[Event] 'Operation Miasma'

April 25th
[Guild] The Hand of Hellscream was founded.

May 12th
[Guild] The Dranosha'r Oathbound disbands due to infighting between officers due to Haeltheros' disappearence.

May 14th
[Event] 'Return of the Argent Tournament'

May 26th
[Event] 'The Northrend Expedition'
Made by the Explorers League and Ironforge Mountaineers, taking may adventurers and archaeologists to seek a missing-gone explorer and a fabled relic.

June 23rd
[Guild] The Hand of Agony was founded by Akru.

June 27th
[Event] 'Dalaran Fight Club I'

[Character] An attempt on the life of Methalec Shar'Tal, Lord of House Shar'Tal was carried out. The assassin failed in murdering the Lord, but the aftermath showed a diminished state of health for the Thalassian noble. Responsibiities of the House was handed over to Aeranthiel Stardreamer and later to Ventyra Silvershard while the Lord was recovering.

[Event] 'The Bleak Sigil I'
A demonic mark is burned to certain denizens of Ashenvale. A group brought together by common purpose takes on a journey to save their souls from the clutches of an ancient demon lord of the Burning Legion.

August 29th
[Event] 'Dalaran Fight Club II'

[Guild] Bayerleyn Retinue seek relic of the Arathi.
Noticing the strife of South and North, Lord Bayerleyn opts to find an Arathi related relic to gift it to the Arathorians as form of appeasement. Pushing in the Plaguelands, and luring the interest of the Sin'Doreis of the Dawnherald due to no specifics on the nature of the relic, battles insues including the capture, and later release of the human Lord. Ultimately the relic is found, but kept instead of gifted.

September 25th
[Event] Amberlodge in Grizzly Hills burns to the ground after a major combined assault and siege by The Hand of Agony, Gearfist IBS, The Collective and Dawnherald.

October 7th
[Guild] Mardenholde Dawn was founded.

October 20th
[Guild] The Darkshire Brigade was founded.
9th Legion, 26th Battalion, 7th Cohort.

October 22nd
[Event] First Lordaeron market day in over 16 years takes place in the Lordaeron Ruins, lead by The Hand of Agony to bring the horde closer together and celebrate Hallows End with masquerades, storytelling, tournament duels and more!

October 25th
[Event] Alliance and Horde conflict.
The caravan of Ironforge Mountaineers is interrupted by the Blood Knight Guard at the Hinterlands, resulting in a battle.

November 3rd
[Event] 'Battle of the Barrens'
6 day campaign featuring most of the Realm's military guilds, featuring a harsh conflict in the Southern Barrens.

November 11th
[Event] '11/11/11'
One of many assaults on Fenris, this time the Forsaken brought siege machines to end the siege brutally and firmly. The second recorded use of The Hand of Agony's siege machines and catapults (first being Grizzly hills above).

November 26th
[Event] Crusaders and Rangers from the order of Lordaeron's Order set out to Howling Fjord, with a mission to hunt and eventually kill the Head Apothecary of the Hand of Agony. Both sides suffered several casualities, but the Head Apothecary survived.

After recovering a version of the Dragon Soul artifact from the Caverns of Time, Thrall and the allied dragonflights rally at the Wyrmrest Temple, using its might to defeat Deathwing.

December 10th
[Event] The mysterious titan relic "Breath of the Shapers" is destroyed after an arduous campaign in the sands of Southern Kalimdor. Diplomatic tensions between dwarves and the other races are strained as a result.

December 20th
[Event] After a month since the failure in Howling Fjord, the Rangers of the Order of Lordaeron's Order ventures back into the Fjord to gain new intel on the Hand of Agony. Later they join forces for a limited time with the Darkshire Brigade and Crimson Dusk, and later returns to Lordaeron with intel.
[Event] 'Stormwind Fireworks'
A firework display infiltrated by the Twilight Hammer saw a fire caused in Stormwind, along with the threat of numerous bombs planted in Stormwind, with the Orphanage threatened.
[Event] 'The Bleak Sigil II'
The demon Driammach, called the Devourer of Dreams, has returned to Azeroth! As more darkened souls flock under his nightmarish banner, the group of the Branded ones still seeks to save their souls and vanquish the demon tyrant.

January 20th
[Event] In a rushed defense and strange call of arms, the order of Lordaeron's Order alonehand succeds clashing against the Hand of Agony, Hand of Hellscream and their allies across the Southern Barrens.

January 21st
[Event] 'Operation Tears of Arathor'
The Hand of Agony, The Collective, Sunrain Bloodline, Gearfist IBS, Moklohn Command and Frozen Anguish deals a heavy blow against protectors of Stromgarde as well as Aerie Peak and all alliance forces in Hinterlands. Third major use of Siege weaponry by The Hand of Agony.

[Guild] Royal Undercity Guard disbanded. Leader missing, presumed dead.
[Guild] Bayerleyn Retinue aid research in Tanaris.
Tricked by the Twilight Hammer cultists, introduced as Loreseekers, the Bayerleyn Retinue escorts the vaunted Society members through the sands of Tanaris to aid them to accomplish a research.

February 1st
[Guild] Walkers of the Wind were founded.

February 3rd
[Guild] The Circle of the Ashanndi was founded, in the service of the Banshee Queen.
In the chambers of the Royal Quarter, a former Knight of the Ebon Blade and runoured Necromancer pledges her loyalty to the Queen of the Forsaken. The Order of the Ashanndi, also known as ''The Circle of the Ashanndi'' was founded with the purpose to unlock the secrets of Undeath and the Necromantic Arts.

February 17th
[Event] Several prisoners within Quel'thalas were freed from the Collective, by a small group of Rangers from the order of Lordaeron's Order. Grucial intel about the Hand of Agony's plans were revealed in the process.

February 19th
[Guild] The Brotherhood of the Light begins expanding its ranks.

February 27th
[Guild] The Farstrider Expedition was founded.

[Guild] Bayerleyn Retinue defend Darkshire.
Ordered to not move north to steer altertness in local garrison for the Borderland Campaign, the Bayerleyn Retinue fends off the chance of the Hellscream Vanguard to raid Darkshire, over a week of skirmishes, maneuvering and battles.

March 2nd
[Guild] The Hand of Hellscream was disbanded.

March 10th
[Event] 'Sylvanas' Fury'
The Hand of Agony enters Hillsbrad and steals a Siege Engine from the Stormpike guards. They accidently crashed it and in the next week it was repaired and prepared for a brutal testing run - and later used in the upcoming Borderlands as a display of Forsaken might.

March 14th
[Guild] The Elusive was founded by Antiles.

March 18th
[Event] The Hand of Agony, together with the Gearfist IBS, completes their new terryfying warmachine known as "The Plague Siege" and fieldtests it in the Eastern Plaguelands. The machine is to be the next step in advanced Forsaken Engineering.

March 23rd
[Event] The Elusive cripples Bane's arsenal of Blight Bombs in Duskwood, by damaging their headquarters heavily with Seaforium charges.

March 24th
[Guild] Duke Ruthseer of the Royal Court appointed to High Consul.

March 26th
[Event] 'The Borderlands Campaign'
Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad Foothills, Arathi Highlands and Wetlands stand in the brink of a newly rising tide of steel and blood. The long-waited sequel draws near.

[Event] A company of Scarlets arrive within Stormwind via boat and approach the Cathedral District of the city. They are soon intercepted and arrested by the Home Guard.
[Event] Lord Commander Eragorn Tempest has the Scarlets marched onto their boat and, to onlookers surprise, has the boat set alight with the Scarlets inside.

April 6th
[Guild] The Faithful were founded.

April 5th
[Event] Borderlands Campaign
Horde Heroes on the Front Lines

April 8th
[Event] In the midst of the Borderlands Campaign, a strange chain of events are happening by the borders and inside the Mountains of Alterac, an Alliance group destroyed most of the Artillery of the Hand of Agony. While two brothers from the Alliance fell to the Grasp of the Banshee Queen.

April 15th
[Event] Borderlands Campaign
Alliance delivers battle in Borderlands

April 26th
[Guild] The Crimson Dawn was founded.

May 1st
[Guild] The Stoneface Clan was founded by Dhak'rog Stoneface.
[Guild] Sir Keith Greymantle returns to the moribund remnants of the Order of the Bloodied Crown after months of travelling Azeroth. He is elected leader by the few remaining Knights, and sets about the task of rebuilding the Order to his liking.

May 1st-17th
[Events] After the events of the Borderlands, the Grasp of the Banshee Queen is lead through different areas and places to avenge the murderer of an ally close to them. During the process valuable Intel against the Alliance front has been found, which makes the Grasp travel to Northrend.

May 15th
[Event] Borderlands Campaign
Smoke clears in the Borderlands

May 27th
[Guild] The Legacy of Dawn was founded.

June 13th
[Guild] The Phoenix Vanguard was reformed by Commander Bloodsorrow.
54th Regiment of Quel'thalas.

June 26th
[Guild] Blacktooth Grin was founded by Bagash and Garhaug.

June 28th
[Guild] The Loa Atal Ai is founded.
The Antu, the overseers, of Jang Thraze Atal (Zul'Antu Marcazhu, Antu'Atal Vai'let, and Hexx-Lord Zaza'jin) overthrow Khanra'jin, believing him to be corrupt and to have gone mad with power. They reform themselves as the Loa Atal Ai, with Marcazhu as Jin.

July 9th
[Guild] The Steamshell Unit was re-activated by Arcus Gearstorm.

July 12th
[Guild] Rebuilt and reorganised, the Order of the Bloodied Crown marches through the Dark Portal in pursuit of an insane theologian's final writings. They return to Azeroth a month later in possession of a curious Draenic chalice. A young squire is reported to have died several days later in equally curious circumstances, and few in the Order prove willing to speak about what happened on Draenor.

July 15th
[Guild] The Phoenix Vanguard disband.

July 16th
[Guild] The Everdawn Dynasty is formed.
The next day, some of the Phoenix Vanguard's remnants, particularly family members, joined together House Emberdawn and House Dawnstrider in an alliance, to create "The Everdawn" (<Everdawn Dynasty>)

Early August
[Guild] Lord Edrasil Emberdawn initiates the creation of the Sin'adand, a collection of orders with like minds into a distinct Warhost involving the Everdawn, the Sunrain, the Collective and the Dawnherald.

August 5th
[Guild] Farstrider Expedition disbands.
Due to severe injuries from a clash with the Scourge in Windrunner Village, by the will of the Ranger-Corps, Farstrider Expedition was disbanded, Kenara Sunglimmer discharged as Ranger-Captain.

August 8th
[Guild] The Kajaro Trading Company was founded by Schnaps Goldworth.
[Event] Kajaro Trading Company's Opening Party
The Kajaro Trading Company went live, hosting a huge party at the Pleasure Palace for all of the Horde.

August 19th
[Event] K.T.C's Snap'O'Graph Shoot
The Kajaro Trading Co hosted a modelling competiton for goblins, the ultimate prize being both gold and a space on their prized calendar.

August 25th
[Event] '74th Annual Goblathon'
The Goblathon returned after a two year break, this year allowing a male and female of each Horde race in. This year's arena was a sandy beach on the coast of Bilgewater Harbour, five deaths were reported from fallen tributes and the winner was Victrix Dawn Alisteir. Proud sponsors of the 74th Goblathon were the Kajaro Trading Company.

August 28th
[Guild] The Stormguard goes into hiatus for an unknown period of time.

August 30th
[Event] K.T.C's Burlesque Night
The Kajaro Trading Co hosted a saucy night of sexy dancing, sizzling songs, luxurious cigars, fine brew and addictive gambling games in the Underbelly of Dalaran's Gentlemen's Club.

Late August-Early September
[Event] The Sin'adand marches into the contested zones around the Barrens and the Dustwallow Marsh, in wake of new hositilies. Many clashes against Alliance forces occur, most involving Thalassian victories. The campaign ends when Lord Edrasil goes missing in the marshland just before the destruction of Theramore.

September 7th
[Guild] The Third Gilnean Regiment is formed.

September 9th
[Guild] The Third Gilnean Regiment make their first contact with other Alliance forces, and temporarily settle down in Stromgarde, side by side with The Northern Alliance.

September 14th
[Guild] The Old Council is formed by Luca Brentwin, and Akkeron Pentworth of Elwynn.

September 16th
[Guild] The Smokepowder Cartel is formed.
The Smokepowder Cartel is formed out of a merge between the Kajaro Trading Co, Sparkwrench Union and Nizzle's Trading Co.

Mid September
[Guild] The Stormwind City Watch return from a period of dormancy to active recruitment and patrolling, under the leadership of Captain Lecster Metereeder.

September 18th
[Event] Theramore's Fall

September 22nd
[Event] Luxurespring Open Market
Trade Prince Goldworth's Smokepowder Cartel hosted the first monthly Luxurespring Open Market- a great success.

September 25th
[Guild] The Yuoshin Creed is formed.
[Guild] Huo Shaodin was founded by Sanjo Brewclaw.

Late September
[Event] Theramore's Fall Aftermath
Lord Eragorn Tempest arranges and leads an expedition into the ruins of Theramore Isle along with various civilians. The Twilight Hammer accompanies the expedition posing as investigators led by Mister Dorian. Also joining the expedition was Unit Fourteen led by Dargeus Veil and a disguised Antiles. They met heavy resistance in the form of the Hellscream Vanguard led by General Dunktor, whose force spearheaded a Horde army that ultimately routed the expedition with what few survivors they could find in the marshes prior to being driven out.

Pandaria reveals itself to a broken world, just as the Alliance and Horde are spiraling ever closer to a war that will consume all of Azeroth...

October 1st
[Guild] The Sons of Lothar are revived from dormancy.

October 2nd-3rd
[Guild] The Laoshu Philosophy was founded by the Twin Masters, Lao Lung and Wong'shu.

October 4th-8th
[Event] A military campaign to demoralize the enroaching Alliance forces in Arathi Highlands ends in several bloody sieges and mass-destruction for much of the otherwise peaceful Highlands. Peace is restored as a need for both factions to restore their territory rises.

October 10th-15th
[Guild] The highly renowned Flamestrike Fleet, led by High Inquisitor Laer'gulon Flameward of the Silver Sun dictates to move onto the new continent of Pandaria, to siege opportunities before the rest of the Alliance fleets.

October 14th
[Guild] The Shield of Wrynn is revived from dormancy, led by newly appointed Commander Thrombar "Silvernose" Lighthill and previous Captain, Captain Nasias Darkstar.

October 20th
[Event] Hallow's End Masque and Gala
Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion annually.

October 22nd
[Guild] Legion of the Damned is founded by the Black Queen Ashiraya.

October 25th
[Event] Luxurespring Open Market II
The Smokepowder Cartel host the second Luxurespring Open Market, this time for members of the Horde to partake in.

October 30th
[Event] Smokepowder's Costume Contest
The Smokepowder Cartel host a Hallows' End costume contest in Brill. The winner of such with her costume as a 'sprite' was Lady Midnightsun.

October 31st
[Guild] Smokepowder Cartel goes on official hiatus and rejoins the Horde.

[Guild] The Sun Thieves join the Sin'adand, bolstering it's number to five.

November 19th
[Event] Operation Vendetta
The Elusive put Operation Vendetta in motion in the Central Barrens, decimated an entire Horde Settlement and its surroundings while using Unit Fourteen as a scapegoat.

November 21st
[Guild] Priamos Moondragon re-appears in Winterspring and throws the call for arms for the Knights of the Realm.

December 1st
[Event] Obsidian Madness
The Alliance are taking pursuit of the real culprits behind Operation Vendetta once Unit Fourteen had their name cleared. However, the culprits escape as The Alliance engages in a skirmish/battle with the Horde in Hillsbrad Foothills.
[Guild] The Alliance Inquisition is formed.

December 6th
[Guild] The Knights of the Realm re-appear in Darnassus and Stormwind. In January, new heroes join the ranks from all over the world.

December 9th-10th
[Event] The Horde invades Dun Morogh after many fierce battles at the borders and upon the second day of almost non-stop battles, the Horde is forced out of the Dwarven homelands.
Both sides suffer huge losses and casualties.

December 17th
[Guild] The Dowager's Promise is established by Madame Wendeline Corris Corkdabble.

December 21st
[Guild] Galakronds Legacy officially withdraw any and all support to the Horde against common enemies. The order's neutral standing towards Horde and Alliance remains otherwise unchanged.

December 29th
[Guild] The Flamestrike Fleet arrives at Pandaria, conjoining with the Alliance Navy, and allowing the Silver Sun's (and Silver Covenant) hold upon her ships to finally show to the Humans of Stormwind.

December 30th
[Event] The Reavers of Wolfbane and their allies amass a sizeable force and march for the Legion of the Damned HQ in the ruins of Tiragarde. The Legion, which is preparing to move to Northrend, ambushes the Reaver force in Drygulch Ravine. A large battle ensues, ending with the Legion pulling out and beginning their journey north.

January 1st
[Guild] The Markallor Bulwark was founded.

January 7th
[Event] Fight-Night!
The Dowager's Promise host the January Fight-Night.

January 13th
[Guild] Legion of the Damned changes name to Legion of Chaos.

January 21st
[Character/Guild/Event] 'The Baron Unveiled'
The Alliance corners Antiles and The Elusive in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms where both the organization and their leader meet their end.
[Guild] Priamos gives word to Commander Avlynn to revive the guild Knights of the Realm and sends out a call to arms. Knights join their ranks and a month later Priamos returns to the guild.

January 25th
[Guild] Iron Hawk Command was formed by Walter Codson (Antiles) and Knight-Captain Akrus Torvan.

January 26th
[Event] Ashes of Draenor prelude
In build-up to the campaign on the Outland, the Horde and Alliance forces that arrived early began a series of sieges on the Overlook, the Stadium, and the Broken Hill, on the Hellfire Peninsula.

January 28th
[Event] Ashes of Draenor Campaign
A four week long Campaign, based entirely on Victory Points, secured through Missions. Similar to the Borderlands Campaign, it was a month packed full of roleplay opportunities in the promising land of Outland - resulting in Alliance victory!

[Guild] After in-fighting inside Loa Atal Ai between the Zandalari aligned trolls and the Darkspear aligned trolls, Zaza'jin led the Zandalari aligned on an exodus and for Atal Zanza Aka. The guild prospered in Zul'Gurub for a few months however in June of the same year Zaza'jin went missing and the antu left for different callings. Only old Cobra'zan was left to watch the group slowly descend into dormancy.

February 1st - 4th April
[Guild] 'The Spring of Executions'
The Alliance Inquisition is most active hunting and executing Cultists and other Heretics. A total of 9 executions, half of them in Stormwind, outside the Stockades. These executions drew crowds of hundreds of players, to watch the gruesome display of Justice being served! Links to some of the AA pages below.

February 4th
[Event] Alliance Perspective on Ashes of Draenor

February 8th
[Event] Fight-Night!
The Dowager's Promise host the February Fight-Night.

February 10th
[Character] Wendeline Corkdabble is arrested for murder by the Stormwind Home Guard and locked in the Stockades.
[Guild] The Dowager's Promise is found out as a criminal organisation and put to shame.

February 11th
[Event] Horde Perspective on Ashes of Draenor

February 11th
[Character] Wendeline Corkdabble and a sidekick break out of the Stormwind Stockades and become wanted criminals in the city of Stromwind.
[Guild] The Dowager's Promise come out openly about being criminals, forming into a dangerous syndicate of gangsters to take revenge on Stormwind and strike fear into the eyes of all outsiders.

February 12th
[Event] Love is in the Air, Masquerade Ball
The Dowager's Promise, under the name of Smokeywood Pastures, host a Masquerade Ball in Ponphelious Manor, Gilneas; only to then rob all the guests present at the end of the night.

February 22nd
[Guild] First Dragoon Squad formed by Sergeant Adrastoss Johnson.

[Guild] The Sunrain leave the Sin'adand as tension rises among the host of Thalassian orders.

March 15th
[Event] The Concentrated Essence Of Order [Act I.]
Forced to retire from his career, a northern soldier innocent escapes with the tail between his legs in the direction of the Wetlands as he takes the blame of his guilty noble friend. In order to avoid isolation he uses the capability to reunite with one of his old battle-brother, skipped closely by pursuiters of the law.

March 17th
[Event] The Concentrated Essence Of Order [Act II.]
Following the events and the successful voyage to the Wetlands, the escapee reunite with an old friend. Their meeting has to conclude in a combat the outskirts of the impaired Menethil Harbor, retreating with a lot of luck. But the pair was caught unaware not far later by a duo of Kul Tiras's finest, Tirassian musketeers.

March 19th
[Event] The Concentrated Essence Of Order [Act III.]
Having managed to catch their target, the bond of agile Tirassian Greenfeathers somehow in a moment of inattention lose their custodies, but with tracking senses keen like foxes they execute their trail with rapidity, directly loading them on official ships to dock to Crestfall where court and prison await them. One of the men's thoughts go to the culpable upper crester companion, whose crimes he take.

March 20th
[Event] Mounting unrest in Stormwind
Stormwind has had its fair share of riots and protests in the past, and people no longer seem to be surprised to find some skirmish going on in front of the Keep.
But a new sort of resistance has popped up recently, and agitators in red shirts pop up all around the city, demanding to be heard. Will this lead to a riot, or worse, rebellion?


March 21st
[Event] The Concentrated Essence Of Order, Act IV
Thrown into humiliation in the presence of a biased court full of guilt and guile, an innocent man condemning himself for a distant companion's atrocity, is destined to death row. His time was not now, his blameworthy associate arrived to his defense; making use of techniques such as bribery, the accused man of the seafaring nation accepts the sentence proposed by the said associate, exchanging his freedom of life, to don the emerald anchor in military service.

March 22nd
[Guild] The Blackwind Marine Platoon is founded.

March 24th
[Event] Peaceful meeting ends in death
During what is said to have been a peaceful meeting at the keep between members of the Royal Court and the civilian movement calling themselves the Redshirts, Brigadier Grelind Stormfeather and Lord Shonn Bayerleyn called upon their soldiers to assault the Redshirts and kill them if they did not take off their red shirts. The event ended with the tragic death of one of the Redshirts' supporters.

March 25th
[Event] Stormwind City Martial Law
See eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/7101650605

[Guild] Dawnsight joins the Sin'adand bringing the total to five once more.

April 4th
[Guild] The Alliance Crusade is founded after a Horde attacks against the neutral Operation Torchlight, its surviving members swearing revenge move for war.

April 15th
[Event] The Invasion of Kalimdor [Act I.]
Recent conflicts influencing Kul Tiras' economy has forced the atrocities of Boralus to take decisive measures. To preserve their capability, Lieutenant James has summoned a marine platoon of the realm's mightiest, to force the orcs' hand. In the aftermath of the events, the marines shaping the force set their destiny on Kalimdor.

April 17th
[Event] The Invasion of Kalimdor [Act II.]
Days later, in the ancient lands of Kalimdor, the marines of Kul Tiras fortify a primary settlement by the Merchant Coast.

April 19th
[Event] The Invasion of Kalimdor [Act III.]
Early the next evening, the Blackwind marines arrive at their long wished gold mine, discovering it to be emptied by the Horde. After a longer fight against Clan Wolfbane, the platoon withdraws to Ashenvale.

April 28th
[Guild] Death to the High Elves!
After a few months of battling for resources in Pandaria, the Flamestrike Fleet, constructed by High Inquisitor Laer'gulon Flameward withdraws itself. During it's campaign in Pandaria, the Flamestrike Fleet looses three of it's cargo ships, HMS Anasterian, HMS Spearhead, HMS Malanore, HMS Eternal, four of it's destroyers, HMS Azure, HMS High Peak, HMS Phoenix Endurance, and one of it's battleships, The Silver Lady. HMS Dream Catcher is destroyed on its voyage back to Northrend by the notorious Ascendance Fleet.

May 12th
[Guild] The Alliance Inquisition is exiled from the Alliance by the Bulwark and Royal Court.

May 13th
[Guild] The Alliance Inquisition is reformed into the Ashen Dawn. They call themself the Dawn, because they intended to raise as a white sun once more, and cull all impure and corrupted from Azeorth!

Vol'jin declares open rebellion against the 'True' Horde. After liberating the Echo Isles and capturing Razor Hill, the Darkspear Rebellion prepare to lay siege to Orgrimmar itself and end Hellscream's reign.

May 22nd
[Guild] The Markallor Bulwark joins the Darkspear Rebellion.

May 26th
[Guild] The Legion of Chaos goes into dormancy.

June 7th
[Guild] The Ashen Dawn is unexiled, and return back to Stormwind.

June 10th
[Guild] The Ashen Dawn take over the charge of maintaining the Cathedral, in order to ensure peace and order is kept. Some regulations are put in place:

June 21st
[Guild] The Everdawn order host a wondrous ball to take the minds of the Sin'dorei people away from the War. Many notable Elven orders attended filling up the square in the Exchange and featured multiple competitions, including best armour and best ballroom pair.

July 8th - 31st
[Event] Operation: Crouching Hozen - Prologue: The Hangover
Following an unfortunate crash in Dustwallow Marsh, Group Hozen of the Freelancers Guild proceed to scramble supplies and assemble a caravan to transport the load to their original destination: the Northern Barrens.

July 31st
[Event] The first Horde'mar Summit is called.
In an effort to gain structure and order within chaos in the shaky Darkspear Rebellion, the Mok'lohn Command attempts to call for the known leaders of several Warbands and rebel parties that are openly within the Rebellion itself to a frequent monthly meeting to discuss and solve matters that affect the Rebellion as a whole.

August 1st - 21st
[Event] Operation: Crouching Hozen - Chapter 1: Relationship Triangle
Upon a huge misunderstanding between the Freelancers Guild and the township of Ratchet, Group Hozen sets out to compensate for their faults before Trade Manager Gazlowe himself paid notice - all while working on good relations with other mercenary companies in the local vicinity.

August 3rd
[Guild] The Markallor Bulwark merges into the Moklohn Command.

August 4th
[Guild] The Frozen Paw Clan is founded.
Having seen many individuals turn towards dishonour, Hal'thrakk Skullrender has taken his farewells with the Frostwolf Clan, and has instead taken up the mantle of Chieftain of a clan of the Horde's primal races, in the hopes of restoring honour and faith to its people.

August 22nd - September 15th
[Event] Operation: Crouching Hozen - Chapter 2: Rapid Escalation
Following an innocent plea for help, Crystalarrow unwittingly plunges the Freelancers Guild into the Horde's very own civil war, sealing their fate as allies to the Darkspear Rebellion.

September 3th
[Guild] The Fallen Leaf is founded.
Shuang Yuo-Tse gathers a group of like-minded fighters and philosophers and prepares to set out of Pandaria in the time of a week, their goal being to perfect themselves and fight the turmoil in the lands beyond.

Tensions stoked by Garrosh Hellscream's arrogance reach a boiling point with destruction unleashed upon the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Leaders of the Alliance and Horde lay siege to Hellscream's capital in order to topple the ruthless Warchief.

September 11th
[Event] The Destruction of the Vale
The Fallen Leaf, the Yuoshin Creed, and the Tushui all participate in the aftermath of the Vale's corruption. Suffering many wounded, and many who fell to corruption, they defended the Mistfall Village as the Kor'kron were driven out by the Shado-Pan and Golden Lotus.

September 16th - October 1st
[Event] Operation: Crouching Hozen - Chapter 3: Damsels In Distress
Under the temporary leadership of Amae Nightcloak - an old companion of Crystalarrow's - Group Hozen and the collaterally involved Order of the Fallen Leaf find a well sought-after artifact, hiding from the Kor'kron, Alliance, Horde and a clingy Eredar at once whilst hoping to solve the mysteries behind two elven maidens of old.

September 17th
[Guild] The Sin'adand sail to Durotar and set up camp to the North of Razor Hill.
With Dawnherald and the Collective having already set up a beach front earlier in the month, the rest of the Mandate's forces, lead by Lord Emberdawn, arrive on the crimson shores of Durotar. Setting up camp in a farm to the north of Razor Hill, they fortified it and used it as a means to strike against the Kor'kron in the area.

September 24th
[Event] Lord Emberdawn enters talks with Alliance forces in Durotar, including the Sanctuary of Moonlight and Red Valour. The ending has both parties desiring to convene a truce - a treaty of obligation - to help aid their forces against the tyranny of Hellscream.
The first treaty between Thalassian Elves and Men since before the Second and Third War.

September 26th
[Guild] The Warhounds are founded.
Gurraddon Bloodmaw and Sinquija Cidé form the Warhounds, a company of vicious mercenaries.

October 4th - 13th
[Event] Operation: Crouching Hozen - Chapter 4: Let My People Go
The unfortunate crash of an airship alerted the Kor'kron to the presence of Yuo-Tse's and Crystalarrow's people, eventually leading to the imprisonment of several camp members. The disorganized crews now find themselves at a loss, scrambling member by member, supplies by supplies, until they can dare mount a rescue - provided they figured out where to rescue.

October 8th
[Guild] Huo Shao'din turns into HuoFeng Shaodin.

October 13th
[Guild] The Sunbound joins the Sin'adand bringing the number back up to five after Dawnsight returns it's command to Dawnherald.

October 14th - 22nd
[Event] Operation: Crouching Hozen - Chapter 5: A Booming Rollercoaster
Now in Azshara, Group Hozen readily assists pockets of the Bilgewater Cartel to regain their footing in Azshara whilst seeking to buy out the less loyal types to the original cause of Operation: Crouching Hozen. To succeed in both objectives, they are to ensure the capture of one major target: The Azshara Rocketway.

October 21st
[Guild] The Sin'adand secure supply routes south for the Rebellion forces, utilising Ratchet as a port to deliver them to before guiding them back up towards their camps at Far Watch Post and the Sin'dorei Encampment on a fortified farm just north of Razor Hill.
Kor'kron impeding the way are dealt with swiftly, ending with the Sin'dorei securing the town and bearing a new change for the war against Hellscream.

October 25th
[Event] Hallow's End Masque and Gala
Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion annually.

November 7th
[Event] The combined might of the Grommash Offensive and Sin'adand forces battle their way into the west gate of Orgrimmar and take the Valley of Spirits, freeing the prisoners of war detained there, whilst other Rebellion forces battle around the Capital, wading through the blood and bodies of their enemies and their own fallen comrades. With hundreds dead on both sides, it was a gruesome long battle which ended the lives of many but yielded a great reward.

November 9th
[Event] The Grommash Offensive and Sin'adand forces are brutally pushed out of the Valley of Spirits alongside their freed Prisoners of War, resulting in many being tortured and eventually freed after serious damage done to the invading army.

November 11th
[Event] Battle of Southfury River
The Sin'adand and Horde allies clash with the forces of the Kor'kron soldiers on the road north to Orgrimmar, fighting a gruesome battle with losses on both sides - including staving off Annihilator attacks. The fighting ends with the Rebellion in retreat when a Proto-Drake arrives on the scene, burning a path of destruction through the battle-line.

November 22nd
[Guild] Laminas joins the Sin'adand, bringing the total number of members up to six.

November 25th
[Event] Return to Kirthaven Village Hours
Kirthaven, a peaceful little village north of the Twilight Highlands. A place for dwarves of all clans to find tranquillity. Yet not only dwarves are allowed within the village; every race under the banner of the Alliance is welcome to enjoy Kirthaven's glorious environment, and its fine ale!

Late November - December
[Event] Arathi Skirmishes
An unexpected assault from Forsaken forces led to a bitter trade of blows, the thinly spread Arathorians coming under siege at Strom itself for several days during the course of which the walls and gates changed hands several times.

[Guild] The Dranoshar Dominion is formed.
An Elite Unit, set out only for Domination. As a Dominion the Dranosh'ar is tasked with the capture and control of territory, for the true Horde, they will travel to many foreign lands to earn or win back territory. Defending home or extending it, all in the name of the people of the Horde, not her Warchief.

December 1st
[Guild] The Sin'adand and allies ambush Kor'kron forces in Ashenvale, taking revenge from their previous loss.
After a Kor'kron prisoner reveals their plans to attack the Kaldorei to the north, the leaders of the Blood Mandate take the opportunity to form an ambush, confronting the Orcs head as they stampeded down the road, giving a well-needed victory to the Rebellion forces.

December 5th
[Event] Fundraiser: The Stromgarde War

December 20th
[Event] Fat Father Winter
For the third year in a row, Fat Father Winter has returned to Stormwind. Or well, that's not entirely true. Fat Father Winter never got to leave Stormwind last year, after an accident with his sleigh, involving many cheering children, a lot of ale and D.E.T.A taking away most of his reindeer.

December 21st
[Event] Winter Solstice Gathering
The Fablewind Faire arrive in Winterspring at the request of Matriarch Shadefeather to host a gathering to observe the setting of the sun upon the longest night of the year, followed feasting and revelry until dawn.

December 20th-23rd
[Event] The Grand Winterveil Tournament
A good-natured celebration to bring about the mood for Winterveil, and display the unity and peace amongst citizens of the Alliance and military orders. Held at the Argent Tournament Grounds, on the 20-22nd of December, with an extra day afterwards for those that wish to stay and celebrate further.

January 4th
[Guild] Kirin Tor Assault formed to respond to a world crisis should it arise.

January 22nd
[Guild] The Fourth Regiment of Foot (or the Northgate Rifles) is formally raised from a mixture of former huntsmen and soldiers by King Greymane.

January 28th
[Event] Wings of Twilight: the Hunt Begins
Through the dark and gloomy streets of Surwich a rumour had spread. A new and insane master took control of the Tainted Forest, his minions spreading fear and terror throughout the dark glades. In defense of Surwich, many of those on their journey to the Outland cleared these cultists from within the woods.

January 31st - February 7th
[Event] Wings of Twilight: Through the Hellfire and Flames
The first week in the campaign[1] saw great victories across the Peninsula, from battling cultists at the Dark Portal[2] to storming the land's heart at the Citadel's Ramparts[3]. Heroes from all over Azeroth gathered, with the Alliance garrisoned at Honour Hold, the Horde at Thrallmar, and neutral factions at the Temple.
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[Guild] Stormwind Provincials is founded.

February 1st
[Event] Stories of the Brave: Lunar Festival
The Lunar Festival was nigh, and although once only celebrated by the savage night Elves and peaceful Tauren, the celebration of ancestor remembrance and worship has spread among the many races. Word travelled among members of the Horde and the Cenarion Circle of special meeting this year.

February 2nd
[Event] The Infinite Dark
The Great Dark harbours endless mysteries and unforetold wisdom. However - an opportunity had arisen to expand our limited knowledge of what lies beyond. Rumour began to sweep over the land that an object from a distant world had breached our solitude. Observers of the stars all across the Eastern Kingdoms spotted a strange celestial object plummeting from the skies. Accounts described an orb of vibrant flame lighting up the night sky and breaking apart. Scattering fragments all the way from the dense jungle of Stranglethorn to the icy wastelands of Northrend.

February 4th
[Event] Baffling explosion from the cosmos strikes the Storm Peaks
On the morning of the fourth day of the second month of the year, a flaming meteorite lit up the starless skies. It was first sighted over the Vale of Stranglethorn and is said to have travelled as far as the Storm Peaks of Northrend.

February 7th - 14th
[Event] Wings of Twilight: The Plague
The second week in the campaign entered into a hellish and diseased swamp, embroiled in a war between Light, Nature and Death.

February 9th
[Guild] Goblet of War was founded.

February 10th
[Guild] Operation: Silent Shield commences, forming the Silent Shield unit.

February 11th
[Event] Electoral candidates prepare for debate and election
In spectacular premiere, the people of Stormwind were called to vote for Old Town's Commissar in the elections organized by the Citizen Congress.

February 13th
[Event] Pirates threaten Northwatch Hold
Unrelated to the happenings in Outland, Kalimdor once more finds its lands engulfed in war - only now it being a new threat: pirates and marines.

February 14th - 21st
[Event] Wings of Twilight: The Shadow-War
The third week saw the campaign passing from the ashes into the fire, as Twilight warlocks fight a deadly and silent war with the Kurenai and Mag'har.

February 16th
[Guild] A Kirin Tor Assault meeting regarding an expedition to Northrend happens, the date it begins set for the 18th.

February 17th
[Guild] Seventeenth Regiment is founded.
Recruitment officers from the 17th return to Stormwind to raise a new platoon from the populace.

February 18th
[Event] Treaty of the United Front is signed between the following: the Kirin Tor Assault, the Alliance Crusade, and the Quel'dorei Resolve.

February 18th - 26th
[Event] Expedition to the Crash Site
An Alliance Expedition to hunt down the crash site of a meteor and secure it before something can become of it.

February 28th
[Event] Star Stone Siezed
A perilous expedition to the far north leads to blood in the snow, as forces clash over the reported "sky stone." Surviving witnesses speak to the Argent Post.

March 1st
[Guild] House of Dawnmaster rises from the ashes and begins noteable rebuilding.

March 4th
[Guild] Dranoshar Dominion's General Drunthak Furyaxe is assassinated in the crossroads, following his victory over Warlord Draxurn Bloodgaze in a duel to determine his position as Warbringer and equal.

March 9th
[Event] The Eleventh Conclave of Quel'thalas was held in Silvermoon City.
[Event] The Order of St. Seline is formally founded. A branch of the Cult of the Forgotten Shadow that embraces all races and is currently rapidly extending. Founded by Perovicus.

March 13th
[Guild] The Broken Sun Resistance is refounded.

March 15th
[Guild] The Warhounds complete their first contract in Bilgewater Harbour, and under the new Hound Master, Sykér Morgan. Ushering in a new era for the merciless sellswords.

March 20th
[Event] The Sun Thieves and the Sunbound both leave the Sin'adand. The number falls once more to four members.

March 25th
[Event] The Sunveil join the Sin'adand, taking the total number back up to five.

March 26th
[Event] Kirin Tor Assault learn of a Arcane Distress Call coming from Feralas and begin to move to investigate.

April 6th
[Event] Spine of Kalimdor begins.

April 7th
[Event] The Kirin Tor Assault, Clockwork Collective and Pact of Alterac agree to form a triple alliance to deal with the Horde that have broken the truce in Feralas.

April 21st
[Event] The Vanguard of Dawn, House Sunrain, House Dawnmaster and the Thalassian Enclave are voted in to join the Sin'adand, bringing the total membership up to nine.

May 2nd
[Character] Lord Fanldorn Dawnmaster goes missing after being pushed from the top of a waterfall.

June 7th
[Character] Lord Edrasil Emberdawn disappears completely from the High Kingdom for reasons unknown. The Everdawn Order is entrusted to his childhood friend Isariel Andelorian during his absence and the Sin'adand's Chairman position is entrusted to Captain Shiroff Lumanoré.

June 12th
[Character] Lord Fanldorn Dawnmaster is found in Kalimdor with no memory of the events that have transpired during his disappearance.

June 22nd
[Guild] The Kirin Tor Assault begin an investigation into the situation in Outland after reports of stockpiled Blood Elven Mana Bombs due to be destroyed were stolen.

July 25th - August 3rd
[Event] Red August
Azeroth's fragile truce shatters over night, patrols scramble for armaments and sentries stare carefully in to the shadows - the war that never was has begun. An Alliance combined military exercise to train raw recruits results in fresh faces being exposed to the fiercest of combatants, on the other side of the fence a Horde military ceremony to honour the fallen of Northrend is unexpectedly interrupted.

August 29th - 31st
[Event] Conference on Peace & Prosperity
In light of tensions caused by border conflict and territorial disputes, the Directorate of Statistics and Topography issued an advisory to Alliance commanders that unless diplomatic channels are opened, these provincial conflicts could spin out of the already tenuous control of either faction. Diplomats, politicians and military commanders from both factions were called to present their arguments to peers and supposedly erstwhile enemies in an effort to secure a more lasting peace.

August 21st
[Event/Character] The Trial of the Black Queen.
Ashiraya Sunblade, at this point known cordially as the 'Black Queen', unexpectedly appears alone at Hearthglen and turns herself in to Argent justice. An open trial is arranged with people from all over Azeroth taking part. After three days of trial, the verdict is revealed to be exile to Acherus, the Ebon Hold. After a few weeks the sentence is amended, first to transfer wardenship to the respected Pandaren Monk Zen Yuo, and subsequently to sanctioned front-line service when the Iron Horde arrives.

September 10th
[Event/Character] The Trial of Cathán Felian
A prosecution against Eorl Cathán Felian brought by a collective of Alliance affiliated orders seeking justice for crimes against the peace and the civilian population.
The Iron Horde tramples Draenor, with Azeroth and worlds uncounted to follow. The Dark Portal turns red, and the Ironmarch invasion begins. The Alliance and Horde mount a desperate charge, leading the armies of one world against another...

October 20th
[Event] The Iron Onslaught Campaign
A massive force of orcs wielding fearsome and devastating technology has entered into Azeroth. Dubbed 'the Ironmarch', pouring forth from the Dark Portal with a seemingly endless supply of fresh troops that threaten the safety of not only the Eastern Kingdoms, but very well the whole of Azeroth. Amidst these turmoils only one thing is clear - the Horde and the Alliance must work together to overcome this common enemy. The truly wise, however, ask themselves, "can they?"

October 25th
[Event] Hallow's End Masque and Gala
Hallow's End marks the day the group of undead, who would later be known as the Forsaken, broke free of the Lich King's dominance and once again regained their free will. They celebrate this occasion annually.

October 28th
[Guild] Order of the Sage was founded by Jenna-Angela Wenner (Xesmeni)
Academy-themed guild teaching Arms Mastery, History, Unarmed Combat, Offensive and Supportive Magic, Healing Arts, Speech craft and Trading skills.

January 10th - 25th
[Event] Goblins vs Gnomes: The Clash of the Tinkers
The Clash of the Tinkers is the first installment of Goblins vs Gnomes, with the cease-fire in place it involves a Cold War themed battle of science, technology and tinkering!

January 31st
[Event] Eastvale Tournament
The quiet air of Eastvale is usually only disturbed by the sound of sawmills - but during the Tournament it will resound to the market fair, performances and the thunder of games!

February 16th
[Event] Lunar Festival Celebrations
Every year the Druids of Moonglade hold a celebration to honour the wisdom of the Elders and celebrate their victory over an ancient evil. During the Lunar Festival, citizens of Azeroth are welcomed to Moonglade to share in magnificent feats, shoot fireworks into the night sky, and meet with the ancient heroes that appear to share their wisdom.

February 20th - 27th
[Event] Vile Fumigation
A small campaign with heavy RP-PVP elements focused on the Alliance's ambitions in Strom and the biological weaponry of the Forsaken slowly encroaching upon the fallen kingdom.

February 27th
[Event] Council of Houses
A council designed especially for the houses that have found themselves within the Eastern Kingdoms. Problems/situations are discussed, allies made, and solutions seen on the horizon.

March 8th
[Event] Grand Alliance War Council
Orders and organizations receive an invitation to sit in War Council with Senator Irondawn in the Chamber of War in the city of Ironforge, to ascertain whether there had been an intrusion into Alliance territory and gather a host to repudiate any occupant forces from Alliance territory.

March 22nd
[Guild/Character] Shadowleaf Watchers' former captain Illyrith Whispersong is succeeded by Callean Whispersong.

March 25th - May 6th
[Guild] Arathi Honour Guard
Remnants of the Arathi Honour Guard make for Stormwind, with plans to reassemble under Alliance reform in accordance with their trial, the mandate of new leadership set in motion by the High Court of Chancery. A foreign banner known as the Order of Ardencourt later lay siege upon Stromgarde in light of it's vanguard's alleged crimes, ralling a war host alongside the Onyx Association and the Company of the Hawk - leaving the city defenseless against the Rotgarde.

April 2nd
[Event] Moonrise
Continuing a long-held tradition of celebrating the rise of the full moon, previously carried on by Gilthas Moonshadow, Priestess Gwenhylew Mayapple and many others, Priestess Nisharil Nightsong begins arranging public celebrations to the rise of the full moon once again.

April 3rd
[Character] Lord Galdrick Hammerson organised a meeting of the Silver Hand and proposed a string of meetings to be known as a 'Call of the Silver Hand'.
[Guild] The Call of the Silver Hand was formed.

April 11th
[Event] Street Faire at the Stormwind Docks
A street faire held at the Stormwind docks! Compliments of the Merchants Guild and the Fablewind Faire.

April 11th
[Guild/Character] Knight-Captain Ruskov Thorgrimson, and Commander Vendrick Heradan are forced to depart Lord Arrthur Lakeridge Tarsias service.

April 13th
[Guild] Howl of Thoradan is formed as a response to what happened to Vendrick and Ruskov when they were forced out of Tarsias. Howl of Thoradan forms over the coming months and become a military company in service of the Grand Alliance.

May 15h
[Event] Skirmish in Strom

June 1st
[Character] Duke Sepilious Ruthseer, former High Consul of the Royal Court and former Magistrate of the High Court of Chancery dies a natural death, in his sleep, in the early hours of the morning. Laid to rest the next day, buried alongside his deceased family at the Ruthseer estate.

June 3rd
[Character/Guild] Coronation of Rythern Ruthseer, successor to his father as Duke of the House. Baron Leon Ruthseer aids his brother and establishes the knighthood of the house as the Oakwood Covenant.

June 21st
[Event] Jurin'atore
Starsong hosted the yearly Great Hunt, Jurin'atore, consisting of riddles, rhymes, and other challenges. Winning team: The Sunchasers (Kitowe, Beithelyn, Jhandra, Venomleaf)

Gul'dan corrupts Tanaan Jungle by unleashing the Felblight, using Hellfire Citadel as the capital of his Shadow Council and the now corrupted remnants of the Iron Horde, as well as the Burning Legion on Draenor.

June 24th
[Event] "Fury of Hellfire" - The Assault on Tanaan Jungle
As the Alliance and Horde forces touch down together just below the ruins of the Dark Portal, they're surprised by the Bleeding Hollow Clan, almost immediately attacking them. As they move further into the jungle, both the Alliance and the Horde is in the progress of setting up their first camps in the area. However, west of their position, the Fel Horde is approaching. Together, the two factions need to eradicate the afflicted orcs to aid in the efforts of raising their first camps upon the battlefield.

June 25th
[Event] Alliance forces rally and sail from Lunarfall to assault Tanaan Jungle as per requested. Rallying with the heroes, the participants were led through the jungles to Lion's Watch to gather their strength before they turned to the Iron Front, meeting the new Fel Iron Horde head-on.

June 26th
[Guild] The Baratide Naval Brigade is created after the death of Lieutenant Malcolm Pyke of the Baradin's Wardens and his dying wish of a mobile elite-force of the Wardens.
[Event] Stormwind City Watch Fundraiser Ball 'n' Grill
News from Stormwind! The Watchmen donned their tuxedos to provide an evening of auctions, games, banter and char-grilled snacks while accepting donations from the city's populace.

June 30th
[Event] The Stolen Flame
Dungeon Mastered storyline targeted towards the Alliance Warlock community.

July 1st - August 5th
[Event] The Whispers of War
The truce is still in full effect on Azeroth. The bulk of the Alliance and Horde's forces still fight the Iron Horde together on the distant world of Draenor - but peace is a fragile thing. All over the world of Azeroth forces work behind the scenes. It is not the drums, but the Whispers of War that echo once more.

July 6th - 19th
[Event] Tournament of the Silver Hand
Men and women of the Alliance who are strong enough to defend our world in this hour of crisis, are called to attend the Tournament of the Silver Hand.

August 1st
[Event] Dalaran City Hours

August 6th
[Event] The Tanaan Invasion
Although Gul'dan's horde may be one issue, and the Burning Legion another, many more groups have been recruited under Gul'dan's ranks, and they must be dealt with before they too can get their grubby fingertips upon a lost artifact.

August 7th
[Event] Shipwrecked
A public transit ship from Stormwind towards Booty Bay gets caught in a storm sending the ship off its course. The ship is broken by the wrath of the sea and the passengers are left drifting on pieces of the vessel, until they find the tide taking them to the shore of an exotic island.

September 1st
[Event] The Iron Horse
The Order of Valor officially call out each band, group, order, house and guild in the southern region, challenged by the fastest riders in the realm.

September 5th
[Event] Assault on the Northwatch
The Ragemaul, Firemaul, Gilded Blades and Halfmoon Tribe make ready, those still loyal to the survival of the Horde's races pledged to assault the fortress of Northwatch Hold, including a part of the Horde itself, despite the 'cowardly pact'.

September 10th - 19th
[Event] The Blooming
They came from another world. Their resolve unbreakable. Their goal to spread and grow. Driven by instinct, unmoved by morals and laws. And unless they were stopped, the whole of Azeroth could have been infected.

September 29th
[Event] The Lost Spirit
Ogre spirits hunt inhabitants of the Stranglethorn in their dreams. A group of trolls is asked to help solve the mystery and find out what tortures the lost spirit and why it can't go to rest.

September 30th - October 4th
[Event] Hell's Vengeance
In this event people that gathered from various horde tribes and kingdoms, also assisted by three members of Neutral Tribe Zaveza (Mouldline, Jaranjo and Zaz'uli) take arms to aid ''unknown Heroes'' by providing these heroes a breath while we try keeping forces of the Legion at bay. After a while the whole group is disbanded, all members that were fighting there shall be remembered by each tribe as war heroes.

October - November
[Event] Change in Horde'mar leadership
New headsman to Horde'mar: Rotgarde.

October 7th
[Event] Eagle's Rise
The Rotgarde seized the ancient city of Strom for their own, the Arathi Honour Guard now under lead of Sir Ortellus Falheim make across the Thandol Span, and battle the Forsaken forces in Arathi Highlands. Phillip Perroy's Rotgarde succeed in routing the vanguard, forcing them to retreat into the hills - and later fully out of Arathi Highlands, to lick their wounds and bide their time, calling on any who'd march north to give aid.
[Character] Sir Shevron Aldran-Felian said to be slain in battle against the Rotgarde.

October 11th, 2015:
[Character] Former Watcher-Captain Illyrith Whispersong is killed by Tal Minn'da, the 'Black Queen', in Ashenvale.

November 20th - 30th
[Event] A Rising Storm
The Hiri'watha Research station's destruction has unleashed the Apothecarium's deadly produce unto the Hinterlands, leaving an area that is unsafe to traffick without protection: The Horde's advance on the Aerie had briefly been halted and the positions of both groups shift rapidly, though for most part the Horde was stationed at the holy city of Shadra'Alore, and the Alliance at the looming Aerie of the Wildhammer dwarves.

December 13th - 14th
[Guild/Event] Siege of Stromgarde
The Arathi Honour Guard besiege the fallen city of Strom and win it back from a detatchment of Defilers (OOC: The Rotgarde). The flags of the Honour Guard fly over the walls of Stromgarde as winter settles over Arathor.

January 3rd
[Event] Falconwing Square Games Night
Nadriah Bloodveil organises an evening of card games, darts, drinking and general merriment in Falconwing Square, Eversong Woods.

January 14th
[Event] Champion of Khaz Modan
The new year dawns, and a champion must be named! The Three Hammers, with Chancellor Eugene Irondawn at the head, organise a tournament of hammer, blade and spell to hand out the prestigious title, and a considerable gold prize!

January 22nd - 25th
[Event/Meeting] Mercenary Guildsmeet: Everlook
A gathering of mercenaries and related ne'erdowells to discuss matters of importance for the survival of their line of work in a tumultuous world. There's also snacks and drinks. Many events and shenanigans go down at the meeting.

January 23rd
[Guild] The Company of the Sworn Swords was founded.

January 28th
[Event/Meeting] Feathermoon/Camp Mojache Village Hours
Many of the spectators and participants of the upcoming gladiatorial tournament in Eldre'thalas, now known as Dire Maul, arrive and socialise. Discussions are had, and preparations take place in the two settlements.

January 29th - 30th
[Event] The Maul
A series of gladiatorial spectacles organised by many of them and their allies, but chiefly Serafier Winterflow. The fights were many and glorious, and the prizes on offer staggering. Venomancer Exi'jin won the spellcaster tournament, Kelani took away the price in the Magic Wand tournament. On the main day of the tournament, where the most intense fighting took place, Venomancer Exi'jin yet again took away the win!

January 30th
[Meeting] Called by the Light
Sir Morvuk Anvilfist calls on the Light-wielders of the Argent Crusade, as well as the Exodar, Stormwind, Ironforge, Silvermoon and Thunder Bluff to meet in Tyr's Hand Cathedral for a discussion of philosophy.

January 1st - May 16th
[Event] Rebels in Redridge - Besieged!
A small revolt that took over Stonewatch keep for a time, before the Grey Reach dismantled them, as well as a few Blackrock Orcs heading south through hidden passes, only to be vanquished at the siege.

February 1st
[Event] Lunar Festival Procession
For centuries since the defeat of the Burning Legion and the Sundering, the Lunar Festival has been held every year to celebrate the triumphs of the Elders, and in remembrance of their valour and wisdom. To begin this years revelry, The Cenarion Guardians are holding a procession of lights - symbolic of Elune's power and grace spreading through the land - to welcome celebrants to Moonglade.

February 8th
[Event] Celebration of Shaohao
Ten-thousand years ago, our most dear and revered of Emperors, Shaohao, did sacrifice his very being to save all of Pandaria from the Sundering of Azeroth! The legends say that when his followers arrived at the Terrace, all they found was his staff and robe... there will be dumplings to eat, lanterns to fly and brew to drink amongst much more.

February 8th
[Event] The Solar Festival
Far too many elven souls were lost in the battle against the Traitor Prince and his demonic master, Kil'jaeden - but their sacrifices were not in vain. The would-be destroyers of our proud and glorious nation were defeated, the Sunwell was reignited and, through that, so hope for the ancient kingdom of the blood elves. Tonight we will honour the memory of our brave heroes.

February 17th
[Event] Stormwind Market Day
The perfect time to make money, and to purchase gifts for friends and family! Also a good opportunity to set up a competitive trade war with your friends, colleagues or another collective! Who leaves with more coin in their pocket?

February 18th
[Event] The Battle of Strahnbrad
The Syndicate attacks the depleted host of the Moor Watch. Ferocious fighting breaks out over both the town of Strahnbrad and the ruins of Alterac City.

February 19th
[Event] Love is in the Air
The Ilvanesta family organises a celebration of the most lovely time of the year! Thunder Bluff plays host to the festivities, where drink-laden trays are plentiful, as is the food and good company! Kissing booth, a Gearfist DJ, a fortune teller stall, and many other fun activities were organised.

April 14th
[Guild] Fifth Alliance Regiment is founded by Danarok.
[Guild/Character] Rohrin Duskvale replaces Callean Stormfall as Captain of Shadowleaf Watchers.

April 15th - May 4th
[Event/Campaign] The Frozen Heart II
The origins of the Frozen Heart are as mysterious at its true powers. Believed to be the core of a blue dragonflight, it is known to greatly enhance magical powers of spells and curses – a tool more than a weapon.

May 5th - 20th
[Event/Campaign] Legacy of the Saurok
Across the seas, both the mighty Horde and the Grand Alliance sense an opportunity. Both of these powerful political entities have a massive appetite for fuel and raw materials - the victory in Tanaan was not without cost, and now both factions face a shortage in oil and iron -- with the additional benefit of ridding the area of the Saurok threat.

May 9th
[Event/Campaign] Rise of the Burning Shadow
Rise of the Burning Shadow is an extended pre-Legion campaign.

May 14th - 21st
[Event/Campaign] The Great Hunt of Duskwood
The Night Watch advises you to not venture towards the west of Duskwood or if absolutely necessary stick to groups and the road. Due to a recent increase of deadly spiders brought forth by a "brood mother" east of Raven Hill we cannot guarantee your safety should you decide to travel nearby.

May 17th - June 14th
[Event/Campaign] A Tale As Old As Time - "The Exiled Knight"
Northrend is a harsh unforgiving land, far from civilization it is home to some of Azeroth's most terrifying creatures; Dragons, Vrykul and giants to name but a few. Beneath the snow hides secrets left by the enigmatic forgers of the universe and amongst the snow-tipped glaciers the remains of the Scourge lurks like vultures.

June 17th
[Event] Defense of the Plaguelands
The Undead moved across the Plaguelands like a wave across the ocean. From the forgotten halls of Scholomance to the deserted Scarlet Enclave, the Highlord calls to all to defend the lands. The Grand Cleric of the Hand of the Light and his Knights heard the call. Have you?

June 20th
[Event] Rebellion against the guard!
Posters are found on every tavern door, every outhouse, every story window, even stuffed between your daily papers. Stormwind roars against corruption and tonight shall commence the final end game.

June 20th - 25th
[Event/Campaign] 'The Rift'
Thanks to the unwitting errors of a rogue mage coven, the raw magical fallout left over from Theramore’s destruction has been unleashed... A magic rift has formed, causing dreaded mana storms to billow out over Dustwallow Marsh.

June 24th
[Event] Midsummer Fire Festival
The Midsummer Fire Festival is a time of merryment and festivities celebrating the hottest season of the year! Festival bonfires are lit around all of Azeroth and Outland and players can travel to each to honor (or desecrate) their flames.

July 6th
[Event] Legion Workshop
The Aldori Axiom hosts the next in a series of public lectures and workshops on combatting the legion as part of their duty to help prepare Azeroth for the coming of the Burning Legion as foreseen by the Prophet Velen.
July 10th
[Event] Nature's Vigil - Druid Class Meeting
Word spreads through druidic circles across Azeroth of a meeting called in Moonglade. Nighthaven prepares to play host to Druids from all races and factions to strengthen bonds of kinship in this time of change, to share news, and to celebrate all of nature’s bounty together.

July 16th
[Event] Sin'dorei Summer Masquerade Ball
Rumours speak of a summer masquerade ball to be organised at the Isle of Quel'Danas, open for blood elves loyal to Quel'thalas. It's an occasion for different elven houses to improve their public relations, and a chance for families and individuals alike to show off their wealth. The event is also an opportunity for the unmarried to look for a potential partner.

July 19th
[Event] Tavern in the Mists
Every month or so, Liao Krasarang of the Pandaria Tourist Board, manages to negotiate a free evening with the Tavern in the Mists to host a variety of people from across Azeroth. Here, they can enjoy the calm atmosphere in the best hot spring Pandaria has to offer!

July 22nd - 25th
[Event] Fighting the Kraken
The Duke and Duchess of House Goldbane cordially invite you to the largest Tournament in long on their lands of Fairport in Kul'Tiras! Test your durability and skill in a variety of different contests, create bonds and friendships with your fellow contenders and win glorious prizes suitable for Champions of the Alliance!

July 29th
[Event] Unity of the Horde
Doomsayers have arrived in Orgrimmar, and the people of the Horde are scared, as rumours of a demon invasion float about inside the walls of the great capital. But, as heads were pulled together, it was decided that in the face of such a threat - real or not - it will be better to put aside the petty disputes, quarrels and squabbles that individuals and inner-Horde groups have had in the past, and march for unity, in a display of might to the whole world and any chaotic being that may be watching...

July 30th
[Event] The Gathering

August 6th
[Character/Event] SI:7 operatives in Gilneas discover the shattered wreckage of a massive and highly advanced Gnome-type submarine outside the Headlands coast. Dozens of dead crew and their families as well as high numbers of crew-automata are identified, but no trace of the attacker is found. The submarine's insignia has been tentatively identified as matching 'Cerebra', a mysterious private science organisation.

August 10th - 24th
[Event/Campaign] Azeroth's Defense!
Champions of Azeroth, this is a call to arms! A monstrosity has invaded our home and we must UNITE to fight against it before it is too late. The Burning Legion wish for nothing more than to see this planet burn in its green flames, but we are NOT going to let that happen without a fight - would you?

August 14th
[Event] Procession by Pyrelight
The battle of the Broken Shore has left the Horde half-broken. Its stoutest soldiers and most hearty heroes are food for carrion and the morning broth of worms. The Trolls of the Tribe and any who would join them bring the last spark of the Chieftain's embers on one final journey to Sen'jin, namesake of his father, where the spirits of the lost may find their rest.

August 16th
[Event/Campaign] At Hell's Gates
The skies churn with fire and brimstone again. Amidst a roaring sea, the Broken Isles become the epicentre of the greatest Legion invasion yet experienced on Azeroth. With the Tomb of Sargeras reopening and the Archmage Khadgar sending out warnings like his master once did nearly fifteen years earlier, war has come to Azeroth like never before. Who will answer the call? Heroes from afar, most likely. The armies of the world converge in their mighty fleets upon the Broken Isles to defeat the invasion before it can take root. But will they succeed? A reckoning is coming for all on Azeroth.

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