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Welcome to the Blizzard EU Customer Service Twitter Q&A!

In this thread we'll be answering questions that have been asked, by you, via our Twitter page. We will do our best to prioritise and consolidate the most relevant or common themed questions, but please understand that due to time constraints we may not be able to reply to all of the questions we receive.

Curious about our stance on bots? Ever wonder about the reasoning behind our scam policy? What goes on behind-the-scenes in Blizzard CS? All questions will need to come through our BlizzardCSEU Twitter page: (, and we’ll be updating this thread with the answers once we have them. Don’t forget to use #BlizzCS when posing your question!

These are the guys who will be answering your questions:

Policy and Process Lead for EuropeSerge
Support Information EU Team ManagerErin
Customer Care Manager for EuropeMarie

[Current Status]
All answers have now been posted below - thank you all for your questions!

Here's how this works:

  • Starting on Tuesday 20th March at 09:00 CET, you can Tweet your question for the managers listed above.
  • Questions MUST be asked via one of our Blizzard CS EU Twitter pages in English, French, German, Spanish or Russian.
  • After 24 hours, we will close the Q&A, collate, translate and forward the questions to the managers.
  • They will then select questions and compose appropriate responses.
  • These replies will then be translated and posted on our Customer Support forums.

And here are the rules:

  • All questions must be asked via our Twitter page:
  • Questions must be customer service oriented.
  • Please refrain from asking developmental questions or making queries regarding future patches/unreleased content.
  • Similarly, we are not going to be able to discuss content for future products; please don’t ask.
  • If your question is answered here in this thread, your Twitter @name will be displayed alongside the question.
  • All posts within this thread must adhere to the forum Code of Conduct.
  • No inappropriate language; you know the rules, please follow them.
  • No trolling or flaming! We want to provide a welcoming and approachable environment. Don't forget that while you may know the answer to a certain question, the player asking the question may not.

Thanks everyone, see you on Twitter!
Here are the answers from the Q&A session. We did our best to cover all of the top issues you brought up, but we’re sorry if your question did not make it this time.

Q: Why do reported apparent bots remain active for days and continue farming? (Happened on Tyr's Hand) - From @otakun1337 (DE)

When you detect a "bot", what are the actions taken against it? Is it immediately removed or do you ban them in big groups? - From @Proenix0 (ES)

A: First of all we should reiterate that Blizzard is committed to maintaining an environment of fair play in all of our games. We have a zero-tolerance policy for cheating of any kind, including the use of a third-party "bot" program to automate in-game character actions.

Each report is taken very seriously and we ensure that appropriate action is taken but it varies on a case-by-case basis. In some situations, we will go in-game to view the player and take immediate action; there are other cases that we need to investigate further before taking appropriate measures up to and including suspensions or bans. Additionally we receive a surprising amount of ‘false positive’ reports, i.e. normal gameplay that has been reported as automated. -Serge

Q: I wish to report a player for suspicious activity (eg, bot). What information do I need to provide? - From @ZalkiDalaran (FR)

A: When you suspect a player of ‘botting’ you should include the name and realm of the character, the time/date you witnessed the behaviour, and the location of the incident. -Serge

Q: Do you plan to make any changes in order to make bot investigation and ban faster? - From @aysik (RU)

A: We take botting very seriously, to the point that we actually have a team dedicated to maintaining an environment of fair play. They’ve made significant improvements over the years and will continue working on our processes and tools so we can catch the bad guys and protect the integrity of our gaming environments. -Serge

Q: What are you doing against SC2 Map hacking and bot users (e.g. auto blink/burrow)? Are our reports helpful? - From @schreck91 (DE)

A: Yes, they are very useful. We are particularly grateful for player reports concerning harassment and inappropriate content as they aid us in maintaining a fun and fair game. -Serge

Q: Do you have any plans on improving the banning system for your games? (Eg: Player-banning based off of reputation)
For example, a player that has reported 100+ valid spammers can temporarily ban users for 5 minutes, or some such? - From @Reelix (EN)

A: We don’t have any plans to implement such a system at this point. However, over the years, we have provided the community with tools to assist us in preserving the integrity of our game worlds (such as the report spam feature you mention). We just need to ensure that all possible solutions are thought through very carefully before we implement them. -Serge
Q: Are you going to take any actions to shorten the ticket response time? - From @KrausTo (RU)

A: Our priority is to answer every customer; we’re not prepared to ‘forget’ people in an effort to speed up. In order to provide you guys with an [EPIC] Customer Service experience, we continually try to improve our tools, processes and communication. -Marie

Q: How much tickets did you generate with the scrolls event? And how much more is that than normal? From @vasreal (EN)

A: We’re unable to provide exact figures, but the promotion has had a significant impact on our support teams since it was first announced. -Serge

Q: Why am I answered by different people, when sending the same ticket (updating existing one)? I always get the impression that previous messages where not read when this happens. - From @xzsolo (RU)

A: We make every effort to resolve your issue with the first ticket. However, there are times where we need additional information and this ‘follow-up’ ticket may be handled by another agent in order to keep our response times as low as possible. The agent will have access to your previous messages when this happens. -Serge

Q: Don't you think that the GMs interventions are too "robotic / standardized"? What's your opinion on this? - From @Proenix00 (ES)

A: We’re real people just like you and we treat each player with the respect they deserve. We do have a set of global guidelines that we need to work within as this ensures a consistently high level of customer support, but hopefully this doesn’t stop us from being personable in our interactions. -Marie

Q: When dealing with matters of roleplay in tickets, are there specific GMs assigned to them who are knowledgeable? - From @danellos_EU (EN)

A: No, we don't have specific GMs assigned to roleplay realms/tickets. Instead, we make sure that all of our staff are aware of the differences in culture, conversations, and play styles that exist on RP-designated realms, and the different policies that guide our decisions. -Serge

Q: What do you feel is the most asked support question at the moment? - From @Vasreal (EN)

A: Scroll of Resurrection! There has been a great deal of interest in the recently announced promotion and this has led to lots of incoming questions from our customers. -Marie

Q: What are your thoughts on being able to hear if someone is smiling on the phone (customer to employee perspective) - From @manx_michael (EN)

A: Yes! We can definitely tell when people are smiling over the phone and this works both ways, if the support representative and the customer are both in a pleasant frame of mind the experience is much nicer for all involved. –Marie (she was smiling when she answered this)

Q: Why the in-game tickets take so long to be replied to, while in the web page they are faster? - From @gustavsen (ES)

A: Response times for all of our support channels can vary due to the nature of the current top issues and the volume of contacts. -Serge

Q: you have lots to spur return of players. Any plans to reward faithful one with ongoing subscriptions for years? - From @maeklund86 (EN)

A: I’m a big believer in rewarding customer loyalty and we are constantly exploring new ideas. We just have to ensure that we consider all of our options very carefully and think them through to the end. -Marie
Q: What kind of information does a GM need to solve a "loot issue"? (Aka ninja)
Can a GM give back an "incorrectly moved" item? (E.g. Return a ‘ninja’d’ item to someone) - From @Serganlkari (ES)

A: When you are the victim of a loot scam, you should include the name and realm of the alleged offender as well as the date/time of the incident in your ticket. We will take it from there.

If we are able to determine that a scam has taken place, any items involved may be removed from their current owners. However, 'restorations' are not guaranteed and are all dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

For more information, please read through our Spotlight forum post on the subject:

Policy Spotlight – “Ninja Looting”


Q: How do GMs manage the stress? Because even your favourite job can be tiring. - From @Anxelas (RU)

A: We try to provide a relaxed working atmosphere, but it’s true that things can get stressful from time to time. In general the stressful periods and more relaxed periods tend to balance out. And, of course, we all love gaming which helps us to relax in our spare time! -Erin

Q: What are the working conditions of CS representatives? I'm very curious about it! - From @KraUsTo (RU)

Q: What CS agent's working space looks like? - From @UVerWalter (RU)

A: We’re all encouraged to embrace our inner geek and there are inevitably lots of personal touches like toys, plush dragons, and sprite bead creations. Our walls are lined with various pieces of Blizzard artwork, there are WoW-, StarCraft- and Diablo-themed meeting rooms, and Arthas guards the reception area of the France office. -Erin

Q: What is it like working for Blizzard customer service and does it make your day better when someone thanks you? - From @JenRainbow81 (EN)

A: Working here is more than Customer Service for me, it’s an awesome experience. And yes, the day gets a whole lot better with a simple thank you from a player. :) -Marie

Q: What are the biggest challenges for forum CS representatives, compared to in-game CS reps? - From @LethanEU (EN)

A: The biggest challenge would be the one-to-many communication aspect of how we work. We are, essentially, talking on behalf of Blizzard to a number of people and that carries with it different responsibilities than one-to-one communication between an agent and a player. Additionally, we need to not only be completely in-touch with current issues and changes in-game; we also need to be able to apply Customer Service policies to all of our forum/Twitter responses. This means a fair bit of word-juggling and ensuring that we are completely clear in our messaging and responses at all times.

Offering support via a forum also means that we have to cover all possible aspects of a question. We don’t have that instant one-to-one interaction that a telephone call has, so we need to examine the question closely, understand what is being asked of us and then compose a response to cover all possible angles. -Erin

Q: When you change your policies, how much does the community feedback affect those changes? - From @Proenix00 (EU)

A: Our primary driver when creating or updating policies is the needs of the community as a whole so your feedback does play a part. Plus, the people in charge of those policies are players, just like you, and they are always aware of the concerns of the community. –Serge

Q: Will #BlizzardStore products ever be shipped to Russia? - From @ElektroStep (RU)

Despite several attempts, we have not yet found a satisfying logistical solution to this issue. -Marie

Q: What is the way to go if i wanna work as a GM for Blizzard one day? - From @Honungs (EN)

A: Know our games inside-out, have excellent customer service skills, want to talk to people and help them solve their issues. -Erin

Q: What steps do you take (from a cs point of view) to prepare for launch of something like SoR? - From @Ellif_DWulfe (EN)

A: Preparing for a promotion, patch, expansion or game launch is extremely time intensive for the entire company, including CS. First, we receive information from our developers about the changes they’re planning. We then use this to create or update knowledge-base support articles and YouTube videos, prepare sticky threads for our forums, discuss possible policy changes, and of course, ensure that all of our Customer Support staff are well informed. Finally, we have to translate the external communications into all our supported languages. -Erin

Q: How's the coffee? - From @Syzygosa (EN)

A: Excellent! Our cafeteria staff in both Versailles and Cork make a mean brew. :D -Erin (we asked Erin because she drinks the most coffee)

Thank you all for your participation, don’t forget to follow us @BlizzardCSEU_EN!
you still got staff in cork ? thought u fired all them hence a 4-5 day ticket wait time ?
still over 700 people employed at the cork office
Q: When dealing with matters of roleplay in tickets, are there specific GMs assigned to them who are knowledgeable? - From @danellos_EU (EN)

A: No, we don't have specific GMs assigned to roleplay realms/tickets. Instead, we make sure that all of our staff are aware of the differences in culture, conversations, and play styles that exist on RP-designated realms, and the different policies that guide our decisions. -Serge

With that in mind, I do have to wonder why various hotspots on role-playing realms have persistently been festering for years without active moderation? On Argent Dawn, Goldshire is notorious for being a place where questionable fetishes are often acted out in an explicit manner, alongside other glaring issues.

Many role-players have been reporting this place for years and yet the exact same individuals persist in their behaviour. It's certainly a very poor situation for a game that prides itself on being a safe and enjoyable place for its players.
A: Excellent! Our cafeteria staff in both Versailles and Cork make a mean brew. :D -Erin (we asked Erin because she drinks the most coffee)

I have to wonder if she visits both offices just for the coffee, due to that comment.

Nice group of questions there, thanks guys :)
Some nice questions and answers, hmph! :P

I always found the whole aspect of "preparing for something new" intriguing, especially in the light of a new expansion or a major patch.
Because from a player perspective, a new expansion or a major patch is just pure goodness, because of the fact that they introduce so many new things, and so many changes.
But from a customer service perspective, new things and many changes must also equal a lot of extra work, as it's bound to result in more tickets.
That must be....peculiar, to have that player perspective and customer service perspective on the game at the same time. Going "Yes, new patch! I can't wait to play it", and at the same time (I assume) going "New patch....We'll be drowning in tickets".

Anyway, as said, nice questions and answers.
Hello. What qualifications do I need to become a Customer support representative.
Although there is alot of interesting questions and answers, I would hope that in the future there would be an additional way to ask questions e.g. forum thread such as the great lore question thread for the Dev's/loremakers that dissappeared some weeks ago.

Also, I notice I was too late for the party >:|

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