Defense, and lack of

So i was just doing some bgs, with around 4.1k resi and then i went and got hit for a 60k mind blast crit by a t2 priest with some hc DS gear. How is this in any way right, spells go straight through armor along with most physical damage classes with their ArP stuff, im frequently hit for over 25k. For those who say i should get more resilience, they probably dont know that the difference between 4.1k and 4.6k resilience is around 5% damage taken, meaning that a 60k crit would be 57k, a 25k crit would be 23.75k unless im doing these calculations wrong. WTB better defensives? Spell reflect is hardly reliable enough to stop spell damage and shield wall has many issues, why do we have to stand to get hit for so much when other classes have AMS, AMZ, Cloak of Shadows etc (rouges/dks have these and then hp recovering abilities also).
Here ends the rant.
19/03/2012 18:33Posted by Minerals
4.1k resi
4433 resi: 43.05% damage reduction, Solafid's resi.
4161 resi: 41.05% damage reduction, my resi.
2% damage reduction will stop me being dominated, right?
Shadowpriests are total glasscannons at the moment, got one myself, and with 3 orbs, Mind Blast melts.
Shadow priest are like frost dks and ele shammys, glass cannons. You can't let them do what they want or else u will get slaughtered. But it is true that other classes hit us harder then we hit them, even cloth. Its as if armor doesn mean anything anymore. We lack defence indeed.
21/03/2012 20:52Posted by Zanthrax
We lack defence indeed.

Someone from higher got very pissed and reduced us to cannon fodder. :]
if an SP is on you you should switch to him immediately perhaps buy time with a spellreflect if you have to but dont let em nuke you. When youre on em you can lock em down fairly easily. Warriors are not where they used to be but it aint that bad as well. On average it feels about as gimped as destro lock, I still play warrior very frequently and it hasnt been disappointing me too much.
If shadow priests are glasscannons, then warrior's are glass pea shooters.
I mentioned the shadow priest example just to show a point, if i remember right there were other things going on at the time as happens in battlegrounds, and so i couldnt do anything to stop the damage. It isnt just shadowpriests, other classes are able to hit for silly amounts on us and theres little we can do which is the point I was trying to raise.

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